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  1. A

    Is my cephalotus dying??? :-(

    Hello everybody, My baby cephs are turning yellow and I'm unsure why, it is in the same conditions as my other ones but one ones pitchers are turning yellow and the other the leaves and a pitcher are as well(already had to cut two ) Could I be giving it too much light (they are under T5 bulbs)...
  2. 5

    Lighting question

    I have this 45watt led panel with red and blue led will it be ok for my cephs?
  3. S

    New From Missouri

    Hi! My name is Shelby and I am from the Kansas City area! I have just recently gotten into Carnivorous plants and have a few kinds of saras, one vft and... more neps than anyone that is just starting out should admit to. I love neps. I look forward to growing and learning on these forums and...
  4. Swagalotus

    Drosera esmeraldae

    Looking for a drosera esmeraldae. I have some interesting utrics and some cephs for trade
  5. NatchGreyes

    Cephs for Cephs

    Hi All - A few years ago, I was lucky to win a set of Ceph leaf-pullings in a giveaway on here. I actually succeeded in getting some of them to root and grow well. I now find myself with a spare "Big Boy" and a spare "Vigorous". (They can - more or less - be seen through the tags below). I'm...
  6. R

    Cephalotus "vigorous" division, BAREROOT, and Microgramma vacciniifolia

    Must be a semi active poster, no new people please. Few posts a month is fine so long as you have atleast 50 overall and are posting in other threads than giveaways/auctions. Continental US only, since these are bareroot we will try to ship to CA but it is completely on you. Winners will pay...
  7. R

    *PAID* Cephalotus leaf pulls - NOT ACTUAL PLANTS (gil_za $43)

    1) Opening Bid of $2. 2) Cephalotus leaf pulls - NOT ACTUAL PLANTS - Atleast 3 freshly pulled leaves, higher the bids the more leaves! We do not have ANY typical Cephs so they will all be from a clone of one type or another. If you have 1-2 clones we can try to work with you to ensure we don't...
  8. gill_za

    Hoffman horticultural charcoal for cephalotus soil

    Hi All, I would like to find out if anyone had experience using Horticultural Charcoal like the one below as an additive to the soil for Cephs? Couple of days ago I divided and replanted my Cephalotus in a mix that contained Charcoal (~10%) as per the soil recommendation I have seen on other...
  9. Nauz

    Need help identifying a few bits of moss

    I wanted to use some moss for my terrarium so I collected a sample from around my property in the woods. I think there is 3 species here but I don't know and are they any good for cp's like sundews and maybe cephs? Location: USA, North Carolina Thanks Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. thez_yo

    They told me not to grow it this way...

    Well, apropos of a recent thread, I decided to start a new one here that is on-topic, of that off-topic discussion :jester: When I was first starting out, in all the instructions I found, the proverbial 'they' described a certain potting medium, certain humidity, a grow setup, which plants...
  11. R

    Cephalotus Phil Mann

    I've had this clone for many years, it came from a TF member that will remain nameless to protect them from gimmie/gimmie spam, I'm not 100% sure of the TF member but I believe I recall the correct person, it was one of the first few Cephs I'd acquired and did not realize the importance of...
  12. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    growing again!

    Hello TerraForums, Well after loosing all my plants in 2009 after having a heart attack and ending up staying in the hospital for 6 months I was to upset/depressed about loosing my rather extensive collection of Neps and Cephs to to try and start all over again at that time. Well not I'm...
  13. J

    Long time lurker from PA

    So I joined this forum over a year ago and never really participated much. However, I've learned alot from the great community here and am hoping to share the little knowledge I have and gain some more! I'm currently in college (Penn State) and spending the summer at my parents farm before...
  14. K

    cephs with non carnivorous leaves but no pitchers..help?

    I have this all green ceph and a normal colored ceph that produces tons on non carnivorous leaves but has a hard time pitchering, it used to have nice big pitcher about 2inch big but it hasnt pitchered since i can see small ones in the mass of leaves popping up but thats the only sign i have...
  15. R

    Shipments Plants into CA

    Just a FYI for anyone shipping into CA, last month we shipped 3 boxes (2 with just Cephs, and the third with 2 Pings + 1 Anubus nana), well the Cephs arrived safely but we got a call from the CA Department of Agriculture concerning the 3rd box saying that one of their dogs alerted on the box and...
  16. T

    Cephalotus "Hummer's" divisions for other Ceph cultivars/genetic stock (or Heli's?)

    Cephalotus "Hummer's" divisions for other Ceph cultivars/genetic stock (or Heli's?) Hi guys, I have a few Cephalotus crown divisions up for trade, one of which has a flower stalk. I bought the mother plant maybe 5-6 years ago as a Hummer's Giant crown division from an eBay seller in Alaska...
  17. R

    Free for one random NASC auction donor: Winners Choice

    The winner will have a choice of one of the following: A potted Ceph of my choice, likely an Emu point or lost label. A group of Ceph leaf pulls from whatever Ceph(s) looks the best on the shipping day. A portion of Utric graminifolia A portion of Utric sandersonii 'blue' A portion of Utric...
  18. hcarlton

    Cephs in CO

    I don't think I've ever started a thread just for my cephs, so here goes.... With increasing light and temps the first new pitchers of the year are beginning to grow, though the noncarnivorous leaves still dominate Cephalotus Clone A by hawken.carlton, on Flickr Cephalotus Clone B by...
  19. chibae

    I Did It!!!!!! Cephalotus Seed Germinated with Happy Seedlings

    Last August I received some cephalotus seeds from Jcal. The first one's germinated about six weeks ago and have finally grown big enough that I can see their teeny pitchers without needing a magnifying glass. And slowly, more and more are starting to sprout. I will be posting pictures soon...
  20. M Jacobs

    Ceph with coffee

    I have long wondered if cephs would be compatible with coffee as a fertilizer (not trying to restart the old argument just something for fun). So I decided to give it a go with the few cephs I have. The first one has had a good increase in speed of growth and the second made a much larger...