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    various plants

    I have the following species available for trade (fairly recent pictures can be found in my growlist). I'm mostly looking for Utricularia and highland Drosera but feel free to offer other plants too. Utricularia alpina Utricularia amethystina (purple and white flower forms) Utricularia...
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    various Utricularia and Drosera

    I have the following plants available for trade: Drosera communis Drosera flexicaulis Drosera riparia Drosera roraimae Drosera spiralis Utricularia alpina Utricularia amethystina Utricularia appendiculata Utricularia bifida Utricularia biloba Utricularia chrysantha Utricularia cornuta...
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    various Utricularia

    I have various Utricularia species for trade. I am looking for subtropical Drosera and Utricularia species I don't have. These are the species available: Utricularia appendiculata Utricularia alpina Utricularia warburgii Utricularia tridentata Utricularia rostrata Utricularia biloba...
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    Utricularia giveaway

    The winner of this giveaway will receive portions of Utricularia bifida, Utricularia chrysantha, Utricularia biloba, and Utricularia praelonga. I will pick a winner next Monday. Shipping will be on me. Instead of using a random number generator, I will be picking the winner based on their answer...
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    Utricularia for trade

    I have the following species available for trade: Utricularia aurea Utricularia bifida Utricularia biloba Utricularia blanchetti Utricularia bremii Utricularia chrysantha Utricularia dichotoma Utricularia foliosa Utricularia geminiscapa Utricularia graminifolia Utricularia involvens Utricularia...
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    Drosera and Utricularia for trade

    I have the following species available for trade. Drosera nidiformis Drosera venusta Utricularia bifida Utricularia blanchetii Utricularia chrysantha Utricularia calycifida Utricularia geminiscapa Utricularia lateriflora I'm interested in Utricularia and tropical Drosera (especially...
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    Tanukimo's Growlist

    List: (photographs below) Drosera adelae Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera collinsiae x burkeana Drosera aff. lanata 'Flying Fox Creek' Drosera madagascariensis Drosera natalensis Drosera paradoxa white, 'Type form', Lady Dreaming, Arnhemland, NT., Australia Drosera roraimae Drosera...
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    Aussie growlist

    Nepenthes Alata (unknown variety) Bicalcarata sri aman Mirabilis Thai Mirabilis Au Cape York Mirabilis Viking Gracilis red Gracilis nigropurpurea (male) Albomarginata green Truncata Vieilardii Sanguinea red Benstonei Veitchii pink Veitchii Bau Veitchii Mt Murudu sarawak Ampullaria Green...
  9. V

    Variety of Utrics for Trade!

    I have numerous small pots of Utrics that need some thinning. If anyone is interested in any of the following, I can make a few 1 inch plugs of each. Feel free to post here or PM me! I'm not too picky, really will trade for anything interesting. Things I don't trade off will probably go to a...
  10. boxofrain

    boxofrain's grow list

    Nepenthes; N. Sanguinea N. Maxima Giant Tentena N. Maxima x (Lowii x Ventracosa) N. Ventracosa N. Glabrata N. Rajah N. Spectabilis x Aristolochioides N. Ampullaria "harlequin" N. Ramispina N. Tentaculata N. Jacquelineae N. Fusca "flared peristiome" N. Bicalcerata "sarawak giant"...
  11. marcos_alc

    Seeds for SASE

    Hi, dear friends. I have available seeds of U. subulata now. My list of seeds is that: D. capensis 'alba' (15 seeds) D. capillaris (20 seeds) D. spatulata (20 seeds each pckt) D. intermedia (40 seeds each) D. burmannii (40 seeds each) D. burmannii "red humpty doo (15 seeds each) D. filliformis...
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    Wing's Grow List

    Dionaea muscipula Akai Ryu=Red Dragon Dionaea-bristle-tooth Dionaea cup trap Cephalotus follicularis Heliamphora nutans Byblis liniflora Nepenthes (rafflesiana x ampullaria) Nepenthes campanulata Nepenthes ampullaria (Bau Spotted) Nepenthes ventricosa (black peristome) Drosera...
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    Piscesilim's growlist

    Nepenthes N. gracilis N. ampullaria N. rafflesiana N. rafflesiana var. alata N. mirabilis N. albomarginata N. benstonei N. northiana N. ventricosa N. sanguinea N. bicalcarata N. truncata N. reinwardtiana N. stenophylla N. macfarlanei N. veitchii N. maxima N. sibuyanensis N. beccariana N...
  14. A

    U. bifida??? ID Please

    U. bifida??? I got this Utricularia from eastern part of Thailand. It has been identified as U. bifida. Is it the right ID? It grows together with U. delphinioides.
  15. L

    Utricularia for ID

    Utricularia IDed (U. fulva) i obtained 3 utrics recently, but somehow i managed to mix up their tags. :headwall: i've got U. bifida, U. chrysantha and U. uliginosa and i think i've got U. uliginosa IDed because the leaf shape is different, but i can't tell the other 2 apart. IDnow, either...
  16. P

    The species list of Utricularia in Malay Peninsula.

    In my several field trips in Peninsular Malaysia, I have found U. aurea, U. gibba, U. caerulea, U. bifida, U. minutissima, U. involvens and U. uliginosa. Anyone know still got what species in Peninsular Malaysia besides the species I have listed?
  17. voodoolizard

    U. bifida pics

    The little bugger would only let me take its photo in profile. Out of the 30 or so pics I took these are the best two.. Chris
  18. Copper

    Lost plants

    Hi all, As you know I have had some health problems lately.  I was in the hospital on and off for a couple of weeks.  My daughter was supposed to water the plants, but in all the hub bub they were forgotten.  Could anyone help in replacing them.  I would be glad to pay postage or trade plants...
  19. voodoolizard

    List of plants i grow

    Byblis liniflora Darlingtonia californica Drosera  D. adelae  D. aliciae  D. binata var. Multifida  D. burmanni  beerwah, QLD  D. capensis  D. capensis 'albino'  D. dielsiana  D. indica  D. intermedia  D. madagascariensis "Botswana"  D. nidiformis  D. roraimae Araca  D...
  20. voodoolizard

    Orchid for trade

    This is a small Brassavola nodosa cutting. It's in bud and should be in bloom any day now. Plant will be sent bare root. I am looking for Utrics not listed, also interrested in other orchids and CPs. aureomaculata beagleholei  ‘Hoppers crossing Vic, AU’ bifida bisquamata – white flower...