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  1. Shadowtski

    Beginner's Pictorial Guide to Drosera Leaf, Root, and Scape Cutting Chapter #1

    Most Drosera can be easily and quickly propagated by leaf cutting, root cuttings, and flower scape cuttings. (A flower scape is just another words for the developing unfurling flower stalk as it emerges from your plant.) This will give you a mature plant faster than raising one from seed...
  2. E

    DIY remote controlled LED fixture

    Index Part 1 - DIY LED fixture (this post) Part 2 - Custom PCB and electronic components Part 3 - Software overview Part 1 - DIY LED fixture I'm in the process of assembling a DIY LED grow light fixture that is remotely and automatically controlled (MySGrowLED) and I thought that it may be...
  3. F

    Revitalize a hanging basket

    Hi all, Got my first nep Jan 2015, and hung it in a tree in south Florida. It was three six inch tall plants, ventrata, and it's now six or ten plants, the leader vining out to about eight feet long. The tree has pitchers hanging all over. I love it. But it's in one of those tiny hanging...
  4. nimbulan

    Pitcher opened on cutting

    I'm curious how common this is. I know a lot of people cut the leaves in half when rooting cuttings and won't get the chance but I thought I'd check anyway. When I received this cutting 2 months ago, the pitcher shown was about 1/3 the size. To my surprise it kept growing rather than dying...
  5. Not a Number

    Free 6 Month Thank You Membership for Auction Participants

    Did you donate items to 2016 NASC Auction? Did you bid and win items in the 2016 NASC Auction? Well here is a chance to win a Free 6 Month Thank You Membership - thanks to Andrew Read careful as I tend to ramble... If you donated at least one item even if they got zero bids - 1 (one) entry...
  6. AnIsleAteHer

    *PAID* Dionaea muscipula 'B-52' small/med flowering size (Carnivore2 $20)

    This auction is for one small/medium VTF 'B-52' You can see the flower stalk in the picture, I cut it off just minutes after snapping this picture to promote trap growth. I will continue to snip stalks if more pop up. Very vigorous. My outdoor plants last year exploded quickly. Great deep red...
  7. carolatcj

    *PAID* Cholla Kleine Pencil Cactus 5 Cuttings. (Ozzy $5)

    Cholla Kleine Pencil Cactus 5 Cuttings Plants will be cut on day of shipping and will need to be allowed to callus before rooting Bids start at $5.00. Donor will pay shipping. Contact information will be given at end of auction
  8. KNepenthe

    Saving Pinguicula Pollen

    Two days ago I saw that my grandifloras were in full bloom while my vallisneriifolias are just now coming out of dormancy. I really wanted to cross these two this year because the valls are probably old enough to bloom now. So, I needed a way to save the pollen. Hard to do with a flower that...
  9. C

    Dendrobium repotting and root rot?

    I was repotting Den. nobile gold star and a few others today because they were in a really bad media and I saw some black roots. Should I cut these off to stop it from spreading or will it make it open to infection? http://i.imgur.com/VAzez0p.jpg
  10. M

    Hello from Rochester, NY

    Hello all, I've been growing carnivorous plants for over 10 years. Most of that time I lived in Brooklyn where my growing area was limited to two small windowsills. I moved upstate a few years ago and my collection has grown exponentially. I am interested in all types of carnivorous plants but...
  11. Dalton

    Need help with N. Lady Luck, my first Nepenthes

    Hello everyone. I was hoping you guys can help out with a few questions I have about my Nepenthes 'Lady Luck'. This is my first nepenthes. I ordered from a guy online, because the pitchers looked a really cool shade of red and this plant is supposed to do well indoors. Amazon says I ordered it...
  12. robbevanrie

    Black/brown spots on Utricularia longifolia

    Hey guys, My Utricularia longifolia has had these spots since I bought it and now they seem to get slowly bigger. Is this black spot, rust spot or something else? And how can I treat it? Cut off the affected parts? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. S

    Venus Flytrap B52 ?

    Hi, I'm new around here..so..nice to meet you! I bought a Venus Flytrap from IKEA Nicosia, Cyprus. I guess that it's B52. Could you guys please take a look? Am I right? The traps are not red anymore. What should I do? Should I cut the flowers to use the energy for growing the traps? Venus...
  14. curtisconners

    Splitting down the rhizome?

    Hey all, I have a vft that I was planning to split down the rizome today. What should I use to cut it? Would a pocket knife do? Should I sterilize it with rubbing alcohol first? Is this even a good time to split it? I'm in Ohio and spring is still a week or two away. Thanks for all the help.
  15. summit

    Nepenthes & Utricularia ID

    One of my clients has this massive N. Sanguinea (what I presume it to be) and he offered for me to take some cuttings if I wanted. I just wanted to double check my assumption and if the growth point in the second picture would be a good place to cut? And lastly what kind of U. is in the pot...
  16. FLnepenthes10

    FLnepenthes's Grow List

    Dionaea .Typical .Low Giant .Saw Tooth .Dente Drosera .Capensis "red" .Marston's Dragon* .Spathulata .Prolifera .Filiformis Tracyi* Sarracenia .Flava "cut throat" .Leucophylla (2 different) .Rubra Gulfensis (Division for trade) * .Psit x leuco .Kilimanjaro x Alata Black .Judith Hindle...
  17. bluemax

    Propagating Drosophyllum from cuttings

    Some years back I saw a short article in the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter where a grower was describing how they had taken some of the plantlets that are often formed on the old flower stalks of Drosophyllum lusitanicum and rooted them into new plants. However, it seems no one I have heard from...
  18. summit

    Maximum Wattage and Light Pollution

    My current grow area is 43"x22" and my light is a AgroBrite 2' 4 bulb t5ho. The issue I have now is 2' doesn't cut it anymore with how quickly everything is reproducing. I wanted to upgrade to a 4' but I wanted people's opinions on a 4 bulb or a 6 bulb, with the 6 bulb it totals at 324w and I...
  19. A

    Drosophyllum with company in sandy pine forest soil

    Last winter I got quite a lot Drosophyllum seeds and put them in my special pots. In early spring the started to germinate. The first eleven I planted in a pot with soil from a very poor sandy pine forest. Lots of roots included from Vaccinium vitis-idaea for possible mycorrhiza partners. From...
  20. maleadonis01


    Should I cut the stalk off to stop it from flowering,it should be going dormant now! I have cut down watering and temperature and put her in not too much light with my VFT,leave them till late Feb/March? Don't want to harm them regards from England Thanks Stu Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk