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  1. amphirion

    **PAID**(Snotty Fox $15) Haworthia cooperi f. variegata 'white'

    Something you dont see everyday... Up for auction is this pot of Haworthia cooperi f. variegata 'white', an attractive, bubble tipped haworthia and variegated to boot, making it very desirable in many succulent collections. I've got an extra so its up for game! Note: Flower stalk will be cut off...
  2. amphirion

    **PAID**(afrodisa $12) Haworthia cooperi var truncata

    Up for auction is this pot of Haworthia cooperi var truncata, an charismatic popular species of haworthia, known for it's translucent bubble tipped leaves. +Starting bid at $2 +Plant will arrive to you in barerooted. Entire pot up for bid, including offsets. +$7.00 priority shipping via Paypal...
  3. D

    Haworthia cooperi and cultivars

    Just sharing some of the haworthia cooperi that I have had for a while. And also curious about the naming system for this particular species as I read somewhere that haworthia cooperi is synonymous with h pilifera/cooperi var obtusa. So am hoping to clarify which is the proper naming system for...
  4. cwatson1414

    Haworthia cooperi troubleshooting

    Hey TF. I picked up what is definitely a Haworthia and what I'm quite confident is some variety of cooperi. It appears to have a little etiolation. It does not seem to be taking water currently. The leaves are not turgid, however, they do not display wrinkling. It does have roots, and is...
  5. Bio

    Haworthia coopreri?

    H. cooperi is probably the plant that is most special to me, since it was my first ever plant. So when i saw this plant at my local Ingles, I just had to have it. My questions are whether it is H. cooperi like I think it is, and if so, which variety?