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  1. N

    Hi help with cobra lily

    I have this in the greenhouse in the UK Do I reduce the water like in VFT's until march and is it going to be ok outside in the greenhouse? Thanks Noddy
  2. BioZest

    Plant Imports

    I don't know how to import plants!!!:headwall: I found this nursery that sells really cheap plants, but I'm supposed to handle the import process. I'm not going to be getting anything that's under CITES, just some cephs and a cobra. They sell Phytosanitary and CITES permits at the website, but...
  3. BioZest

    Cobra Lily Growers?

    Hey guys, So I had this beauteous Cobra Lily and then my mom accidentally sprayed it with windex while cleaning the table. Now we know what to use if Darlingtonia take over the world. Anyways I want to get another one, but I don't know where I should buy it. I saw some at the store owned by a...
  4. CorneliusSchrute

    My Darlingtonia Experience (Thus Far)

    I have been growing Darlingtonia for several months now, and they seem to be doing well. I have a thread on a different forum updating my experiences. Here is a link to that thread for those interested. To summarize, our summers here are hot, and I figured Darlingtonia would not thrive. To...
  5. CorneliusSchrute

    cbennett4041's Growlist

    *THIS IS WOEFULLY OUTDATED* I'm working on it, alright?! Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea 'Giant' Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana Sarracenia rosea Sarracenia psittacina Sarracenia psittacina Sarracenia minor var...
  6. GreenBeast

    GreenBeast's Growlist

    More to come soon... Stuff in BOLD are newly acquired specimens. Sarracenia: S. alata S. alata 'Maroon Throat' S. alata "Texas Form" S. x alata Black x flava v. rubricorpora S. x areolata x 'Leah Wilkerson' S. x catesbaei (S. flava v. cuprea x purpurea ssp. venosa 'Red Ruffles') S. x catesbaei...
  7. thez_yo

    pictures for the most excellent limeslide

    D.graomo, N.jaquelineae pitcher & N.villosa plant Ceph & dew mixed pot VFT, cobra and dew mixed pot N.hamata BE clone N.tenuis... hope this one inflates!! N.petiolata N.splendiana x mixta (or maybe the other way around??) N.tentaculata maroon looking suspiciously non-maroon again...
  8. Exo

    Seedgrown N.ventricosas for trade

    Hey Peeps, I have a batch of 2-3in seedrown N.ventricosas I'd like to trade off for things I don't yet have. Things that I'm looking for are Neps of any kind, temperate pings of any kind, S.purpurea ssp purpurea, aquatic uritcularia and any of the large flowered south american species, and cobra...
  9. ErrorEN

    Any Gamers Here?? Assassin's Creed 3 for trade.

    Hey all it's been a while since I last posted. I have a copy of Assassin's Creed 3 for the PS3 that I want to trade (videogames aren't really my thing). If you like zombies I have Dead Island for the PS3 as well. >:) Looking to trade it for a good sized, preferably flowering age Sarracenia...
  10. BioZest


    Hey guys I just thought I would start this thread because: 1. Cobra Lilies are amazing. 2. I don't see too many pics of them. So feel free to post any pics in the wild, in culture, in tissue culture...whatever. I'll start it off with the first one I've grown, which I got on Christmas. It...
  11. That One Guy

    Project Cobra

    So a few days ago, I got this really great idea. Start a whole Darlingtonia breeding project. Use seed from different locations because there is a lot of variation within the populations. Maybe make some hybrids from those populations and create something really special. Maybe I'll even get...
  12. M

    Pictures of my sarracenias and my darlingtonia

    Hello from Spain! , I want to share some pictures. I hope you like it:) s. purpurea "smurf" young cobra: ¿? s.psittacina and s. psittacina under water :) s. x rehderi (i think) purpurea ¿? (lipless), it is like "Darth Vader" :) s. red neck s flava flava Leucophylla...
  13. C

    anyone want to trade some of their non-temperate sundews?

    I have a few extra's atm. madagascarensis like 2 in tall mature and seeding dielsiana nice looking marston's dragon...med size indica....3-4 in tall mature and seeding nidiformis about 3 in tall 1 mature spat 1 small alicae 2 small collinsaei 2 small affinnis which were the result of...
  14. Kinjie

    Kinjie's pics

    So I am going to attempt to keep a pic thread going in no particular order and just snap pics as I see something:). I am not good at taking pics and I grow plants all over my house indoor and out. Some are easy to get and other are a pain so pics might not be that good or they are pics I took...
  15. T

    thelarge's growlist

    NEPENTHES Ramipina Deroose alata x2(ok to trade) Vent. x Sibuyanensis(jungle bells) Miranda x2 (ok to tade) Boshiania x Densiflora Vent.red x2(ok to trade) Mirabilis(ok to trade) Mirabilis x Bicalcarate(ok to trade) Mirabilis trang.(okto trade) Maxima x truncata (marbelled dragon)x 2(ok to...
  16. Keith

    Shortbus' growlist (I'm new at this...can you tell?)

    Keiths' growlist Growlist Key "[]"numbers in brackets indicate quantity of plants available for trade, "+"indicates more plantlets started and/or sprouts "*"indicates seed pack/s available for SASE, limit 1 per request while supply lasts, PM for details No brackets = No trade Byblis-Rainbow...
  17. jimscott

    Jimscott's Photo Thread, A/K/A the best of the survivors

    Newly acquired from CP group: D. nidiformis D. pulchdella Need an ID The survivors: D. allantostigma D. hartmeyerorum U. gibba (the lone flower) Aldovanda (the lone survivor) D. scorpioides (the lone survivor) (previously ID'd as D. adelae.... but I'm dubious) D. omissa...
  18. jimscott

    Anyone familiar with something called a 'Japanese Cobra Lily'?

    I was at our WNY CP group last night and one of the members gave me seeds of this: Arisaema sikokianum.
  19. That One Guy

    Darlingtonia Seed Viability

    Anyone know how long this seed is viable? I have noticed that my seed has gotten a bit flat and I hope that it's just my imagination. Does cobra seed get flat when it is unviable? Thanks in advance
  20. biologyboy98

    Biologyboy's grow/want list

    Drosera Temperate D. filiformis ssp. filiformis D. filiformis var. tracyi D. rotundifolia South African D. capensis 'Typical" D. madgascariensis D. nidiformis D. aliciae D.'Pretty rosette' Australian D. binata D. hamiltonii D. stoloifera ssp. stoloinfera D. gigantea D. peltata D...