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  1. Bubblegirl

    Bubblegirl's & Feedinonflies Growlist

    Nepenthes N. Miranda N. Burbidgeae x Platychila N. Sibuyanensis x (Spectabilis x Ventricosa) N. Eymae x (Jacquelineae x Izumiae) - Thank you, Favian!! N. Spathulata x Glabrata - Thank you, Favian!! N. Bicalcarata N. Alata (2 total, 1 known female) N. Chaniana x Veitchii N. Vogelii N. Nile x...
  2. Ambanja

    Christian James's Plants

    I just uploaded over a hundred photos of my collection from the last couple years to my facebook page. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. It should be visible to everyone here: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151037308982245.424477.501627244&type=3 I seem to have a knack...
  3. C

    carbonetc grow/want list

    Grow List N. albomarginata red N. ampullaria "Brunei Red" N. ampullaria "Lime Twist" N. ampullaria "Harlequin" N. ampullaria "Speckled" N. aristolochioides N. attenboroughii red N. burbidgeae N. campanulata N. chaniana N. copelandii N. densiflora N. dubia N. flava N. fusca N. glabrata N...
  4. mass

    nep for trade

    N. chaniana x veitchii for trade. I like sundews and cephs right now. Maybe a pot chuck full of pygmy dews would be cool.. I dunno. Hit me up with offers I guess. No sarrs or VFT's is all I ask.. ~Nep comes with free D. capensis 'Giant' plantlets~
  5. A

    Archer15 grow list

    Cephalotus Follicularis Nepenthes Species N. alata Lantern ....11/2011 N. albomarginata ~Triffid Park~ ......1/2015 N. boschiana - seed grown ....17/12/2012 N. boschiana (b) ~EP~ ....10/2014...
  6. S

    snapperhead's grow list incomplete !

    a few plants i have got over the years alata small red Alata - Red x 6 alata Red (from ebay ) alata ( ebay) alata giant x stenophylla alata giant x spectabilis alata red alata x kampotiana x ventricosa alata-gaint x truncata alata-giant x veitchii H/L albo-marginata -green x (rokko x veitchii...
  7. S

    Snapperhead's grow list imcomplete still Sorry

    by snapperhead51 » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:41 am Grow list update 11 Aug 2011 still incomplete heaps to still put on ?? alata small red Alata - Red x 6 alata Red (from ebay ) alata ( ebay) alata giant x stenophylla alata giant x spectabilis alata red alata x kampotiana x ventricosa alata-gaint x...
  8. ellisonk001

    ellisonk001's (Keith's) Growlist

    NEPENTHES: adrianii alata alata (Q) x truncata alata boschiana mimic alata Pink alata variegata alata x khashiana alata x truncata alba albomarginata albomarginata albomarginata - Penang Red albomarginata - Red albomarginata Green albomarginata Red Gunung Jerai albomarginata Red Speckled...
  9. thez_yo

    Brown spots from pesticides?

    I've had mealies on my Sarrs and Cephs.. a couple on a VFT Royal Red. I sprayed those down with the strong Bayer stuff, and I'm neeming everything else. All of a sudden I have spots on my Nepenthes and I'm wondering is it side-spray from the Bayer stuff (I do spray at night so they don't...
  10. Nepfreak

    Going to College - all neps must go!

    So, I'm heading off to college in a few weeks and I've got to do something about the plants! There's no way I'm fitting them all in my dorm so I'm only keeping two neps (my first one, and a small truncata). The rest are up for postage! The catch is that most of them are pretty sick looking...
  11. Rokosauros

    Edward's Nepenthes

    A humble beginning, nothing compared to some of the wonders other growers have :hail: A group shot. N bicalcarata young pitcher..... and an older pitcher that hasn't dried up yet :-D N stenophylla N hamata x platychila, I can't wait for it to grow up! Just look at it! New pitcher...
  12. mksmith

    Nepenthes Attitudinal Distribution Chart

    I set up a simple table with most all Nepenthes species broken into the five common categories; ultra-lowland, lowland, intermediate, highland, and ultra-highland. I have based the placement on altitudinal distribution mostly. I also have temperature range at the top of each category. Maybe...
  13. N

    Nep's Grow List

    UPDATED 5/16/2018 More then welcome to PM trades, please keep all trades strictly to PMs * = multiples Seed/cuttings Nepenthes N. Robcantleyi N. Mata Hari* N. Veitchii x Tiveyi* N. Typical store thing N. Bongso N. Spathulata x Diatas N. Bellii Drosera D. Neocaldeonica D. Binata D...
  14. TheKraken

    My Plant Collection Photos!

    Here is my plant collection as of May 2011. Enjoy! :D Venus Flytraps: Sarracenia Flava: Sarracenia Judith Hindle*: Nepenthes Chaniana x Veitchii: Nepenthes Sanguinea: (first and Oldest) (second and youngest) Cape Sundews:
  15. TheKraken


    Hello everyone, my name is Brandon and I'm 17 years old and an aspiring botanist. I currently have a small but growing collection of CP's, including: 5 venus flytraps, 2 nepenthes sanguinea, 1 nepenthes chaniana x veitchii, 2 cape sundews, 2 sarracenia flavas, and 1 sarracenia leucophylla. I...
  16. green1

    One year on and I still haven't said hello

    [/IMG] I've been visiting this site for one year now and still haven't introduced myself. Hello everyone I'm Andy and live in a tower block in Newcastle but that doesn't stop me from growing my plants. Became interested in carnivorous plants early 1980's when I had venus flytrap,and...
  17. Rokosauros

    Rokosauros' Growlist

    Nepenthes Species N. alata [From MT] N. albomarginata 'Purple' N. ampullaria N. ampullaria "Red, Striped" N. ampullaria "Tri-coloured" N. bicalcarata N. boschiana [BE seedgrown] N. burbidgeae [possibly burbidgeae x edwardsiana] N. chaniana N. gracilis 'Squat' N. hirsuta "Speckled" N. mirabilis...
  18. roxorboxor

    roxorboxor's grow list

    D. muscipula (a few typicals) D. capensis (normal, various seedlings) D. filiformis Tracyi Tuberous: D. menziesii ssp menziesii D. hookeri D. indumenta D. zigzagia D. ramellosa 'pink flower' D. rupicola 'Dark red x Bronze' D. peltata Nepenthes: 'Song of Melancholy' ampullaria x...
  19. seedjar

    ZOMG 100+ Pics (Mostly Neps, also fun fuzzy and spiny things)

    N. chaniana x veitchii - this plant is both the beauty AND the beast. I've waited forever for it to bulk up; as one of my first Neps, I've had it for six or more years. Only recently has it really come into its own, and now it's growing like crazy. It popped a basal a couple months ago, and...
  20. Clue

    Looking for Some Nepenthes

    The nep bug has hit hard again. Anyone have spares of N. chaniana, N. campanulata, N. burbidgeae, or N. jamban? They don't need to be large at all. EDIT: Additionally, I have found a liking to N. burkei, N. stenophylla, and the oh-so-out-of-this-trading-league N. glandulifera and N. villosa...