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  1. N

    I love bromeliads,especially the flowers.

    I love growing bromeliads. I also love seeing them bloom, so when I recently bought this bromeliad I waited a week then took it's photo. I then took a closer look at the bloom and I noticed that some-one (or something!) was also enjoying my bromeliad bloom. A grasshopper!! I wonder whether...
  2. F

    Terrestrials or wet ones?

    Hi all.  Im new to this, so bear with me.  IVe got a nice warm tank that stays wet on the bottom.  We enough for moss to grow, and all sorts of tropicals (ferns, bromeliads, etc).  So, my question is, what types of orchids (if any) could I use to fill a "hole" in the terrarium? Something that...
  3. J


    OK just recieved a bunch from an order. I thought that they grow in standard dirt but the roots are wrapped in LFS and appears to be what they were growing in. So, do they want dirt or LFS? Joe
  4. V

    Targets logic

    I went into Target today on lunch and went to their limited houseplant section. Usually there's wanna be bonzai and green capped lucky bamboo. With your assortment of unlabeled generic tropical folliage and a few bromeliads of course. Well, to my surprise I saw Sarracenia, apparently 'Judith...
  5. D

    Bromeliads sold in pft

    I was thinking about purchasing some Bromeliads, but I would need some pictures, and I was wondering if they have spikes, Some Bromeliads have spikes on the leaf and will be dangerous in my vivarium.
  6. D

    Wanted: minature orchid

    Orchids: Restripias, Pluerothalids, Psygmorchis, Sigmatostalix, masdevalia, Dracula, miniature oncidiums, etc. Small bromeliads like N. fireball etc.
  7. Capslock

    What i would do with the forums.

    OK, I'm not in charge, and I'm only giving my advice to take or leave. I love these forums, and don't care if they ever change. But here's what I'd do to clean it up a bit: Kill the eco-sphere forum. It isn't used. There are two places labeled to discus bromeliads, they should probably be only...
  8. L

    Tillandsia care

    Tillandsia, or as some people call them, bromeliads, air plants, are pretty easy to care for as long as they stay in more than 35-40% humidity. They like a nice misting every few days, and for the most part grow the best in my lowland nep tank. (70*-90*F) I foliar feed them once or twice a...
  9. R


    Talk about your bromeliads, tilandsia, and other air plants here, hey, might as well talk about ferns and other stuff too! Enjoy.
  10. M

    Nepenthes flowering

    I was thinking, you know how when you want a Pineapple Plant to flower you seal it in a bag with a ripe apple. I was thinking this might work with other bromeliads like tillandsia. But then I thought I might try this on my Nepenthes just to see if it would work. I haven't tried it yet and I...
  11. D

    What plants do you grow?

    Of the plants in this room's title, what plants do y'all (attemp at Texas drawl) grow? Possibilities: Bromeliads - Brocchinia reducta, Catopsis berteroniana Ibicella lutea (a.k.a. Devil's claw, unicorn plant) Roridula - ssp. gorgonias and dentata Triphyophyllum peltatum (;)) There are other...
  12. nepenthes gracilis


    Hey guys I bought some Bromeliads and it appears they need to be repotted. It looks like they are in reg. potting soil. I just want someone with expirence who knows if this is OK and they can be repotted bigger in the same soil or should they be in something different. Thanks! Here's a few...