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  1. J

    cuptrap vft for trade

    hello all i have some cuptrap vft for trade. looking for vft cultivars. please pm me if intrested. thanx
  2. n bicalcarata

    ventricosa and lowii questions

    hi everyone, well 3 hours ago i just got a lowii ventricosa and vtf cuptrap !!! I am very happy about that but i am wondering about the lowii and ventricosa . First of all can i keep them together and what conditions do they both like i know that the lowii is a lowlander and the...
  3. thez_yo

    Pile of Venus Flytraps chibae $16

    Well, I've been overrun by way too many VFTs, so here's your chance to get a whole slew of them all at once. I have regular/typical: an all green one and a cuptrap I tried to feed all of them about a week or two ago. I think I got most of them with mealyworms.. You're bidding on all...
  4. D_muscipula

    Looking for N. reinwardtiana green/Highland

    I'm looking for a green highland form of N. reinwardtiana I want a plant or cutting that produces pitchers that are angular on the bottom half, and round on the top. I'm after a plant with a certain shape to it's pitchers (photos below) For trade I have cuttings of a specimen sized stapelia...
  5. thez_yo

    NASC teasers!

    Hmm... so what's going up from my garden? :mwahaha: This guy (and his cuptrap and 'regular' friends) These two babies These guys This guy And this nice pile ...and to be continued when I get more pictures..
  6. thez_yo

    VFT Pink Venus & friends

    Here's a gif of two photos of Pink Venus smashed together of my puny little plant.. And this is a new addition still getting settled from last week: B52 Big Mouth looking very... Dentate? Cuptrap Korean Melody Shark with too many trigger hairs looking suspiciously like a Cuptrap ...and...
  7. M

    Stapelia for Trade

    I have a huge Stapelia that I can take some cuttings off of if anyone is interested. I was hoping for cuptrap VFt or big mouth VFT. The plant is big enough that I can take pieces off for about three trades of VFT that aren't typical ones. The pieces have knubbies on them that when you place...
  8. Sig

    Silenceisgod's growlist

    Note: I am always open to trades... but I never have much to offer. If you don't want cuttings of plants or seedlings, my trades are mostly me paying the shipping and bowing down to you :lol: If we do trade, though, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT PRIORITY FLAT RATE. I think it's just a waste of money, so...
  9. thez_yo

    VFT pic thread

    Not enough vft pics lately, just yelling about vft's, so here's some pics of mine: all of 'em regular cuptrap royal red pink venus big mouth low giant dente
  10. quogue

    Flytrap's of the Summer of '09

    Here's the Flytraps I grow: New arrival, Cross-Teeth Now for the Cuptrap I got from the NASC Auction here: The old Tiki pot Flytrap... Triffid Park x Burbank's Best. The Plant is highly coloured where the others are green due to rainy & cloudy weather on LI since forever it seems...
  11. D_muscipula

    Pictures of flytraps

    Various clones, from B52- cuptrap to dentate trap and red dragon and typical. -------------------------------- CUPTRAP-Thanks Clint! -------------------------------- SEEDLINGS -------------------------------- --------------------------------------- TYPICAL-color rivals B52 traps not as large...
  12. jimscott

    VFT survivor from dormancy

    ID Tags have been lost and this is my lone survivor from last year. Can't tell if it is a typical, a cuptrap or Blood Red or Bigmouth. Any ideas?
  13. quogue

    Quogue's Growlist

    Nepenthes Dyeriana (veitchii xx tiveyi) x truncata Veitchii xx Tiveyi (female) Rafflesiana Elongata 'Il de France' Ampullaria Lowii x Ventricosa Red Ventricosa x TM Eymae x (Stenophylla x Lowii) Lowii Epipheata Predator Hamata Ventrata and my first Nep: Ventricosa Red Drosera Regia Regia 'Big...
  14. Clint

    Looking for d. paradoxa

    i really would like to grow D. paradoxa and i'm looking for seeds, seedlings, or plants. please pm me if you have anything extra. i'd be interested in all members of the petiolaris complex but i'd like to start with paradoxa. heres what i have extras of- D. 'dentate' D. "piranha" D...