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  1. fredg

    Arisaema candidissimum

    A couple of this year's flowering plants of Arisaema candidissimum. This one has the advantage of having quite a pleasant fragrance, the other Arisaema don't appear to have any, at least none that I have noticed. That's a big bonus over many other Aroids Excuse the green background, it was...
  2. hcarlton

    Aroids, Hoya, and other novelties

    Amongst all the CP's there are a handful of plants that are unusual enough to catch my eye. They include: No clue what species this is, but the flowers are powerful enough to fill the living room with floral scent in the mornings. This guy came to me as a cutting, and the person I got it from...
  3. theplantman

    Looking for trades to expand a teaching CP collection

    Hi everyone! I would love to begin doing some plant trades in order to benefit my workplace and obtain a more complete and interesting collection of CPs. Because my teaching greenhouses aren't specifically specialized in CPs, there are significant holes in our collection and many genera are...
  4. BWG

    Hello from PA Dutch Country

    I need to get my admission out of the way, I don't own any CP. I'm an aquarium guy at the moment. Since I've been looking into starting an emersed setup for some Southeast Asian aroids I'm in love with and thinking about trying my hand at lowland Nepenthes and orchids with them, my friend...
  5. Bonnie

    Bonnie's Tropical Greenhouse

    This is my 8'x12' greenhouse that some of you were asking to see. It has a swamp cooler, and reaches a max temp of 78 degrees, with a min of 60 degrees, vents and heating/cooling is all automated. There is an RO filter hooked up to a float valve on that trash can, with a mist system on a...
  6. Bonnie

    Plant Addict from Southern California

    Hi All!! I'm a former gardener from Orange County, currently running a small specialty nursery out of my back yard (mostly terrarium plants and bromeliads). I've kept carnivorous plants here and there, mostly some of the larger nepenthes that can live outside in my shade house. I have two...
  7. dustin

    shampoo ginger for trade

    hey everyone. i recently cut back a 2-3 growth point shampoo ginger and dont have the room to grow it anymore. im looking for... cps aroids, colocasias, alocasias (elephant ears) smorphophallus bulbifer a. paeonifolius some begoniias possibly aloe vera plants euphorbias i grew this through...
  8. D

    dravenxavier's grow list

    CARNIVORES: Cephalotus follicularis Drosera aliciae Drosera roseana Heliamphora minor Nepenthes ampullaria "speckled" Nepenthes argentii Nepenthes bellii Nepenthes bicalcarata "orange" Nepenthes bicalcarata "red" Nepenthes ephippiata Nepenthes eymae Nepenthes lowii Nepenthes rajah Nepenthes...
  9. dustin

    Dustin's grow list

    Dustin's grow/trade/wanted list I just started back up here's a quick Grow list :) * Willing to Trade, for the right offers i may be more flexible. Nepenthes *(1) N. Ventricosa (1) N. Truncata (d) red flush EP *(10+) N. Ventrata (1) N. splendiana x veitchii (1) N. ventricosa 'black lips x...
  10. M

    A newbie from Indiana

    Hello all Hmmm well where do I start. My name is Steve Hatfield, I was bitten by the cp bug about 2 weeks back when I bought 4 sick pitcher plants on clearance at Lowes. (Unless you count the several flytraps, I killed many years back) I live in presently snowy central Indiana. Im a master...
  11. Nepenthusiast

    Nepenthusiast grow list-USA

    Dionaea: D. muscipula "Red dragon" (3) D. muscipua "typycal" Drosera: D. Binata Drosera capensis (6) D. Roseana D. Spatulata (2) Nepenthes: N. Alata N. Copelandii N. Fusca N. Densiflora N. x "Gentle" N. Ramispina N. x "Sabre" N. Talangensis N. Truncata (Highland) N. Ventricosa Sarrecenia...
  12. C

    Carnivorkids Growlist

    Far northeast Philly, PA updated december 11th Dionaea typicals Cephalotus follicularis some ceph seedlings too! Heliamphora minor -auyen tepui Nepenthes Bicalcarata Nepenthes ampullaria Nepenthes ventricosa Nepenthes x edinensis Nepenthes x ventrata Nepenthes x miranda Nepenthes unknown i...
  13. swords

    Blooming ginger

    Hey folks, I bought a couple small dried up very lightweight bulbs of this somewhat rare ginger called Kampferia elegans. It's a short low growing Ginger that looks very similar to a maranta/calathea or "prayer plant". I really had given these bulbs up for dead a few weeks ago when all of a...
  14. larry

    Corpse flower blooming at CSUF

    Here's some pics I took this morning of Amorphophallus titanum at the Cal State Fullerton Arboretum.  It doesn't smell that bad, but I've smelled it before.  I have other Aroids that smell far worse.     For more info, go here
  15. JB_OrchidGuy

    JB Orchid guys Growlist

    JB_Orchidguy's Grow List Updated 05/08/13 Aroids Amorphalus bulbifer Sacratum venustum Darlingtonia D. californica Drosera D. adelae D. binata D. capensis 'Alba' D. capilaris 'Broad Leaf' D. filiformis variation filiformis D. filiformis variation traceyi D. multifiada D. palacea ssp rosa D...
  16. swords

    Anaphyllum wightii

    Hey mates I'm getting one of these very rare Aroids called Anaphyllum with a nearly phosphorescent curled seashell type spathe which are reputedly near impossible to grow but since it's heresay I can't find any information online about them as to "why" they are hard to grow or what temp...
  17. J

    Malesiana tropicals order Jan 2006

    ...your order. I will probably schedule this order to arrive after CNY so that you can (dare I say it), blow all of your hongbao $$$ on Nepenthes (or any of the other plants they are selling there - gingers, aroids, alocasias...). Here is the layout in your email to me: Plant. Price. Code...
  18. S

    my grow list

    here u are.. not much but hey i try....i also have some amophs and other aroids and many other house plants. i am interested in getting a ceph giant, heli, aquatic utriularia, sundews, and i guess really about everything 2 - Cephalotus follicularis (typical) 1 - Heliamphora minor 1 -...
  19. N

    Winter's coming...i'm scared

    Last spring I ordered my first Nepenthes...Miranda.  He was a little banged up when he got here ("here" being New Orleans, LA) and his pot was broken but other than that he was alive and green.  I didn't want to stress him out any further by repotting right then so I just put his pot inside of...
  20. nepenthes gracilis

    Aroid raises a stink!

    Well it happened...overnight as a matter of fact and I loved it! My Sauromatum venosum flowered for me! Too bad it only lasts one day, I was tempted to keep sniffing the vile stench from the spathe! These pictures are with my old camera (as my new one is under warranty and I'm getting a better...