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  1. L

    Huge wish list

    Hi there! please check my long wish list. I look for many other plants if you have any interesting species please let me know. Seeds and plants welcome! # Drosera "Nova" # Drosera "Shibata" # Drosera "Zambiana" # Drosera amazonica # Drosera arenicola # Drosera brevicornis # Drosera browniana #...
  2. gnathaniel

    The Georgia invasion continues...

    Hey everyone, I've grown orchids and other miscellany, usually including one or two CPs, for a few years. My friend Kevin told me about this forum and I finally joined to learn more about Utricularias, a recently developed obsession. I'm intermittently active on a few of the orchid forums and...
  3. Jefforever

    Jeff's Updated 2-12-07

    Jeff's Updated Growlist Utricularia: Orchidioides: Alpina "Pitter Moon Form" - Pyro Alpina - Pyro Alpina - Crystal --> Colieo Asplundii - Ice Dragon Quelchii "Mount Wei" - Jeff Quelchii x Humboldtii - Jeff Quelchii x Praetermissa - Jeff Iperua: Humboldtii - Rattler_mt Nelumbifolia - Jeff...
  4. T

    U. capilliflora (any have any info?)

    Well today doing research I discovered U. dunstaniae is very endangered. Only 4 sites are known and of those 50 plants max at one site. (This was the max for everysite). Anyway does anyone have any info about U. capilliflora? Besides SG.
  5. BobZ

    Utricularia capilliflora

    Yves-Andre Utz kindly sent me hard-copy photos of Utricularia capilliflora. These are the only photos of this species that I have ever seen.
  6. T

    Australian Utricularia Wanted

    I thought you all might be interested in seeing a list of what is possible to see down under. Does anyone know if any of the species on the first list are in cultivation, and if so which ones and how do I get you to send me some of them >;-I)> Species on the second part of the list I have seen...