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  1. seedjar

    Noooooo! Succulent 911! Moisture/temperature shock in Jatropha podagrica

    My kitchen is being renovated, so a bunch of stuff from the kitchen/living room moved in with my warm plants temporarily the other day. Or so I thought... the project is taking much longer than expected, and I just noticed that they'd been in there for over two weeks. Last night around midnight...
  2. Crissytal

    Tissue Culture

    I've been playing around with tissue culture for the last couple months. It's an interesting hobby, I really enjoy it. So far I have had little success with explants. Either I get contamination or I kill the tissue. I haven't found the happy medium between the two yet. All these are grown...
  3. seedjar

    Tissue culture hacks?

    So, I'm curious about tissue culture but I don't like handling chemicals - even garden store rooting hormone powders make me kind of uneasy. (Not to mention being on a budget.) Could I TC something easy, like Drosera roots, with just straight agar? How could I clean the samples before flasking...
  4. RL7836

    U. graminifolia suspended

    A year or 2 ago, I remember seeing elgecko's approach to growing utrics suspended over a pool of water. Since then, I'd always wanted to give it a try. When I saw RSS's great efforts with U. graminifolia over here, I figured the time had come. When I got some a few months ago, I stuck a chunk...
  5. mmlr38

    Some quick photos of my new setup and my plants

    This post is essentially a copy of my blog entry here: Photos of my plants August 20th, 2009 So my wife and I finally made the move to Ashland, Oregon. Since getting settled in, I've got my new greenhouse set up! I'm very excited about that. It gives me plenty of room to expand my collection...
  6. klasac

    Tissue culture drosera

    Hi! Recently I started pondering about learning TC for CP. I had some extra time on my hands in my lab and so I started trying out media and plants, most of them just died or got contaminated, but some time ago I got lucky and found a good medium for d. burmanii (seeds) and d. anglica leaves)...
  7. CPBlake

    Drosophyllum Flowering In-Vitro

    As many of you are aware, I am doing my research project on Drosophyllum. Recently I had one of my plants flower in culture. It begin making the flower stock when it was about 3 weeks old. The following is a photo documentation of its development.
  8. RL7836

    D. schizandra

    Last year I noticed that my 'mother' plant was looking a bit ragged - not growing as well as it usually did. Days & then weeks went by with me noticing the same thing each time I looked at it & promising myself that I would repot it very soon. Finally, one day I noticed not only had the leaves...
  9. Nepenthes101

    Nepenthes Waiting list. Who want's to join?

    Greetings fellow Terra Forumers. I am starting up a waiting list here for a very special Nepenthes. I am going to be getting seed of Nepenthes Edwardsiana. The Real Edwardsiana. The guy is going to sell me 250 seed. So anyone who has been wanting a Nepenthes Edwardsiana, nows your chance. I am...
  10. CPBlake

    Tissue Culture of Drosophyllum

    In May 2009 I begin work on my undergraduate thesis project. I chose to focus on Drosophyllum lusitanicum. My attention was first brought to this plant reading The Savage Garden by D' Amato. In this book and other literature I read about the difficulty of propagating this species. As a new...