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  1. Cactusdan

    WTB: Pygmy Drosera Gemmae

    WTB: Pygmy Drosera Gemmae I'm looking to grow my collection of pygmy Drosera, and am looking for gemmae of select species! Looking for: - Drosera barbigera subsp. barbigera - Drosera citrina subsp. citrina - Drosera citrina subsp. citrina - Drosera eneabba - Drosera miniata - Drosera...
  2. S

    WTB: Looking for D. Barbigera

    WTB: Looking for D. Barbigera My pot just got super wrecked by way of getting knocked off a shelf. On the lookout for some more, on the off chance that anybody has a pot they'd be willing to part with or something. Or gemmae 6 months from now (lol...) List Date: 6/23/2016 For more info, click...
  3. S

    Squidfengshui's Growlist

    Drosera: Aliciae Binata Burmanii Capensis Narrow Leaf Capensis Alba Falconeri Filiformis seedlings Petiolaris Spatulata Venusta Assorted rosetted mystery seedlings and plants Pygmies Barbigera Dichrosepala ssp. dichrosepala "Dork’s Pink" Helodes Leucoblasta “brookton” Mannii Nitidula x...
  4. jimscott

    Pygmy Sundew Gemmae Production Times

    What is your experience with the gemmae production times? D. allantostigma D. androsacea D. barbigera D. callistos D. citrina var. citrina D. citrina var. nivea D. closterostigma D. dichrosepala subsp. dichrosepala D. dichrosepala subsp. enodes D. x Dork's Pink D. echinoblastus D. eneabba D...
  5. jimscott

    Pygmy Sundew Flowering Times

    What is your experience with the flowering times? D. allantostigma (April & May) D. androsacea D. barbigera D. callistos D. citrina var. citrina D. citrina var. nivea D. closterostigma D. dichrosepala subsp. dichrosepala D. dichrosepala subsp. enodes D. x Dork's Pink D. echinoblastus D. eneabba...
  6. jimscott

    Looking For Replacement Pings and Sundews, For Trade

    I've had a couple "shots in the arm" with pygmy sundew gemmae and other assorted things, but what was once a thriving collection of butterworts is down to just a few. I am also missing a few basic sundews, like D. adelae, anglica, and aliciae. Here's my current grow list. Those with asterisks I...
  7. GemStateC

    D. barbigera gemmae available.

    I have packages of 10 or more D. barbigera gemmae available for trade. I also have D. sp South Africa seeds available (50+ seeds per packet). I'm looking for Sarracenia, Sarracenia seeds, Drosera i don't have ( D. intermedia x capillaris, D. x Nagamoto D beleziana, D x watari, ext), and any...
  8. Pk93

    Pk93's growlist

    Carnivorous Drosera - D. intermedia "Mt. Roraima" (seedlings) - D. spatulata 'Tamlin' (seedlings) Heliamphora - H. minor - H. pulchella (Churi tepui) Sarracenia - S. flava var. rugelii Utricularia - U. alpina x endressii - U. blanchetii - U. livida - U. pubescens - U. tridentata...
  9. mcmcnair

    Lots of Nep cuttings for trade!

    I recently aquired some plants from another grower here in NC and before taking the plants today I informed him that I did not have the space to grow all these plants at the size they are now and he told me it would be fine for me to share these plants with anybody I wanted. So basically I'm...
  10. mcmcnair

    Looking for Pygmy Dews

    I'm starting a terrarium for pygmy sundews and I'm looking for the following species, D. barbigera ssp. barbigera D. callistos Brookton D. citrina ssp. citrina D. closterostigma Mogumber D. eneabba Red D. helodes Bulls Brook D. scorpioides Gidgegannup D. gibsonii D. silvicola D. lasiantha D...
  11. Cichvette

    LF: Drosera

    I am looking to trade for the following Drosera: Drosera paradoxa Drosera petiolaris Drosera filiformis "Florida Red" Drosera anglica “CA x HI” Pygmy Drosera- Gemmae preferably, pretty much open to any type, with the exception of Drosera scorpioides. I especially like D. leucoblasta (orange...
  12. erick

    erick gronwlist nov 2011

    - Aldrovanda vesiculosa - Dionaea muscipula (Venus Atrapamoscas) - Droseras: * Aliciae * Anglica * Binata * Capensis (red) * Capensis alba * Rotundifolia * Scorpioides * Filiformis * Neo-caledonica * Adelae * Prolifera * Dielsiana * Burmanni(red) * Burmanni(alba) * intermedia * Pygmea *...
  13. Wire Man

    Wire Man's grow list

    Cephalotus -follicularis -'Brewer's Red' Dionaea -typical -Onslow County, NC rescues -'Big Mouth' x ? -'Bristle Tooth' -'Czech Giant' -'Dentate' -'FTS Crimson Sawtooth' -'FTS Maroon Monster' -'Jaws' x '1955' -'Royal Red' Drosera -capillaris Onslow County, NC -capillaris Escambia County, FL...
  14. Raven01000

    Updated Setup with Plenty of Nepenthes

    So, I recently made some major adjustments to my setup. My space efficiency and light distribution have been maximized, and the ghettoness of the whole thing has been greatly lessened. It went from this: To this: I'm hoping that the shelf part of the setup will be small enough to bring to...
  15. klasac

    some pygmies

    Hi there! I took pictures of pygmies today as I moved them inside for the winter. They took night temps around 5C well, but now the forecast says frosts, which would be too much for them to cope with. I hope you like them!:-) drosera sewelliae drosera pulchella drosera nitidula var...
  16. klasac

    part of my dews collection

    I had to repot and unpot and deflask and reflask some of my plants and since I had them all misplaced, I took some pictures. Hope you like them:-) drosera affinis a'la bonsai drosera roraimae 'Gran Sabana,Venezuela' drosera roraimae 'Cerro Adua, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela' drosera...
  17. I

    N. gracilis seed for trade

    Hi, I have seed from a N. gracilis green type x a dusky pitchered one. I have several pods of seed that I can trade. I am looking for any of the following below: Pings: laueana moranensis - white flower hemiepiphytica rotundiflora gracilis emarginata kondoi pilosa ibarrae aganta - scented...
  18. Nepfreak

    This year's gemmae crop

    I kind of went gemmae crazy back in october... here are the results! They're all about 5 weeks old, and loving life under t8s. D. roseana D. androsacea: D. palaceae ssp. trichocaulis D. barbigera 'Carbarup' occidentalis x pulchella
  19. E

    trading pygmies

    I'm looking for these 4 species -- Drosera barbigera, D. gibsonii, D. silvicola, and D. stelliflora. Can trade for gemmae of following species: Drosera x badgerupii "Carbarup" dichrosepala echinoblastus lasiantha occidentalis ssp. australis pulchella pulchella x ericksoniae...
  20. amphirion

    stuff that i really really like.

    amphirion's growlist (10.08.2010) no longer maintained. Family: Byblidaceae ==Genus: Byblis =======Species: Byblis liniflora (25.06.2011) CC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Family...