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  1. fredg

    Darlingtonia seedlings in live Sphagnum moss

    This first photo is of the seedlings as they were on August 19th. This second is of the same plants on November 16th They're coping very well indeed with the growing Sphagnum.
  2. bloks1995

    Bloks1995's growlist

    Personal Collection: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia Californica Heliamphora minor Sarracenia jonesii Sarracenia x cateo Nepenthes truncata Nepenthes veitchii "Hose Mountains" Nepenthes truncata x maxima "mini" seedlings Nepenthes sanguinea Nepenthes x ventrata Nepenthes x miranda...
  3. Whimgrinder

    Darlingtonia at the Florence preserve

    At Florence, OR
  4. K

    Sam's Grow-list and Want-list (Mostly Dionaea)

    So I mostly Grow VFT's with a few Sarracenia, I would love to try my hand at Sundews and Heliamphora but I don't have $500 to drop on growlights right now. There are a few things I have to trade and a few things I want which will be listed at the bottom. If I have any to trade I will put it in...
  5. Zath

    Eye Candy from Zath's Collection

    Decided to start a new pic thread since it's been awhile since I updated pics here (although regulars in chat will have probably seen most of them at one point or another). Guess we'll start with the indoor stuff: Half of the large terrarium, full of Sarr seedlings from seed sown last year...
  6. Zath

    LF: D. linearis

    As the title says, I'm looking for D. linearis. Doesn't have to even be a mature plant. Seeds, seedlings, strikes, or even fresh cuttings are welcome; I can root them myself. Just looking to own a specimen or two of the species. I have a few things to trade, but not much. P. esseriana D. sp...
  7. J

    Darlingtonia germination

    Hello, Does anybody have a good method of germinating Darlingtonia seeds? This will be my second time after 0% the first time. I cold stratified for 3 weeks and sowed in peat/perlite mix under mist last time. This time will be stratified for 4 weeks and then in a tray under lights (I have...
  8. fredg

    Some leaf munchers

    Eeeek there be holes and missing bits on the tomato plants. Well to be honest the plants can spare the extra foliage at this time of year. Here are the culprits. Lacanobia oleracea, the Bright-line Brown-eye moth caterpillar. Also known to gardeners as the Tomato Moth, I can't work out why...
  9. R

    LF: Southern D. rotundifolia seeds or plants

    I am looking to obtain some seeds (or plants if seeds are unavailable) of Drosera rotundifolia from the Southern states to grow outdoors here in zone 7. Below are seeds that I can offer in return: Drosera: intermedia "Carolina Giant" (Harvested 9-1-2015) tokaiensis indica Green filiformis...
  10. R

    rjhaway's growlist

    VFT / Dionea Muscipula: Typical 2 small Drosera: Nepenthes: Non-Carnivorous: Bog companions: Cacti: Epiphyllum oxypetalum “orchid cactus" 2 Orchids: Looking for: I know some of these are unlikely, but hey, .. it doesn't hurt to try, right? Byblis – anything Cephalotus – Seeds...
  11. M

    Darlingtonia for Complete Beginner?

    Does Anyone Know How To Grow A Darlingtonia as I'm Fairly New To CarnivorousPlants! I Recived The Darlingtonia The other Day It wasn't in It's Soil It's got Not Many Roots Eather What Do I Do Iv Also got Sarracenia & Droseras Please Help??? Thanks Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  12. nimbulan

    CPs at the Oregon Garden

    I visited the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon for the first time yesterday, expecting to find a number of different CPs. Here is what I was able to locate: A small bog next to the children's garden in the "weird plants" section. The plants look quite new and not particularly healthy to...
  13. NatchGreyes

    Darlingtonia/P. macroceras Sites

    Hi All! In late September I'm flying into Eugene, OR for a family vacation that will include a trip down to see the Red Woods. I'd love to see some Darlingtonia and Pinguicula macroceras sites while I'm out there, but it's been quite a while so I'm not sure where the best places to go are...
  14. marcus_r

    Pots for Sarracenia

    Hi gang! So, I always wondered this: Common wisdom is that containers for Sarracenia should be plastic pots, rather than unglazed clay/terracotta. (Always done that, never had any problems.) The opposite it true for Darlingtonia, because they like their roots cool, and the evaporation of...
  15. C

    Darlingtonia Conservation

    Hello, While this is not a major emergency call to arms type of post, I hope that it will still generate a response out of this community. I am looking to start a non-profit centered around the conservation of Darlingtonia. While this genus is not particularly at a high risk of dissappearing...
  16. fredg

    Darlingtonia 2015

    The June update
  17. R

    How much sun for form of Darlingtonia from SF Botanical Garden?

    I decided to get a Darlingtonia californica today at the SF Botanical Garden (aka Strybing Arboretum), partly was because they were selling really nice plants at a good price. A friend who volunteers at SFBG also told me that when he bought one he was told to avoid too much sun (he lives in...
  18. fredg

    Pilularia globulifera ( The Pillwort)

    OK here's Fred with another wort. I have a couple of quarter trays with this fern in and can see immediately that it is super easy to identify in the wild. That's once you've knelt down on mud and decided that the mass of green growth isn't grass or reed and your high power loupe hasn't steamed...
  19. BobZ

    CPN June 2015 issue (v44 n2) is now available

    Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 44, number 2, June 2015 is available for download as a PDF for ICPS members on the ICPS web site: http://icps.clubexpress.com/ Hard copy was mailed to ICPS members on May 21. CONTENTS CPN editors Do bears disperse Darlingtonia? The intricate Pinguicula...
  20. Kayota

    Darlingtonia--where to get

    Hey guys. All my plants died in the awful summer I had in Illinois last year, but I moved to Oregon and now I'm in a great climate for sarrs and VFTs as well as... darlingtonias :) I REALLY want a darlingtonia, where on earth can I get one? Seems like they're pretty rare. Thanks.