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    Sundew x-mas list!

    I know we all have a list of dews we want for X-Mas, lol. So heres mine (lets hope some of you guys can help me get some lol ) biflora burmanni (any form) cuneifolia communis citrina dielsiana glabripes graminifolia 'giant' (Itacambira, Minas Gerais, Brazil) graminifolia spiralis...
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    Brasilian Droserae Seed

    If you are growing any of the Brasilian Droserae I have some questions regarding the sowing of the seed of the follwing species: Drosera chysolepsis Serra do Cipo, Brazil Drosera communis Diamantia, Brazil Drosera graminifolia Diamantia, Brazil Drosera hirtella Itacambria, Brazil Drosera...