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  1. rattler

    looking to start back up

    the divorce pretty well wiped me out back to square one other than a few guns and my book collection....cause i went AWOL for 3 months traveling out to Washington to help a friend and then spending 3 weeks in Australia my plant collection had to go but looks like things are going to be pretty...
  2. D

    I'm so confused what to do for winter dormancy! help!

    Ok, so i'm very new to carnivorous plants, I got a VFT 2 years ago and just this year started adding more to my collection. And just very recently started looking into acquiring more and research. At the moment I have a VFT, a D. capensis x spatulata( i think), a purple, and white top pitcher...
  3. hcarlton

    Pay-it-forward seed giveaway!

    Hello all! Having been the recipient of a number of giveaways recently, I decided it was my turn. The winners of this giveaway will be able to pick any three of the available seeds listed below, and there will be 3 winners selected on Friday! D. capensis D. sp. Lantau Island P. lusitanica...
  4. J

    LF Drosera capensis (Bains Kloof)

    Hello everyone I'm looking for Drosera capensis (Bains Kloof) seeds could anyone help Me out thanks
  5. jimscott

    Confused About Aphids

    A sundew that had a bunch of aphids on its flower stalk was sprayed with the alcohol / water / dish soap solution. The leaves still have their dew and I don't see any aphids. Not sure if they were eradicated or if they found new homes. I sprayed a few other sundews (capensis, mostly) that had...
  6. Randoja

    My CP Windowsill Exploits.

    Hello there, I'm Randoja. My plan is to keep this thread updated with the progress of my plants and photos of any new ones I get as well. Everything is setup in just one south window. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about my plants, as well as receive any advice or suggestions you...
  7. Radagast

    Drosera seed trade

    Hey Folks - I'm a pretty big fan of Drosera graomogolensis, Drosera esmeraldae, Drosera oblanceolata and would love to add any of them to my collection. I have several species of Drosera that are currently flowering and will be harvesting the seeds once the stalks ripen. If anyone has seeds of...
  8. A

    FREE: Drosera capensis {Typical & Albino} Stem Cuttings

    Drosera capensis {Typical & Albino} flower stem cuttings. Grow dozens of plantlets yourself (this will give you a LOT of plants!). Stems will be precut. Just send a SASE. If it is mad cold or hot where you are, do not request plants at this time. Post up and PM me if you want them! Fist to...
  9. ps3isawesome

    Only wanted some pots but ended buying something else

    Super happy about those square pots but couldn't resist. I mean I was gonna get charged 10 bucks for shipping I might as well buy some plants. Been buying a lot of bare root plants and I realized today that there's something really awesome about having them pre-potted. I can just plop them...
  10. ps3isawesome

    my first set of flowers!!!

    Super excited because this my first set of flowers. Capensis - rescue from local nursery Spatulata - $$ Binata - giveaway Also, will this drosera continue to live after they produce flower stalks and seeds? thanks!
  11. S

    Drosera Capensis Alba Seed Giveaway--SASE

    I have some drosera capensis alba seeds about to drop. Typical list fashion. It will be a SASE!
  12. ps3isawesome

    Ps3isawesome growlist

    Ps3isawesome growlist (Updated 3/11/2016) This all began on July 3rd 2014 Dionaea King Henry Red Sawtooth B52 Towering Giant G14 Rosetted "Dirk Ventham's Giant" Big Mouth Akai Ryu (Thanks to Dionae) Unknown (From Lowes) Sarracenia Leucophylla x Tarnok Adrian Slack Adrian Slack x Judith Hindle...
  13. Victoria

    Givin Back

    I want to give back to a very generous community so here is what I have up for grabs: P. gracilis x moctezumea (small) P. 'Sethos' (small) N. alata (rooted and growing cutting) N. mystery seedlings (6 months old) D. capensis typical D. capensis 'Albino' D. hamiltonii I will choose 1 winner at...
  14. Monkey

    Plenty of plants for trade!

    Hey everyone! I've been meaning to put up a trade list for a while and figured my birthday was as good a time as any lol! Any way up for trade I have: 2 x P. rotundiflora 3-4 full P. 'Sethos' Several D. venusta Several D. prolifera Several Plants that I recieved seed form the ICPS labeled as D...
  15. Nepfreak

    Looking for seeds of all kinds

    It's been a while since I've grown CPs, being in college and all, but I scored a single room next year and I'd like to get back into the hobby at a reasonable scale by germinating a few things (we'll see how long the "reasonable scale" thing lasts). I'm looking for seeds from the following...