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  1. cwatson1414

    Plants with serious sun damage

    Several plants in my collection were burnt badly. A few mesembs and pinguicula. I expect the pinguicula to die, but I would still like to try to revive them. The pinguicula are 'aphrodite', esseriana, and cyclosecta. the mesembs are ihlenfeldtia vanzylli, pleiospilos nelii, and lithops...
  2. K

    VFT offset/rhizome split's for trade

    I have a few Venus fly traps that have just split or about to split off and ones that have split and been growing for some time that i have available to trade, sizes vary according to what type of vft they're coming from and how long they been growing as their own rooted plant in the pot. I...
  3. Eric

    Selfing Pinguicula

    I'm sure there are people on here who have experience self-pollinating Pinguicula. I have a P. cyclosecta that is putting up a flower, and I am wondering how different the F1 plants in a self-cross look from the parents, typically. Thanks for the info, the threads on Pinguicula pollination have...
  4. jimscott

    Looking For A Trade

    I had a rough winter, for a variety of reasons and am trying to get some plants back into the collection: I lost all of my VFT's and cobra lily, D. adelae, D. prolifera, D. falconeri, D. ordensis,... spatulata, capillaris, rotundifolia, intermedia, burmannii. gypsicola, cyclosecta, gracilis...
  5. Sidgrowspings

    New Pings!

    For my birthday, someone was kind enough to send two pings: Pinguicula moranensis and Pinguicula esseriana Now I have a collection of four, inculding P. cyclosecta and P. koehres. I planted them in the same all mineral substrate as my first two pings (70% turface 30% sand 0.05% Fe203) and...
  6. Sidgrowspings

    Newbie from Tucson

    Hi everyone, I'm an artist from Tucson. I just obtained two Mexican Pings and decided to join this forum in order to learn how to grow them better. I've got lots of experience growing epiphytic orchids, some of the more interesting of which are Angraecum didieri, Jumellea comorensis, and a...
  7. Sidgrowspings

    Ping Troubleshooting

    Hi Everyone, I need advice from the experts. I just started growing Pinguicula. About a month ago, I ordered a P. cyclosecta and a P. kohres from cascade carnivores, pictured below: Left, P. cyclosecta Right, P. kohres. They came bare root. I planted them immediately in a 1:1:1 mixture of fine...
  8. DroseraLover

    DroseraLover's Growlist

    Cephalotus Cephalotus Follicularis Dionaea Dionaea Muscipula *It has ceased to be! (Dead)* Dionaea Muscipula "Akai Ryu" *It has also ceased to be! (Dead)* Drosera Drosera Adelae Drosera Adelae "Red Giant" Drosera Admirabilis Drosera Aliciae Drosera Binata var. Multifida Drosera Burmannii...
  9. Morpheus

    Mexican Pinguicula outside

    This is probably a fairly stupid question but I wanted to know if it were possible to grow Mexican pings, P. cyclosecta in particular, outside over the summer (protected from direct sunlight), then overwinter it under lights. I'm asking this because my growlight setup is very very poor and I...
  10. ignis

    ignis grow list

    DIONEES -Dionea muscipula type PINGUICULAS -P. Agnata -P. agnata {El Lobo} -P. conzattii -P. cyclosecta -P. debbertiana white flower clone} -P. ehlersiae {Santa Catarina} -P. elehrsiae 'ascencion' -P. Elehrsiae (sp.Tolantonga ) -P. emarginata (red leaves, MW clone) -P. emarginata (red...
  11. Joseph Clemens

    Pinguicula cyclosecta

    Here is a pic of one of my Pinguicula cyclosecta in a 3.5 inch pot. The plant is transitioning to winter leaf form. The media is pumice with a little silica sand mixed in. The dark surface on the media is a film that forms, over time - it is likely a mixture of bacteria/algae and other...
  12. Eric

    Pinguicula leaf trade

    I have a few pullings of P. cyclosecta that have started to grow new shoots. I am interested in some leaf pullings of P. jaumavensis or P. esseriana if anybody is interested. Just shoot me a PM Eric
  13. Eric

    Pinguicula pullings

    I am thinking of taking some pullings from two of my Pinguicula, moranensis and cyclosecta. If I were to take pullings from a plant that is about to enter its succulent stage, would that mean that the shoots from the pullings would need the succulent stage/drier conditions on the same timeframe...
  14. Eric

    Eric's photos

    Figure I should upload some of my photos. N. Gothica P. moranensis N. spectabilis giant x ventricosa What I think is D. indica N burkei x hamata B52 P. cyclosecta Woke up to this one morning S. purpurea montana x Leah Wilkerson
  15. Eric

    Help with P. cyclosecta

    So I have had a P. cyclosecta for about a year now. Below is a picture of what it looks like now, and as you can see it is lacking the more rounded leaves and has very little blue color to it. I grow it in a mix of peat, sand, and perlite with the top half inch being just sand. I use the tray...
  16. Victoria

    Looking for Sarracenia and VFT's

    I am looking for some more Sarrs as well as some VFT's as I dont have any in my bog and I think they would be a nice addition. I can send pics upon request, just dont have time to upload them all right now. So....here is what I have for trade: P. gracilis x moctezumae P. agnata "true blue" P...
  17. Zath

    Zath's Grow List

    (( Updated 7-27-15 )) Dionaea 'Akai Ryu' 'Dentate' Typical 'King Henry' Drosera sp. 'Lantau Island' (seed) adelae aliciae binata 'Dwarf Red' burmannii sp. capensis capensis 'Alba' capensis 'Red Leaf' capensis x Spatulata capillaris 'Long Arm' dichotoma 'Marston Dragon' filiformis 'Florida...
  18. P

    P. emarginata x cyclosecta?

    I got this ping from the seller as P. emarginata x cyclosecta 2 years ago. It bloom nice this year. However, I think the petal shape doesn't tell it is a cross of emarginata and cyclosecta. What do you think? Any comment is appreciated.
  19. Not a Number

    P. cyclosecta

  20. Radagast

    Radagast's Grow List

    Brocchinia (Carnivorous Bromeliad) reducta Cephalotus (Australian Pitcher Plant) follicularis "Emu Point" follicularis 'Hummer's Giant' Dionaea (Venus Fly Trap) muscipula "typical" Drosera (Sundew) adelae aliciae burmannii (anthocyanin free) burmannii (blush color) capensis 'Albino'...