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  1. T


    Hi all, I have been here awhile *since 02*.  I have lived in Michigan since 1989.  I was born in Sacramento, CA.  I have always enjoyed growing plants. When I lived in California I collected cactus. I believe I had about 50 or so.  They were very easy to take care of because all I had to do was...
  2. CopcarFC

    This sucks.

    I got stung by a wasp today. Man it hurts, it feels like I was stabbed in the leg with a cactus spine. What really sucks is that I can feel the venom crusing through my body. I havent been this freaked out in a long time. Parts of my body feel weak and fraile. I got some sting relief stuff but...
  3. N

    Some kind of epiphyte...

    Got a few segments from my Grandma...actually the folks bought the plant and treated it like a normal cactus...it obviously didn't do well and promptly withered. So my Dad sent what was left to her and after 1-2 years under her care she managed grown quite a bit of it. A few segments similar in...
  4. swords

    Dragonfruit Cactus

    I have just got two self fruiting cultivars of this orchid cactus which create enormous night opening flowers up to 16" in diameter and create large red spike covered edible fruits (in time - mine are about 10" long only). Is there anyone else here growing these? Since they are epiphytic from...
  5. Goofzilla

    My little cactus

    I got this little guy earlier in the year, and it seems to be doing quite well. I'm still not sure what type it is, though.
  6. Goofzilla

    My little cactus

  7. swords

    Sea Star Stapelia

    Hi folks, I just recieved in the mail a hand sized cutting from a large Stapelia (carrion Flower succulent), it may be S. gigantea or some other species with a very large flower. Anyway, I was wondering how do I root it? do I need to make cuts to allow the roots to emerge, soak in B vitamins...
  8. C

    Looking for Temperate drosera

    I am looking for any drosera that might survive my Oklahoma bog. It is just now coming out of dormancy with flower stalks and new growth but the only drosera I have is D. filifera c filifera. I think there are at least two others that might survive and hopefully thrive in my conditions. I have a...
  9. Drosera36

    First flower!

    A couple years ago (like 3 or four) I was walking around in Home Depot lookin' at the cacti, and I often noticed some pieces of cacti just sitting on the trays. So, I just took a couple and stuffed them in my pockets. One of them has grown a bit, and has made lots of little baby cacti around its...
  10. swords

    Crazy colored grafted cactus

    Hey folks, I'm not a big cactus fan but I saw some wild psychedelic colored ones at my aunts bachmanns last week that were grafted to the base of a regular barrel type. I think the frankensteining of two on one looks lame but I was wondering can I remove the offsetts created by the weird...
  11. L

    LN Growlist

    Grow List �™=Current �š=Coming soon �˜=Can be traded *VFT* -Typical�™ (Might be dead) *Brocchinia* -reducta typical �™ *Drosera* -adelae (Few are dead, don't know why)�™�˜ -binata (Dormant)�™�˜ -capensis= Alba (might be dead), typical�™�™�˜ -unknown specie �™ -filiformis�š...
  12. C

    Looking for Sarrs, drosera and vft

    I am looking for colorful sarracenias to add to my zone 7 bog as well as sundews that will be happy and vft. If you will email me I will be happy to send you an attachment with a pretty long list of succulents and some cactus that I have to offer. Many Aloes, Agaves, Sanservias, Euphorbias, and...
  13. G

    Hi! I'm back

    Hello, I am a pseudo-newbie by the name of Jack. I was into cps quite a lot a few years ago and am getting back in leaning toward cephalotus and the smaller highland nephs, I live on the central Oregon coast USA and grow exclusively under lights, although that my change as time goes on...
  14. N


    I stumbled on a few photos of these guys on the web. Prices for small ones near/at flowering size seem pretty reasonable. I've read all kinds of opinions on how to grow these things. Anyone with personal experience care to offer any advice? Can smaller species(agavoides) or young specimens be...
  15. L

    Does anyone here grow cacti?

    Several months ago my girlfriend bought a small cactus at our local Home Depot. It came in a very small pot and has a large, bulbous red head with little yellow "things" sprouting out all over the top (shows you how much I know about cacti). All was going well for a few months and the little guy...
  16. Copper


    It is the oddest thing. The insides are turning to liquid, but the root systems are fine. I cut one open and found a tunnel, but nothing at the end of it, but the healthy, solid root. This is taking all of my barrels, one after another. I just lost a very nice ueblemania pectinifera. I have...