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  1. M

    Good starter CP's for TC?

    For a while now, I've been wanting to do a bit of tissue culture. I'm still organizing information and supplies, but I realized I had no idea what to TC. I don't want to buy some expensive material and fail, and I don't have a very extensive plant collection. I am wondering, you jelly people...
  2. mikefallen13

    Mike's Highland Terrarium

    My addiction has returned. After quitting CP's (and plants in general) a few years back to put more effort into my other hobby, fish tanks, I decided a few months back that I wanted to get back into CP's (nepenthes in particular) and I've slowly been rebuilding my collection since. The main...
  3. Adam

    Mosaic Virus?

    Hello TF, long time no see. Recently while moving my potted Sarracenia collection indoors for the winter, I noticed some speckled patterns on some of the leaves of my plants which have me concerned. I have never seen this before in my collection, and I was concerned that this might be some type...
  4. Grey Moss

    Black Friday Plants

    Black Friday is the time of year to add new plants to the collection. I was lucky enough to get a few good deals this year. N. talangensis x maxima The N. talangensis x robcantleyi came in at a nice, large size. N. glandulifera x robcantleyi has been steadily getting larger in...
  5. fly-catchers

    How well does hairy hamata respond to rooting?

    I have a 9 year old hairy hamata which while growing fairly well has not pitchered for some time. As it had been in the compost for quite a while and I have been having issues with others plants where I think the compost has outstayed its welcome decided to repot. I carefully unpotted the plant...
  6. Y

    Hello from Yossu

    First post on these forums, so saying hello :grin: I've been active on the CPUK forum for a while, but that seems to be going too quiet, so I thought I'd come and join here. Been growing CPs for only a couple of years, but in that time I've gone from one D. Capensis on my office windowsill to...
  7. Cactusdan

    WTB: Pygmy Drosera Gemmae

    WTB: Pygmy Drosera Gemmae I'm looking to grow my collection of pygmy Drosera, and am looking for gemmae of select species! Looking for: - Drosera barbigera subsp. barbigera - Drosera citrina subsp. citrina - Drosera citrina subsp. citrina - Drosera eneabba - Drosera miniata - Drosera...
  8. tmurphy44870

    My little shop of horrors.

    Nepenthes. N. miranda N. ventrata N. maxima "wavy leaf" N. maxima "lake poso dwarf" N. robcantleyi (QoH x KoS) N. "Lady luck" Sarracenia. S. leucophylla "Tarnok" S. "Bug bat" S. Dana's delight S. Purpurea Drosera. D. capensis D. capensis "wide leaf" D. binata D. regia D...
  9. Cactusdan

    D. occidentalis x pulchella. Gemmae for Gemmae?

    Hey all! Since only starting CP growing earlier this year, I've only gotten one batch of pygmy Drosera gemmae so far, which is D. occidentalis x pulchella. I'd really like to expand my collection of these cool little guys, while hopefully doing the same for other folks. D. occidentalis x...
  10. raycer491

    When's the next BACPS conference?

    Curious about when the next BACPS conference will probably be held. Should I anticipate a January date? Should I also expect a Bay Area meet or Sebastopol venue? I'm keen to head down there and do some snoopin and maybe get some plants to augment my collection
  11. osito

    My collection video

    Quick video small collection Carnivores - YouTube
  12. S

    smurf's indoor green house

    hello, New collector, with a very small collection. Just want to start a log I can check on and possibly get some tips/advice. Feel free to leave a comment or questions. My next pictures will be correct side-up. (sorry about sideways pics, too lazy to fix) n. ventrada smaller n. ventrada...
  13. East_to_west

    Back at it!

    Hey all, Some of you guys might remember me from a little while ago. I took a break and travelled around for a while. I lost my entire collection recently when I left it for a few days during a move and my humidifier malfunctioned during a heat wave. I had some really cool plants and I feel...
  14. R

    Rabna/Holybeernutz' Grow List

    Including both my TF and Reddit usernames just for clarity. Asterisk * denotes those plants I am able to trade (either fresh or established pullings, divisions, etc.). PM for details. Dionaea: - Generic garden store pot - Suspected King Henry seedlings - Akai Ryu - Burbank's Best - Gremlin - SD...
  15. R

    Hello from Northern Michigan!

    Hi everyone! I'm from the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, been growing CPs for about 1 year now and totally addicted. I've been reading a lot online & in books. I've been primarily active on the reddit page r/SavageGarden learning, sharing pictures, and making some exchanges. I'm trying...
  16. ps3isawesome

    Need help with weird symptoms happening with my collection

    Hey everyone, really appreciate you coming in. My open air nepenthes collection has exhibited similar symptoms of: 1. Newest leaf being smaller than older leaf 2. Deformed pitcher 3. Leaf doesn't unfurl all the way 4. Slowing down in pitcher production The max temperature this year in coastal...
  17. Acro

    Nepenthes maxima mini

    I'm going to make some cuttings from my Nepenthes maxima mini. If you would like to try this wonderful small plant, let's make a trade! I'm looking for: Stainless Steel Scissors and Tweezers (for working on my plants) Unusual Coleus (Campfire, any from the Under The Sea collection or other...
  18. PsychoSarah

    Nepenthes cuttings giveaway

    Wow, it has been a long time since I have been on these forums. My life got pretty crazy for a while, but I still actively grow my carnivorous plants. So, I experimented with cuttings since I have last been on here, and way more of them survived than I was expecting. So, now I have 8 rooted...
  19. kayaker78

    P. 'Weser'

    I gave away my collection 5 years ago during a move to Utah and I'm starting to rebuild so I am looking for a lot of things, but at the moment I'm focusing on Pings. I have some small P. 'Weser' starts that are about an inch across. I'm wanting other pings. I am unable to upload a picture...
  20. M

    Nepenthes & hydroponics: Preliminary results.

    I've been experimenting with growing Nepenthes hydroponically since March 2015, so for about a year and a half now. I'd like to share my results in this thread, and then give some details about my method. Thanks to TF member knuckles for sharing with me his experiences growing Nepenthes...