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  1. BrassLeaves

    Looking for S. "Judith Hindle"

    I know it's a common one. I'm looking for hopefully a few maybe five or more. I have quite a bit up for trade (no point in rewriting half my growlist). N.splendiana x (rokko x stenophylla)....seed grown, a bunch of pings, quite a few sarras, lots of D. filiformis ssp. filiformis, two types of...
  2. Indigo

    Update pic on my ceph

    Hi TF'ers Hello people just wanna get an update on my Ceph. since 2 months ago my terrarium had a nasty gnat attack. and yes gnat is very dangerous they destory my plants from teh root and rot all the way to the top. and i kinda neglected them and let the gnat feast on them 5 nepenthes dead...
  3. Indigo

    No Dormancy CP

    Hello peepos Today I receive some great live sphagnum moss from Crissytal (thank you Crissytal). but it came out more than I need. sooo I had a 20 gallon fish tank thinking of going for a terrarium. but I really hate to disturbing a beautiful terrarium when dormancy come. so could you guys...
  4. R

    Cephalotus and Capallary Mats

    Lets get right to the point, I'm thinking of setting up a vivarium and using a capillary mat as the only source of watering. The goal here would be a low maintance set-up that I would not need to bother with too much as I already have my "look at me NOW or I'm going to die" set-ups :-D...
  5. Halt

    Singapore National Orchid Gardens

    I went on a tour in Singapore so I thought I'd show you Singapore's National Garden... lol <3 plant freaks. Ill only be showing macros of flowers and the carnivorousy that I saw. LOL guess who this is >.> EDIT: THAT IS A BELT MY FRIENDS. :D They had no Id's for the Nepenthes...
  6. quogue

    Grow Areas of the Summer of '09

    All the spots I grow my CP's except the Dormancy Area Guess I'll start with the High Land Chamber, there's a little window just to the left which is great to have open in the Spring & Fall to let in cool, humid air. The Predator has been vining like crazy! Over Seven feet in all with about...
  7. quogue

    Ceph's of the Summer of '09

    Been awhile since I posted Ceph pics... got that Dreaded fungus and had a problem with that for awhile which set all my plants back. But I beat the fungus again and the plants have recovered. Still not back to where they were yet. Anyways: One Plant I have In the tank Fancy pot pic...
  8. Nepenthes101

    can anyone help me find these nepenthes. I have lots to trade.

    Greetings. I am curious to know if anyone can help me find these Nepenthes. I am looking for the nepenthes that I have listed below. Not a big list. They are some of my most desired Nepenthes. I will accept small/medium/large plants. as well as cuttings. Nepenthes Northiana x Veitchii Nepenthes...
  9. B

    Struggling ceph

    I need to ask for some advice and help with my struggling ceph. He keeps on sending out shoots, that turn black, dry up, and died after a while. The rest of my cephs are all doing fine and they are all in the same environment except for this one which is giving me trouble. I media is the same in...
  10. chezilla

    Outdoor cephs

    I am lacking in adequate sunlight from any of my windows. The most I can squueze out, by tilting pots, etc... is 2-3 hours direct light a day. I am wanting to use one of my cephs as a test case and put it outside. Does anyone have any suggestions on what they will need outdoors. I keep them...
  11. Capensis

    The Good, the Bad, and the Not-THAT Ugly. DUW!

    Got back home 2:30 am this morning. Here are how the plants are. The Good: D. aliciae and mystery dews. The D. aliciae took being alone very well. Alice is a big girl now...*Sniff* They grow up so fast. D: : N. singalana's first pitcher under my care. Still has some coloring up to do: N...
  12. Brokken

    Closeup of other pitcher plants

    Here's a closeup of one of my cephs: Cephalotus folicularis Heliamphora minor x heterodoxa
  13. twigs

    What do you think of this light?

    I picked this light up from Lowes yesterday. I couldn't find any info on the internet about it, but I did find some about the bulb. The light is a Utilitech L-90 Fluorescent Floodlight, takes a 65 watt bulb. The box says it puts out 4100 lumens. (sorry for the cell phone pics) I bought...
  14. twigs

    Ceph Plan

    I have a Ceph in the mail currently, and wanted to get some input on my plan. Conditions: I live in St. Louis, if you're not familiar, summers get very hot, with long stretches of 90 degree weather, and a few 100+ days. I could try putting the Ceph outside, but I would rather it be indoors...
  15. quogue

    Root Shield Trichoderma for Cephs

    Hi all, just picked up some Root Shield which has 1.15% Trichoderma harzianum Rifai Strain KRL-AG2 for my Cephalotus I know a couple of people here use Trichoderma harzianum, is this a good enough brand? How much should I use per gallon of water? How much should I water my Cephalotus with? And...
  16. Indychus

    HELP! Cephalotus looking very poor!

    Hey guys, I have a very small ceph that I got from andrew a while ago. It is growing in my sunroom, where temps stay between 65-85F most of the time, and humidity is usually around 50-65%. I do not have it in a tray, I mist it every other day. I read that cephs suffer from root rot very...
  17. A

    what do I do with headless Sarr flower stalks?

    I had 3 BEAUTIFUL Saracenia flower stalks this year, one a red form Psittacina and 2 Flava "cutthroats". It isn't a big amount of flowers, but they're my first, so I was excited. About a month back, the Psitt flower aborted for a reason that only the Psitt and God knows. Then a sweet little 2...
  18. Av8tor1

    ceph and heli pic

    just a couple springtime rack pics, no set up.. just a quick point a click first a few heils of various flavors and what would spring be without some cephs in bloom thanks for looking, Av
  19. RL7836

    S. purpurea for trade

    I am currently finalizing a multi-plant trade with another grower that was initiated last fall. It appears that he may not have an interest in all of the plants I have available. The following plants are likely to be available for trade (but there is some chance this could change as we have more...
  20. Cindy

    Some Cephalotus pics to share

    Nothing spectacular but just wanted to show the rate of growth over 4 months. :) November 2008 I imported some Cephs with one-inch rhizomes for sale. Here is one example in a thumbpot. March 2008 I kept several plants in the thumbpots for myself. These now need to be further repotted into 5"...