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  1. R

    Growing/Propagating Cephalotus non-traditional methods - Lets get a list together.

    The title says it all, hopefully we can get a nice long listing of methods TF members have tried successfully to grow or propagate Cephalotus. I know there a few of us that try some really crazy stuff so hopefully they will chime in. Photos are encouraged :-D. I'll get us started with...
  2. vraev

    Return to Cps with a mechanical fix job. + permission needed from TF members

    Hi guys, Lets address it point by point: 1) I have been off the grid for a long while. Haven't been around any forums for over 6-8 months. Same old story...plants going downhill and loosing interest. But recently, I got a call from my local hamilton RBG to give a 1h+ talk on carnivorous plants...
  3. Maiden

    Cephalotus divisions

    Hi guys Im not very experienced with cephs! In 2011 i buyed a lil tiny 2 leaves cephalotus baby from czplants at 2.99€. Now its a medium plant, with many grow point and many lil plants growing from the base of the mother plant. The plant is now in soft dormancy, do not grow anymore in my heli...
  4. Jcal

    drip or flood for cephs

    i am thinking of upgrading my cephs with some automated watering. the bulk of the components will be the same for either a drip or flood system. i have seen good results from both setups. which setup do you think cephs will benefit the most from?
  5. Jcal

    Cephalotus windows

    I am always intrigued by the lids on cephalotus. Looking at the colors, patterns, and clear windows is captivating. I understand why bugs are lured to them. I had my camera out and decided to snap a few photos. And Hamiltonii. I grow it with my cephs
  6. R

    Little Short Term LED Experiment with a few Cephs

    I ordered a http://www.rapidled.com/4-led-solderless-moonlight-kit/ with some other LEDs to play around with, I'm intending to try it out on a shrimp tank I'm setting up for my wife. I finished the LED strip this morning and I won't be filling that tank up with water for a while because I want...
  7. R

    Its time to build a Cephalotus grow space, would love input!

    I think its finally time for me to build a grow area specifically for my Cephalotus collection. So hopefully a few others have done this before and can stear me away from problems. My goal is to provide the best possible conditions for growing Cephalotus indoors under lights within my budget...
  8. BioZest

    Plant Imports

    I don't know how to import plants!!!:headwall: I found this nursery that sells really cheap plants, but I'm supposed to handle the import process. I'm not going to be getting anything that's under CITES, just some cephs and a cobra. They sell Phytosanitary and CITES permits at the website, but...
  9. xantius

    FT: Sars, Pings, and a Nep

    I realize this is a bit of a stretch given that I have almost nothing to trace, but I I've got limited grow space and so I'm looking to part ways with some plants that take up too much space. What I really want to grow are Cephs and Heli's since my small grow area is completely climate...
  10. Jcal

    Looking to trade cephs.

    I am looking for clones that I do not currently grow. Dudely watts Triffid Albany black Eden black ( or son, or siblings, or tank 2, or plants from seed of the previously named) Please contact me if you would like to trade. Willing to trade multiple plants for rare clones Updated*
  11. Rookie grower

    Hardening off Ceph's to lower humidity

    Hello I'm thinking of taking my ceph's out of the terrarium and just using it for heli's I'm looking for advisement and experience as to the best way to do this without drying it up or killing it Any help and or suggestions are appreciated
  12. Rookie grower

    My current terrarium setup

    Ok It's a 55 gal aquarium containing heli's ceph's and a couple neps and dews. Lighted with a T-5 HO Current daytime temps are up to 78 nightime is down to 70 maybe a degree or so less. RH daytime 70% night 85% I want to figure out how to drop the temp in the terrarium without cooling the whole...
  13. Jcal

    Cephalotus stolon

    Thanks to jrjj88's video I decided to do a bit of dividing. I found something very interesting then I dug up one of my cephs. I knew I had a growth point pop up out of nowhere!
  14. jlechtm

    Sarracenia Inventory Reduction

    I know it's late in the season, but with the weather beginning to cool off in the Mid-Atlantic US (a great time for shipping, btw), thoughts turn to the greenhouse and ... Holy excrement, how am I going to fit all of my up-potted Sarracenia and their associated extra divisions inside for the...
  15. J

    How I Propagate Cephalotus

    How I Propagate Cephalotus Video I put together a little video for my friends on my methods of propagating Ceph's and thought I would post it here it hopes it might be a source of help for someone interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0VbYl2zGbQ
  16. Jeremiah Harris

    Looking for Ceph's

    Hello, I'm interested in trading for Ceph's I don't currently grow. If you have anything not on my grow list available let me know. Jeremiah's Cephalotus grow list C. follicularis Typical Brewer C. follicularis Typical Kris Hardly C. follicularis "Big Boy" C. follicularis "Black" C...
  17. chibae

    Orchid for trade

    I am looking to trade an adult orchid, Dttps Purple martin x phal tetraspis from Blue Sapphire Dragon orchids. this is the third time I have bloomed this plant out and I am not happy with the shape of the flowers. I had hoped they would improve with maturity but that never happened. Unpotted...
  18. Roman Tyrant

    Ceph pitchers yellowing on frontal ridges.

    I've had my Ceph for quite a while now but I've noticed over the months that some pitchers seem to be yellowing a bit and the oldest pitchers at the under-center of the plant (hard to see in the pic) are definitely dead. Is this something to be worried about? I've heard the Cephs can often cause...
  19. mobile

    Does anyone coffee cephs?

    There seems to be lots of posts about using coffee as a fertiliser for Nepenthes, but not many on Cephalotus... anyone tried it and what was the results?
  20. Jcal

    New cephalotus collection.

    I have decided that ultra highlanders quickly lost my interest. Too much trouble trying to recreate perfect conditions, so I have shifted my focus to cephs and intermidate neps. My eyes were always drawn to them when I looked in my chamber so I got more eye candy! Just need a few more clones!