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  1. emilias_garden

    Brocchinia & Catopsis?

    <span style='color:teal'>Hello!   I recently bought a Brocchinia reducta. It is a small plant, you can see it bellow: I would like to hear some advices for those who cultivate this plant. I think it is a really beautiful plant and i want to do correctly the work with my new plant. I would...
  2. herenorthere


    It's raining and almost 55 degrees (calm down non-Americans; that's F, not C) so I moved Neps, orchids, and bromeliads outside for the first time ever in a January.  But the high tomorrow is only supposed to be in the low 20s, so I better not overlook any plants when I bring them back in later...
  3. chloroplast

    brochinnia reducta pups

    One of my B.reducta has produced two pups which are each ~2" tall. When should I remove them? For other bromeliads, I wait until they are between 3-4", but not sure if the same applies to these. Thanks,
  4. CopcarFC

    The 30's are coming!

    Alright, tonight my area is gonna get down into the 30's. I know I should bring in the Nep's, leave the Sarr's and VFT's out, but what should I do about 2 D.Adelae's and 3 Bromeliads? -Rail
  5. Juan-Carlos

    Why grow hybrids?

    Hey guys, this dosent only go for Neps, but also for Sars. etc. Am I the only one the feels kinds guilty in growing hybrids? I Collect bromeliads and I personally dont bother with ANY of the bromeliad hybrids.. The way I see it, why cultivate and grow a hybrid when you can in its place grow a...
  6. W


    hey i want a bromelia... is delicate?, dificulty to care?, need someting special?, if is easy to care, i love have one, tell me what us tink see ya!.
  7. N

    New here!

    Just stumbled across this board today - all of my favorite topics in one place!! CP's, orchids, bromeliads, reptiles...... Methinks I'll be spending a lot of time here!
  8. J

    Horse ate bromeliad

    Hi all, My horse, and goats seem to think my bromeliads are like chocolate. I have a few native florida bromeliads that my horse nibbled on the flower. Will the plant survive? anyone know what i can do to help it along? She also ate a another variety, but the native ones i am most worried...
  9. S

    Square pots

    as I no longer grow cp's i have lots of pots to offer. I probably have more than 100. I am looking for cork bark, bromeliads, large nepenthes (ventrata, alata, anything. its for an indonesian water dragon vivairium), sandblasted grapevine, live spanish moss, and tropical artificial plants. I am...
  10. S

    What to do with pups of bromeliads

    I've got a few bromeliads... the flowering is over and done. They are growing pups. How do I transplant the pups into their own pots? How big should they be before i do it? Any links to comprehensive web guides?
  11. E

    Poison dart frogs

    For all you owners out there, what plants besides bromeliads can you put in the fish tanks for the the dart frogs? Thanks.
  12. S

    Tamarisk nuseries

    Hello everyone Well I took the digital camera out to Tamarisk Nurseries today, which is only 8 miles south from my house. I feel lucky to have such a nursery so near to home. I would've taken more pictures of other plants (tsillandias and the multitude of cacti), but the memory stick was only...
  13. Clint

    Free bromeliads and staghorn fern.

    free bromeliads and staghorn fern, all i want is shipping.
  14. Clint

    Looking for d. paradoxa

    i really would like to grow D. paradoxa and i'm looking for seeds, seedlings, or plants. please pm me if you have anything extra. i'd be interested in all members of the petiolaris complex but i'd like to start with paradoxa. heres what i have extras of- D. 'dentate' D. "piranha" D...
  15. Clint

    5 bromeliads for trade

    i have 5 large (they are large for the mini ones at home depot, atleast) bromeliads i want to get rid of. i'll take anything that doesn't require a dormancy, except D. filiformis, i'd like to trade for one of those. i'll even take a couple leaves if you have something really interesting.
  16. S

    I wanted to say...

    Hello,     As many of you know, I lost around 70-75% of all my plants in my move. Thanks to all these generous people, I have now regained most of my collection! I wanted to say thanks to: Phil Faulisi, who gave me Bromeliads, Dorsenia, Sarrs Rose Witt, who gave me numerous Utrics, Drosera...
  17. Wesley

    2 Bromeliads

    Could you ID these 2 Bromeliads? Side view of the first one. Top view of the first one. Side of the second one. Top view of the second one.
  18. N

    looking for Nepenthes trade in USA

    I have one larger plant each of N. ventricosa, N. sibuyanensis, and the hybrid ventricosa x mapuluensis. I also have a variety of orchids, ferns, bromeliads, etc. I am looking for species (not hybrids) that I do not have. Plants or cuttings will be considered. I am looking for something other...
  19. E

    Looking for bromeliads/tillandsias

    Hi i have some tillandsia's and a bromeliad and was wanting to grow some more if any body has any extra pups or plants of any tillandsias or bromeliads i could trade some mexican ionantha's that i am getting but only 2 or 3 also i have 3 pregnant onion plants to trade to i could also send a...
  20. Wesley


    The Bromeliads at lowes, are they good begginer(sp?) Bromeliads? My mom is wanting one, and I want to get her one for Christmas. They are dirt cheap, and I also need some growing instuctions.