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  1. J

    New from Virginia

    hello, My name is Jay Austin, and I am addicted to carnivorous plants. I am a professional horticulturist at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA where among other things I manage the collection of CP's. We have a nice collection of Sarracenia that was originally installed in the...
  2. ps3isawesome

    Which method saves more water, tray or individual saucer?

    Based on my naked eye's observation, I think the saucer dries up faster. I kind of regret not collection rain water during the ONLY TIME Nor Cal rained during December. So I am curious to find out which method saves retains more water.
  3. Whimgrinder

    Today I am reminded.....

    One year ago yesterday, Tony Paroubek submitted what turned out to be the final update to his Exotic Plants Plus inventory page, following the catastrophic loss of his entire Nepenthes (and other tropical plants) collection resulting from a heating failure at his NY greenhouse. (The company...
  4. Dexenthes

    Adventures of an Alaskan Nepenthes Farmer

    Just spent a good long while separating out D. capensis and then extending my growing area by a bit. My goal is to sell a number of D. capensis at a local festival this summer if not sooner. While I was at it I decided to move my S. 'Reptilian Rose' from out of the basement to indoors under...
  5. Joseph Clemens

    The irresistible appeal of Sundews

    Now that I'm actively working to restore my CP collection, I'm giving serious thought, as to which Drosera to include first, in my newly regrowing collection. Of course, I've already started with Drosera regia 'Big Easy', Drosera schizandra, Drosera prolifera, and Drosera adelae. Through the...
  6. R

    Greetings from Minnesota

    Hello to everyone here! So I'm from Minnesota and I starting collecting CPs a two years ago, I'm still new to all of this. Just to prove to you how new I am, I'll tell you a story. A year ago around winter dormancy I thought that Carnivorous plants didn't need water during their winter dormancy...
  7. ignis

    hi from France !!

    hello everybody :) I'm Stéphane, 36 years old, and come from France, just near the border with Luxemburg and Germany. I'm maried and have a 8 years old daughter. I'm cultivating CP's for many years, but recently (2 years ago) i decided to concentrate myself on the butterworth culture. (95 % of...
  8. huy716

    Tulip bulbs for trade

    My friends just gave me a bunch of tulip bulbs and I don't have the room to plant them all. Instead of letting them rot away, I thought I would trade them away. I don't know what kind or colors they are. I am trying to rebuilt my small sundew collection. I am looking for looking for D. capensis...
  9. BaseDrifter

    Giving away a division of my S. x readii - can you guess my favorite Czech beer?

    Hi everyone, I've won quite a few giveaways here on TF and I'm finally able to give something back to the community. I'm giving away a division of my S. x readii. You just need to guess my favorite Czech beer and paypal me (via gift) $7 for shipping (CONUS.) I purchased this as my first...
  10. D

    Whats your favorite Nepenthes Hybirds?

    Good evening, just need a little advice. I am mostly a pinguicula, Heliaphorma, cephalotus guy, but would like to add to my nepenthes collection. What are your favorite hybirds? Its really hard to see when they aren't fully grown. Currently I have N. Ventricosa, N. Glandulifera, N. Robcantleyi x...
  11. S

    Hello from Sydney!

    Hi everyone, figure I might as well introduce myself. Was fascinated with CPs as a kid, had a VFT for a number of years. Picked up the bug again a few years back as an adult, at the moment I've got a small collection of Sarras, VFTs and Droserae outside year round plus a small greenhouse for...
  12. D

    Looking for Oreophila 'Sand Mountain'

    Hey fellow cp friends I've been looking for Oreophila 'Sand Mountain'. Plants or seeds. Clearly I can't buy them or trade for them... Anyone have an idea.? Sand mountain Alabama was the home of my late aunt for many of years and I would love to add this species to my collection.
  13. Jcal

    Help picking out a greenhouse

    My fellow growers, I am thinking of getting a small greenhouse to house a small part of my collection. This is not be a tropical greenhouse. It will house some of my prized sarrs, cephs, sundews and whatnot. Tropical plants will come back indoors for the winter. I am hoping to keep the climate...
  14. U


    Hello I'm from singapore. I'm trying to get some sundew and venusflytraps in my collection so if anyone is giving them out for free count me in:)
  15. mass

    LF: D. villosa cuttings/plantlets

    The true D. villosa has eluded my collection for a number of years now. If any of the lucky few out there could spare any kind of cuttings or plantlets, I'm sure we could work something out that would make us both happy.
  16. vft guy in SJ

    Wanted: Drosera seeds and cuttings

    Hi All, I a recently in a position to stat rebuilding my plant collection. I am looking for "generally tolerant" Drosera plants. D. filiformis, capensis and binata varieties (D. binata dichotoma is particularly of interest). As I do not currently have anything of trade value I am looking...