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  1. amphirion

    stuff that i really really like.

    amphirion's growlist (10.08.2010) no longer maintained. Family: Byblidaceae ==Genus: Byblis =======Species: Byblis liniflora (25.06.2011) CC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Family...
  2. Capensis

    "Guess Who?" CP Style

    Because TF has been lacking a game for a while. *PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST* Basically, it's Guess Who? except it's with carnivorous plants. Some rules are modified however, but this is how it goes: I start off (or the person who guess correctly) and pick a plant, and you guys begin to guess...
  3. GregNY

    VFT ID Help

    Well seems 2 Home Depots got their Halloween supply of VFT's in. Out looking for flooring today and stumbled upon this. I'm hoping its a good find :banana2: and not just a typical VFT :-(. Could anyone identify. Sorry for the closed traps....Thanks! Could it be a B52??
  4. Wolfn

    What kind of VFT is this?

    Yesterday, I went to a plant festival not too far from my house. They had carnivorous plants for sale and I got myself a couple, including this Venus Fly Trap. I can tell it's a cultivar, but not sure what kind (B52, Low Giant, Red Rosetted, etc). The guy selling it said that he doesn't know...
  5. Veronis

    My B52 arrived today

    It arrived dormant, which is fine. I planted it outside in a pot with other VFT's that are going dormant and marked it so I would remember which was which since they're all ugly in the Spring. I resisted the temptation of taking leaf pullings of a dormant B52 and putting them under my...
  6. theyellowdart

    Looking For Some Things

    Hello! I've been searching for these particular plants for quite a while and would be highly appreciative if anyone offers [one of] them for trade. -Drosera graomogolensis -- been searching for this forever. Willing to offer up a lot for one of any size. -Dionaea muscipula 'Red Pirhana'...
  7. Nepfreak

    My NECPS show pics (20 of 'em)

    Ceph A bit of JMatt's giant bowl o' flytraps Did anyone else go to Nepenthusiast's lecture on flytraps? It was very spirited and well-done, I thought. His Majesty, D. regia "big easy." The permanant bog exhibit Forked stigmas Aldrovanda A beautifully grown and pristine...
  8. thez_yo

    TheZ_Yo's growlist

    ****************************************************************** -------------------------on order/coming soon/wait-listed--------------------------------------------- ==there doesn't seem to be anything here== *********************WANTS:************************************** not interested...
  9. Indigo

    *~*Indigo*~*'s Grow List

    :water:Venus Flytrap - Dionaea muscipula 'D. Big Mouth' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Dentate' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Fused Tooth' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. B52" ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Typical Form' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Big Vigorous' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Low Giant' ~ Outdoor in Bog (NOTE: All of them got...
  10. Av8tor1

    B52 Squadron

    B52 Formation David Conner Clone Average trap size 1.5" Av
  11. BigBella

    B52s . . .

    Here are a few generous shots of Dionaea muscipula cv. B52, finally acquiring some nice Summer color, and definitely their fair share of prey -- growing fat and red on a diet of spiders, flies, and -- embarrassingly enough -- quite a number of bees and wasps this year. It is actually a rarity to...
  12. SirKristoff

    Im home, Pic thread time. DUW

    Well, i was worried about leaving my plants for those 2 1/2 weeks.... but damn, they have done so well and grown so much since then, so here are some photos.... So we will start with some pings.... My first Ping flower, P. xTitan, this plant came from xvart over a year ago id say now as a...
  13. dashman

    dashman's growlist

    * updated 11/17/2012 * Warning: I am not the best at following scientific nomenclature/annotation. If this is of an annoyance to you, please do not read on... :) I would also like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to the below growlist. Whether it be through generous...
  14. mcantrell

    Recent Pictures

    Some recent pictures of my surviving VFTs. My Dente is all but gone, there's a 1MM sized trap on a tiny little thing which I placed inside a container just now, but, yeah. My Akai Ryu is completely gone, AND there were bugs in the soil. I really, really need to find a local source for a safe...
  15. obregon562

    Late Spring Pics

    TF, Now that im no longer a pic idiot (he says now lol)...i gots pics!!! VFT 'Akai Ryu' S. flava FC "Round Mouth" D. binata Das tray VFT 'B52' S. x 'CobraNest' P. primuliflora S. oreophila
  16. Napp

    Growlist Napp

    Sarracenia alata SA01 S. alata -- green light veins, (JJ labat) SA02 S. alata -- double flower (dennisB) SA03a S. alata -- double flower (davy) SA03b S. alata -- double white flowered form (UK. Andy Collins A09) SA04 S. alata -- frayed flower (Gerd germany) SA05 S. alata -- nigropurpurea,very...
  17. dashman

    B52 crosses

    Has anyone attempted these crosses? B52 x 'red dragon' B52 x dente I am sure someone has. I just wanted to know if they were worth while to attempt. Thanks!