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  1. N

    My grow list

    This is what I'm growing out at the moment: Nepenthis: "Lady Luck" from Borneo Exotics (I used to grow more Nep's but they grew way too large for my setup so I found a grower friend to adopt them) Heliamphora's: H. minor var. minor (FTS) H. minor var. minor "Big Orange" H. heterodoxa x...
  2. C

    Cory' grow list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  3. R

    Mona's Grow List

    Mona's Grow List Cephalotus: Clone #1 Common Typical Ron Gagliardo Clone Coal Mine Beach Hummer’s Giant Czech Giant ‘Vigorus’ ‘Black Eden’ Hasting’s Clone #2 Dionea: Typical x2 Cup Trap Red Pirahna Red Dragon Akai Ryu Drosera: Delisiana Hamiltonii Intermedia Burmanii Brevifolia Spatulata...
  4. Knuckles

    Pseudosquilla Ciliata Stomatopod (rainbow/false ciliated mantis shrimp)

    Some pics of the late Nausica (named by X girlfriend) renamed spawn of satan later: IMG_1851 by blu-bear, on Flickr IMG_1850 by blu-bear, on Flickr The only tank mates she wouldn't eat for dinner or bury included: 4 Stripe Damsel (Dascyllus melanurus) IMG_1859 by blu-bear, on Flickr Dwarf Zebra...
  5. Jcal

    Want list

    Looking for the following. Please take a look over my growlist for trades. Want list N. adnata N. Veitchii Heliamphora ciliata H. Minor big orange
  6. SubRosa

    Aquatic Plant Giveaway

    I have a few odds and ends left over from planting a small aquarium and am offering them here for only $6 postage to cover a small Priority box. Plants are several stems of a red Ludwigia species (I believe), a nice piece of a small leaf cultivar of Java Fern, a small Crypt. ciliata, a stem of...
  7. Bonnie

    Looking for Heliamphoras, lots of stuff to offer

    I have 200 species of orchids, including 18 species of jewel orchids. Also ant plants and ferns, Dischidias, Hoyas, Begonias, Peperomias, and Gesneriads. If I don't have anything you want also willing to buy. Looking for species I don't already have, my current grow list is below. Heliamphora...
  8. M

    trying my new camera Heliamphora

    Hello, the recent tornadoes and heavy rainfall (12 inches in less than 12 hours) reminded me its time to try my new camera before a disaster takes my plants away. Anyway here are some pictures of different exappendiculata clones, ciliata, chimantensis, neblinae, and ceracea. (Check out the...
  9. Bonnie

    Looking for Helis, Utrics, and Genlisea, have Orchids and other stuff to trade

    I'm looking for any mature divisions of Heliamphora that are not heterodoxa x minor, these are not for me but would prefer ones different from the ones on my grow list in case I do want to get a division back from them later (they would be going to a botanical garden) my grow list: Heliamphora...
  10. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes hybrids for trade

    Nepenthes burbidgea x platychila Nepenthes ventricosa x ephippiata Both plants are over 12" across and are very fast and robust growers. I'm looking for: Nepenthes : alata - Surigao albomarginata - Penang angasanensis appendiculata argentii - SG argentii - BCP Clones carunculata...
  11. Bonnie

    New Heliamphoras

    I just my first large carnivorous plant shipment in the mail and potted everyone up. The Heli's are potted in a soil mix containing peat, silica sand, and perlite, and the dome is now closed up with the whole thing sitting on my greenhouse floor so they can slowly acclimate. Unfortunately I...
  12. W

    Wrazik's grow list

    HELIAMPHORA 1. H. arenicola (Tramen Tepui) SG 2. H. ceracea (Cerro Neblina) 3. H. chimantensis (Chimanta) 4. H. ciliata 5. H. collina (Foothills Testigos) 6. H. exappendiculata (Amuri Tepui) SG 7. H. exappendiculata (Apacapa Tepui) 8. H. exappendiculata (Aprada...
  13. Rookie grower

    Rookie Growers list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  14. M

    tank and test tube solar babies: Heliamphora updates

    I'm trying to step into the early oughts and see if I can profitably use Flickr. [edit: sigh, not really. The links work at least.]Here is some happiness from my garden and lab: H. purpurascens http://www.flickr.com/photos/51764444@N03/9314666283/ H. parva...
  15. Bonnie

    Bonnie's Grow List

    Carnivorous Heliamphora chimantensis (Chimanta) Heliamphora ciliata Heliamphora elongata (Ilu Tepui) Heliamphora ionasii Heliamphora minor "Burgundy Black" Heliamphora minor x heterodoxa Heliamphora nutans (Yuruani Tepui) Heliamphora pulchella (Chimanta Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora tatei var...
  16. Gigantea

    My Growlist

    Kill list coming soon. Carnivores Drosera: Filiformis 'red' Filiformis 'california sunset' Filiformis 'tracyi' Spatulata - mixed clusters Trinervia Graomogolensis Mixed Capensis. Two are known Giant varieties, two could be Alba, 3-4 unknown Adelae Giant Regia Binata Multifida Extrema...
  17. M

    some Heliamphora photos

    Hello, I moved my entire collection from Portland, Oregon to Baldwin county, Alabama this year. The recent hurricane emphasized how precarious my collection is now. So, I decided to take a few pictures. H. tatei Cerro Duida <IMG src="http://www.heliamphora.us/images/tatei crop 2.jpg"> H. sp...
  18. JDW

    JDW's Grow List

    Anything italicized is available for trade Nepenthes ampullaria, seed grown ventricosa Madja As x ventrata Seedlings - albomarginata Orchids Aerides flabellata Bulbophyllum Adoribil Collin Bulbophyllum Agathe Bulbophyllum ambrosia Bulbophyllum bicolor Bulbophyllum cocoinum Bulbophyllum...
  19. mcmcnair

    Mcmcnair's Growlist

    So here is my current grow list Sarracenia: Had to give up on Sarracenia for now because I don't have enough sun anymore because my condo complex put in a huge Ulmus parviflora right in front of my porch. Nepenthes: Ampy! 1 N. ampullaria Red BE 1 N. ampullaria Tricolor SG 1 N. ampullaria...
  20. Av8tor1

    New heli book, major drool

    Wistuba, McPherson, Nerz and Fleischmann.... oh my, this can only mean.... yes, the Aztecs were correct LOL, the heli world as we know it is gone forever!!! oh and hell just froze over LOL http://www.redfernnaturalhistory.com/books/name/sarraceniaceae_of_south_america WOW! Heliamphora...