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  1. kayaker78

    WTB: WTB: Pinguicula Seeds

    WTB: WTB: Pinguicula Seeds For those of you who have a lot of Pings and are good at crossing them, I'd love to be able to buy seeds. I'm looking to get some quick experience raising plants from seed and maybe even use plants for trading to build my collection later. Let me know your price and...
  2. DJ57

    Spring of 2016 has sprung!

    Sarracenia around the yard. Hope you enjoy! I will add pics of the seedling trays later as Flickr is not cooperating at the moment. [/url]IMG_5526.jpgx2 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_5617.jpgx1 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_5549.jpgx1 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]S...
  3. curtisconners

    What's the best way to get a nepenthes to flower?

    I have a couple of neps and I wouldn't mind doing some crossing and for that I need flowers. What's the best of getting a nep to flower? Thanks.
  4. Dalton

    Crossing Hobbies!?

    It's always nice when your hobbies can support each other. Pictured below are one of my new honey bees (just started got them on 4/9, my first ones), and some VFT 'Red Dragon' that I recently ordered and I'm acclimating them in and area that isn't full sun all day. It also happens to be under a...
  5. Hamata-Honzo

    Honzo's Texas Mini-Bog(s)

    Howdy, y'all! Starting a series of pots in the front yard. These will be fully exposed to the harsh Texas sun and relatively low humidity (generally around 30%-40%). My main purpose for this thread is to hopefully clear up any doubts that these plants can be grown in harsh conditions such as...
  6. K

    left over pollen from a few vft if anyone has Intrest in Crossing.

    I have done left over pollen from a few Venus fly traps that i collected a few weeks ago to use too attempt crossing their vfts. All id need is a S.A.S.E (cause im low on stamp funds) And ill send you the rest of the pollen ive collected I have a few collections of VFT 'all green'/ 'green...
  7. Cthulhu138

    Just Crossed These Two P.laueana Clones.......

    I cross pollinated these 2 distinct clones of P.laueana last night. I'm 100% unsure of the lineage of either plant. I will post updates here as to the progress of the seed pods and any resulting seedlings that (hopefully) occur from the crossing. This clone was purchased from an East Coast...
  8. Joseph Clemens

    Pinguicula 'Sethos' x self, selection from

    After growing out a large assortment of seedlings from a crossing of Pinguicula 'Sethos' x self, I selected one plant from that group, that, to me, was special. I propagated it, then distributed a few of them to select individuals (whom I have forgotten - oops). Here are a few pics of the plant...
  9. Not a Number

    Drosera anglica "CA × HI" - Tacks $22

    Drosera anglica "CA × HI" This is one of Ivan Snyder's hybrids crossing a plant from a California population with one from Hawaii. The result is a large growing Drosera anglica that does not require dormancy. It will go dormant given the right seasonal cues. Grow it indoors under lights all...
  10. Not a Number

    Drosera ultramafica × spatula - Tacks $26

    Drosera ultramafica × spatulata This plant was sold to another grower as Drosera ultramafica but being suspicious of the tissue culture source I compared it to the published description of the species. The plant fails to match on several key points - no stem growth, lack of red stipules and...
  11. Oregoncp

    Oregoncp's 10x12 Harbor freight greenhouse adventures

    Let me proceed this by saying I am a horrible forum poster. But I am going to give this a go, to chronicle my new 10x12HFGH. I have wanted a greenhoing use for years (probably close to 12). I have always been held back by a lack of usable space to install a GH. About a week ago I finally...
  12. Johanovich

    Could anyone help with these Sarracenia hybrids?

    I know that Sarracenia hybrids are among the most difficult to identify due to the possibility of nearly all members of the genus crossing with one another, but could anyone help me to try and identify my two hybrids? Both hybrids are frost tolerant and grow well in full sun. Hybrid #1: This...
  13. CorneliusSchrute

    Restrictions on Shipping Seed Grown Oreos

    I have many oreophila seedlings that I love having around for now, but I know there will be too many of them next season when I will have a ton of new seed to sow. When it comes to shipping them, are there any restrictions to crossing state lines? I was thinking of trading, selling, or...
  14. Plant Planter

    "Cupped Trap" Issue

    Before I start this thread, I will inform you that this issue is not the infamous Curved-Leaf Syndrome. This issue is not the infamous Curved-Leaf Syndrome. Yes, indeed, it is I, Plant Planter, the one with the uncreative name, and my "Cupped Trap" plant is ailing. Here's the deal. My lovely...
  15. kulamauiman

    three Drosera paradoxa seedlings (JRFextreme $20)

    You are bidding on: three Drosera paradoxa seedlings. At least three healthy plants will be selected at random from the pot pictured and will be bare rooted and sent to the winner. These are plants are seedlings made by crossing a D. paradoxa that was received from Crystal Morgan and Homer...
  16. Falcons cps

    Bonsai azalea

    There is a multitude of flower types and colours available on the thousands of Satsuki varieties available, the main four being: Selfs-single colour, Fukurin-coloured centres with white edges, Sokojiro-white centre with coloured edges and Shibori-which covers all the stripped, half & half...
  17. olive84

    Hello american friends from a french grower

    Hi, My name is Olivier, 27 years old and i am growing carnivorous plants in south France over 12 years. I love particularly Sarracenia and i try to grow new interesting crossing since several years. See you soon on the forum. Cheers Oliv
  18. C

    for sundew guru's..are d. intermedia cuba and d. rotundafolia compatible for a cross?

    My initial research says they are but I am not experienced with this at all. My ambition is to make a drosera beleziana that isn't temperate by following the same template for the ivan's paddle of crossing a non-temperate anglica with a temperate rotundafolia creating a non temperate...
  19. C

    question about drosera crossing

    I have several drosera pushing up flower stalks at the same time. currently consisting of nidiformis, affinnis and collinsiae. Far as I can tell the collins and nidiformis should be compatible since they both have a 2n=40 but couldn't find anything on the affinnis but I am assuming it is 2n=40...
  20. prized

    S. leucophylla, seedlings

    Hi all, I want to show you some very nice seedlings that I I'm growing since 3 years now. I'm really excited about next year, because many of them will finally reach good size, and show all their beauty!! I hope you like them!! They are all crossing between Mike King's leucophyllas.. L57MK...