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  1. marcus_r

    Marcus's Growing Growlist

    Marcus's Growlist Cephalotus C. follicularis Dionea D. muscipula typical Drosera D. anglica Kanaele Bog, Kauai, HI D. anglica near Lake Constance, Germany D. "burkeana" (most likely not!) D. capensis albino D. capensis broad leaf [pictures] D. capensis typical D. capillaris D. filiformis D...
  2. K

    random Seed Mix !

    Ive been wanting to do a give away to show my appreciation to those who've done them here and to pay it forward, but i havent had much worth giving away on here just yet but i figured id do one with seeds that i have left over from my own germination/sowing expiriments and experiences :). This...
  3. ErrorEN

    Drosera Seed Smorgasbord

    Happy birthday to me! :boogie: A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin (theplantman) and exploring the greenhouse that he curates. I ended up going home with a bunch of cuttings and more seed than I could ever sow, so I am going to share the generosity that others have shown me...
  4. afrodisa

    Drosera burkeana seed give away

    Drosera burkeana seed give away I have 25 recently harvested (January 2015) Drosera burkeana seeds to give away. Shipping is on me. These seeds are from plants grown from 100 seeds purchased from Silverhill Seeds in 2002. The seeds sat in a refrigerator until June 2011 when they were planted...
  5. Joseph Clemens

    The irresistible appeal of Sundews

    Now that I'm actively working to restore my CP collection, I'm giving serious thought, as to which Drosera to include first, in my newly regrowing collection. Of course, I've already started with Drosera regia 'Big Easy', Drosera schizandra, Drosera prolifera, and Drosera adelae. Through the...
  6. S

    Drosera (Help ID!) seed giveaway!

    I received this plant off TF and it was labeled d. burkeana. I gave away some seeds in the past and there was discussion that this may not be burkeana, it could be rotundifolia or spatulata. Either way I'm giving away some seeds so start a list if you are interested. Pics:
  7. S

    Drosera burkeana seeds--my first giveaway!

    Hello, I have some Drosera burkeana seeds to giveaway! They should be ready soon. I think I'll have enough for a few packs, my guess is 3. I'll do a random drawing so start entering names. Winner(s) will pay shipping.
  8. S

    Grow List/Trade List

    Hello, I have: D. burkeana D. capensis 'alba narrow leaf' D. filiformis D. madagascarensis D. multifada 'extrema' D. nidiformis D. pulchella D. scorpioides D. tokaiensis D. venusta H. minor N. miranda N. maxima x fusca N. sanguinea 'pink' N. ventrata N. ventricosa x (thorelii x...
  9. N

    I have some Drosera a little advice if these types are hardy types

    Hi everyone I have some Cistiflora Capensis Stolonifera Binata Burkeana Burmanii Indica " Jacky,Jacky" Nidiformis Indica "White flower" Spathulata Your advise welcome as always. Noddy
  10. L

    Growlist of Lutz

    Once I was in a store and there was a corner in which some really strange plants were standing. They shall eat meat or something like that and they are probably dangerous. No risc no fun. I took one of the glistening with the sticky leaves. About 10 years later ...... Cephalotus Cephalotus...
  11. A

    Aussie growlist

    Nepenthes Alata (unknown variety) Bicalcarata sri aman Mirabilis Thai Mirabilis Au Cape York Mirabilis Viking Gracilis red Gracilis nigropurpurea (male) Albomarginata green Truncata Vieilardii Sanguinea red Benstonei Veitchii pink Veitchii Bau Veitchii Mt Murudu sarawak Ampullaria Green...
  12. pretty

    Pretty's Growlist

    Drosera D. brevifolia D. synderi D. burmannii D. burmannii red D. capensis alba D. affinis D. collinsiae D. lantau island Hopefuls (unid'd mystery seedlings) I have over 75 seedlings on the verge of positive id's. These are the few I am more then 50% sure I have -Likley D. capensis red D...
  13. pretty

    Pretty's Growlist

    Drosera D. brevifolia D. synderi D. burmannii D. burmannii red D. capensis alba D. affinis D. collinsiae D. lantau island Hopefuls (unid'd mystery seedlings) I have over 75 seedlings on the verge of positive id's. These are the few I am more then 50% sure I have -Likley D. capensis red D...
  14. SgtSarracenia

    Growlist SO Far......

    This is what I have so far. Just because I have it, does not mean I would not be interested in more. So if you have something available that is on my list don't count me out. UPDATED 3/22/15 Drosera ‘Snyderi’ adelae admirabilis ‘Ceres’ admirabilis 'Floating' aff. Petiolaris ‘Pin...
  15. C

    some rarer plants wanted

    Hi all, i would like to expand my collection a bit more with the following plants: Genlisea hispidula (only with location) Genlisea margarethae Genlisea violacea (only with location) Genlisea aurea (only with location) Drosera tomentosa (especially the Form from Morro Do Jambeiro) Drosera...
  16. CPlantaholic

    Drosera collinsiae "Faryland" medium-sized plant winner Gaylorguy $20

    Up for bid is a medium-sized plant of D. collinsiae "Faryland" about 8 months old after being propagated from a leaf cutting (pictures below). This species is extremely easy to grow, and can be treated like D. capensis or any other easy South African sundew. D. collinsiae "Faryland" is still...
  17. klasac

    Insect poison on Cps

    Hi! I recently fed some black ants to my droseras and i was surprised that most species (peltata, pygmies, rotundifolia, anglica, burkeana, etc...) suffered harm to their leaves and they died (of course ants escaped). Here is an example of d. anglica (note the dead new leaf): Now is it the...
  18. Hans Breuer

    Looking for tropical drosera

    I'm looking to trade/steal/receive as a gift the sundews listed below. I have >90 Nepenthes to trade for them. affinis aliciae banksii binata v. multifida binata v. Marston Dragon" burkeana burmannii red capillaris - 'long arm form' capillaris - tropical form collinsiae falconeri hamiltonii...
  19. muscipula59

    Muscipula59 grwolist

    Hi all, here my growlist Cephalotus Cephalotus Follicularis Dionaea Dionaea Muscipula Typical Dionaea Muscipula "All Green" Dionaea Muscipula "Akai Ryu" Dionaea Muscipula "Giant" Drosera Petiolaris Drosera Paradoxa Drosera Pigmea Drosera Callistos Drosera Enodes Drosera...
  20. C

    Grow list

    The list below does not include any seeds waiting for germination. Cephalotus follicularis Dionaea muscipula “Akai Red” “Big Mouth” “Freak” “Sawtooth” “South West Giant” Drosera adelae admirabilis aliciae aliciae...