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  1. JMatt

    My eddies.

    I brought my plants outside to catch a cool afternoon shower. Figured I would take a few quick shots. There both growing at a pretty good clip now. I do give them coffee like once a month. The leaf jumps seem to be pretty good. I'm not sure if it's the coffee or just the plants settling in to my...
  2. rakovsky

    Are some thorny plants para-carnivorous towards large animals?

    The clip points out that the thorns point inwards England, Meet Your New Giant Sheep-Eating Plant Carnivorous Plants In England Known To Eat Animals | Popular Science RHS 'sheep-eating' plant about to bloom in Surrey - BBC News Puya chilensis A photo of a bigger plant...
  3. rakovsky

    History Channel: Incans domesticated carnivorous tubers

    Watch the beginning of this clip from the History Channel: They mention it at 1:00. What "carnivorous" tuber plants are they talking about?
  4. Radagast

    Carnivorous Plant Memes

    So I'm assuming everybody reading this knows what a "meme" is. If not - google it. I was doing some carnivorous plant research online and stumbled upon this gem. It is NOT mine. I found it hilarious, as I'm also a fan of the movie this clip was taken from (The Big Lebowski)...
  5. adnedarn

    N. ventricosa x aristo female fresh cutting - Monkey $27

    I really love this plant! Even more since today I saw on my main plant that it is a girl... Up for auction is the top half of the right side shoot (that I'm holding with my fingers, I will keep the bottom half). I will clip it the day I ship it so the responsibility of rooting it is yours...
  6. adnedarn

    U. reniformis 'Big Sister' fresh cutting (collin $25)

    I will flip this pot, search out a part of the plant to clip and send out fresh to you! It will likely have no above ground growth and be 1-2 inches long... You pay shipping USPS priority $6 USA only. Starting bid $2 PM me with any questions. 2010 thread with pictures of flowers...
  7. thez_yo

    N. khasiana x viking* - UNROOTED cutting (adnedarn $15)

    Up for auction is a couple feet off the top of this N. khasiana x viking*. I received it a couple years ago from another grower, and it's proceeded to take over my livingroom. I've gotten rid of numerous basals, but it's time for the top of it to get the chop. It's the one taking over the...
  8. ps3isawesome

    If I was a wizard, my wand would be a cobra lily

    What about you ????? Okay ya, i'm a hardcore harry potter fan soo just play along :P. Had to clip this pitcher off so thought I'd have some fun
  9. C

    Carnivora Gardinum, Time Lapse Film.

    Hello everyone! First off, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!! I am very excited to announce my first Biolapse film is complete! Carnivora Gardinum For best results, HD and full screen. It was 2 years ago that I did my first plant timelapse. Then about 6 months later I started...
  10. Neps_N_Things

    Bittersweet Moment

    My robcantleyi has been bothering a bit lately so today I decided to get a little aggressive with it. It made a gnarled leaf about two leaves ago which I didn't want to cut off because I'm usually of the mindset that if its green you shouldn't mess with it. The next leaf developed fine but this...
  11. C

    Time Lapse Photographer, New here!

    Good afternoon everyone! :-D Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Chris, and I am a hopeless forum junkie. I really hope to learn a lot from you folks :) I run a company building motion control systems for timelapse photography and i have been getting into what I call Biolapse. I have put...
  12. mcantrell

    Sssh... they're sleeping! (Fridge method photos)

    October 31st November 12th So while I was at Lowes a few months back, I noticed some Deathcubes on sale. 50% off. And I'm a sucker for hard luck cases. :) These were the "have some peat, have some plants in ziplock bags that are 'dormant', good luck" type that starting appearing in stores...
  13. mcantrell

    A novice's winter project: Moving from a Rack / adding a Terrarium

    So I have a small collection of plants, some doing well, others not so well. Lately I've gotten the bug to upgrade my growing conditions and I'm thinking about upgrading my old wireframe Lowes rack into a terrarium, or adding a terrarium to my collection as I can. My plan is to source things...
  14. incspir

    incspir's photo thread

    Photos of my grow shelf so far---a special thanks the generous TF members who are helping me get going! Plants are under a 4 x 2ft T5 setup, with ultrasonic humidifier and small fan for humidity and circulation. Supplementary LEDs on the way. N. ventricosa x northiana, the very first CP I...
  15. David F

    Clipping an Annual's flower

    Is there any good reason to clip an inflorescence of an annual sundew? I'm referring to Drosera indica I have in a greenhouse, they have been doing marvelous and aren't quite huge yet, I'm wondering if I should clip their tiny flowers now? The plants feed fairly regularly on the insects of the...
  16. SubRosa

    48" Hagen Glo T5 Reflectors

    Hi! I have available a bunch of 48" Hagen Glo T5 reflectors. These will clip directly on to any T5 bulb, such as in a shoplight style fixture, and greatly increase the amount of light getting to your plants. I currently only grow outdoors, so I'm looking for any temperate CPs and associated bog...
  17. Lil Stinkpot

    Video for Mato

    ... and anyone else that wants to see it.... Here is a short clip of the hermit crabs walking around last night. Of course, as soon as I turned on the camera they quit doing funny things, so the video is terribly boring. Oh, well...
  18. Whimgrinder

    Residents in the greenhouse.

    The clip speaks for itself!
  19. F

    Lavender plant - Rooted cutting (Fred P $6)

    For auction is a rooted cutting of lavender from my mother plant. This is a hybrid named 'Goodwin Creek'. This plant is VERY easy to grow, grows very quickly and requires no dormancy. The leaves smell great but the blooms are even better! Great outdoors for attracting bees and butterflies in the...
  20. Brie

    Capensis "alba" and "red" seeds for SASE

    Another "I really need to clip the flower stalks off my Capes before they actually flower" give away.. I will make 3 packets of each, you're more then welcome to get one of each. Winners please PM me for my address. "Alba" 1: 2: 3: "Red" 1: 2: 3: