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  1. Carnivoregon

    What is this? Cephalotus ball?

    I was messing around with one of my cephs, looking for new growth, kinda scraping some crud off the side of the stalk when this popped out. I believe it's part of the plant. Did this ceph just make a gemmae lol?
  2. Jcal

    Help picking out a greenhouse

    My fellow growers, I am thinking of getting a small greenhouse to house a small part of my collection. This is not be a tropical greenhouse. It will house some of my prized sarrs, cephs, sundews and whatnot. Tropical plants will come back indoors for the winter. I am hoping to keep the climate...
  3. Jcal

    Concrete Planter?

    Although winter has just started my mind is already on spring projects. One of my goals next year is to grow cephalotus outdoors in full sun. I have been looking for a planter that will hold up to wind, weather, and pests including my 3yo. Black wont do because of fear of overheating the roots...
  4. Carnivoregon

    Testing out the Beamworks LED Pent 36" HI Lumen Timer Ready 6500K on Cephalotus

    Hey guys I just picked up this 36 inch LED for 60 bucks here. http://www.aquatraders.com/LED-Aquarium-Lighting-Beamswork-Pent-HI-Lumen-p/56366p.htm. Hopefully my cephs will like it. I'll be running it for 12 on 12 off and it's about 7 inches from the plants it has 5700 lumens and 6500k LEDs. I...
  5. Jcal

    Cephalotus stolon cutting

    This may be the single fastest way I have stumbled upon to propagate cephs! I was taking divisions of a few plants about a 45 days ago and noticed this stolon. I noticed it because I accidentally snapped it off. Instead of tossing it out I wrapped it in a bit of lfs and set it aside. I was...
  6. G

    LF pings,helis,and cephs

    Hi all, I have wanted to try to get these plants, I know "what you don't have and of these yet". I am still a newish grower of cps and I thought this would be the best most friendly place to look for these plants. So if you have any lets see what we can do...
  7. R

    Cephalotus Drool - Literally

    Ever since I build this http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/135456-Its-time-to-build-a-Cephalotus-grow-space-would-love-input!?highlight= the Cephs growing in there have been getting a water line on there ribbed mouth. I'm growing them with household humidity (low) in a watering...
  8. Jcal

    Cephalotus trades

    I have the following cephs up for trade. I am looking for any clones I do not have on my growlist which can be found in the hyperlink below. Avaiable: Triffid Albany Black Double ribbed German giant Brewers red Hummers giant. Some of these are divisions, some leaf pullings. Most are still on...
  9. M Jacobs

    lowii x boschiana, caesar, cephs

    I have a cut basal of lowii x boschiana starting to send out roots, a nep Caesar, and typical cephs with adult pitchers up for trade. I would like to hold onto the cephs till they get larger. I am looking primarily for nepenthes hybrids with lowii in them but let me know if you have something of...
  10. Colieo

    U. nelumbifolia trade

    Hey all, I have a 5 inch or so start of U.nelumbifolia available for trade. It does not have a fully developed photosynthetic stolon, but has two that are starting off strong, but still juvenile. I love this plant, so I'm happy to get more growing out there. I can't figure out how to post a...
  11. Nevermore

    Trade.. misc plants

    I am finalizing my "getting out of the inside CP collection business". I had traded/sold off a bunch of helis, neps, and cephs last year after doing a division to two. I held onto a few small stragglers to grow them out a bit before moving them on. I haven't been tending the humidity on my...
  12. M

    Typical and Vigorous Cephs for Trade

    Update, all cephs have been traded! Thanks for all the interest and fantastic trade offers :D Mods can close this up. ---------------------------------- Greetings all! I have a few extra Cephs for trade to thin the herd a bit. My outdoor CPs took a major hit after this brutal winter so I'm...
  13. afrodisa

    A Different Ceph ??

    I just recently noticed 6 plants in my collection of cephs that have only 1 rib on the peristome between the front hairy “wing” and each of the lateral ones instead of the usual 2. Has anyone else noticed this in any of their plants? Also have one with 3 ribs on each side of the midrib.
  14. Ras

    would this pot work for cephalotus?

    I keep hearing that cephs seem to thrive in selfwatering pots would this one work? and could it be a plastic pot with a wick? Product Details This self-watering pot is the answer to people who do not want to be "slaves" to their plants. The plant is planted in the inner pot and simply keep...
  15. R

    Free for two random NASC auction donors: One Rooted Ceph Emu Point

    There will be two winners, both will receive one of the Cephs in the photos below. Winners will be chosen by RNG. We will pay for the shipping so there is no cost to you. The rules! 1. You donated (posted a thread) ANYTHING for the 2014 NASC Auction. (I will be checking :-D) 2...
  16. thez_yo

    Things finally waking up after Winter

    Pictures! N.thor x campy N.campy x max N.(veitchii x lowii) x campy the N.ventrinermis flower stalks (i cut off the pollen balls to save for later..) ..and an upper N.tenuis Sarra minibog is coming along well :) Some of the pitchers are coming up gnarly, so I neem'd this past...
  17. Jcal

    Jcals cephs

    Here are a few photos of some of my cephs. Double ribbed Squat Emu point Big boy Hummers giant Phil Mann
  18. afrodisa

    What's that???

    What the hell is that in my Pinguicula macrophylla pot?? Oh hell no, it can't be !!! It's a cephalotus!!! Last summer several of the cephs in the tank on the shelf below the pings sent up flower spikes (some extending 10-12" above the pings). I tried pollinating them 3 times a day and was...
  19. U

    Cephs making me wary...

    Hello all, I have been watching my cephs lately, and noticed what I think is a sickliness coming over them, starting with this one: http://minus.com/mb136jWdgFJpra I'm doubtful this is a humidity/temperature issue, as they've been happy with this setup for over 10 months. The humidity ranges...
  20. U

    "Hola" from Texas

    Hello all, figured it was about time for me to get involved with some other CP lovers! I've got a few cephs, an n. alata, n. sibuyanensis x burkei, two sarracenias, and some Home Depot fly trap rescues. I'll hopefully acquire a heliamphora in the coming months, when it's a little nicer out and I...