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  1. R

    Frequently updated Plants/Cutting/Seeds for Postage

    I tend to have far too many things that I need to find homes for, so I decided to start a thread which I can add to, as necessary. I'll use the edit function to indicate when an item is no longer available. In general, I'm trading for postage, which is typically Priority Mail, at the 1 pound...
  2. SubRosa

    Venus Fly Trap Theft

    I was wondering if any of our PNW members are involved in the setting up of a planter of cps at a local college? I just read a thread on another forum in which a person started a thread about a poor helpless VFT they "liberated" from an on campus planter recently put in with apparently some...
  3. Lil Stinkpot

    Just a couple rocks

    Recently I got some crystal and mineral bits that were clearly stored outside, and some are in pretty bad shape. Almost all of them are NOIDS, AND I'm driving myself to drooling brain death trying to look them up. Once I have the really dirty, fragile ones identified, I'll explore methods of...
  4. NatchGreyes

    R.O. Suggestions?

    Hey All - My landlord recently upgraded our water system to include a water softener. As a consequence, I'm now getting kind of salty water out of my taps. I'm sure this will be death to my plants, unless I can come up with a way to cleanse the salt. I figured a R.O. system should work and...
  5. R

    S. Rubra & S. purpurea up for trade!

    After splitting my rubras a couple months ago, I ended up with twelve plants! I've given some to friends but still have 6 extra I'm willing to give up. Last summer, they were making pitchers 5-7 inches tall. I also have 2 purpurea venosa's I'd like to trade. One purpurea is a baby with pitches...
  6. Acro

    Harlequin Flower Beetles (Gymnetis caseyi)

    20 Harlequin Flower Beetles (Gymnetis caseyi) are up for trade. They come with decayed hardwood leaf substrate (enough to fill a shoebox) and 30 beetle jellies. Everything needed to keep and breed these beautiful beetles! They make wonderful pets and are prolific enough to be feeders! Please PM...
  7. Acro

    Sideshow Turtles

    SIDESHOW TURTLES I love the unusual, and a couple of years ago I bought a group of strange hatchling Red Eared Sliders. They are now 2 years and 3 months old (and over 4 inches). They are natural deformities that I’ve raised up past the sensitive stage. Now they are available to you! They...
  8. TongueFlicker

    Warning: Death from cuteness is possible

    Hmm thought I'd put it this here since there's no furry corner haha! Start of a new week ahead.. Just wanna share how i feel when Monday is near LOL How 'bout you guys? :P
  9. BaseDrifter

    "Death cube" drosera identification needed

    My local nursery was having a 30% off sale on some plants and I decided to pick up a "death cube" VFT and Drosera. Does anyone know what species of Drosera this is? My guess would be spatulata. Thanks!
  10. hunikejr

    Ceph crown rot? sudden death?

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] I am a bit concerned with my ceph at the moment. The leaves and pitchers have been browning and dying off, which isn't that unusual but the young growth has also been doing that and new growth has all but stopped. The plant sits in a southern window in about 1/4" of...
  11. CorneliusSchrute

    Planning Cobras' Doom

    A while back on another forum I read a thread about a person "doing everything wrong with Darlingtonia." Essentially, he obtained a death cube cobra from Lowe's, and, not knowing what to do with it, placed it in a sealed glass jar terrarium in Miracle Grow potting mix. He watered by spraying tap...
  12. G

    Plastic cups over VFTS in the store? kill em or save em?

    Recently I was at my local garden center and was pleased to see a variety of cps ( VFTS, S.purperea, S.rubra, P.primuliflora, D.spathulata. And wouldn't you know it they were all covered in what some refer to as "death domes". The pings were all flowering and the VFTS looked happy, the drosera...
  13. Zhen_77

    Any advice?

    A few days ago bought two Heliamphoras heterodoxa X minor, for the day I have them in a tray with water and I leave the night without water (to prevent sudden death syndrome). I usually spray them with distilled water several times a day (the plants are still acclimating). The weather where I...
  14. Zachf92

    Creeping Black Death?

    This morning, I noticed that my N. ventricosa has turned black/dark brown at the base of the stem. The growth point is still going strong and forming new pitchers, however. Is this the dreaded CPD people speak of? Should I do an emergency cutting? Here's a picture of the plant-
  15. P

    BCP Shop now open, has anyone had recent experience (this season) or have plans to..?

    Hi, Not to step on anyone's toes, and I think using initials gets past the "don't mention vendors by name"...but if not moderators please feel free to delete this. But if we are on ok ground, here goes. I am wondering if anyone has recent experience with the CR vendors. Or plans to. Some...
  16. Z

    restart to the hobby

    Couple years ago I started with some easy hybrids and then moved, which unfortunately was a death sentence. So it recently I decided it was time to get back into it and this is what I want with they just came in a couple days ago and looking forward to new challenges... n. Robcantleyi, n...
  17. PsychoSarah

    I Guess I Never Introduced Myself

    Hi, my name is Sarah, I actually have been on here a bit but never thought to introduce myself properly. I have been growing non native plants since age 5, in which I actually managed to grow a lemon tree in Michigan of all places, from a seed I pulled out of a store bought lemon. It survived...
  18. PsychoSarah

    Mega Variety giveaway

    One lucky person shall be the proud owner of my extra plants, plants I either never intended to have or have far too many of. It comes complete with: Two different vigorous sarracenia, I don't really know what they are, as they are from seed and the seeds were mislabeled as drosera seeds...
  19. PsychoSarah

    The tiny ones

    So, thanks to my limited space for growing things, but my love of nepenthes anyways, I feel sometimes the smaller varieties get ignored in favor of the giant ones, but many of them have pretty traps too. So I have made it my mission that every year I am going to purchase 1 tiny nepenthes species...
  20. NatchGreyes

    Promoting Growth - Bical/Amp Hybrid

    I've had a great bical x amp hybrid for about three months now, but which hasn't done anything. Literally, nothing. I wanted to know if there is anything to induce growth. First up, a shot of the pitchers - (This is why I like it, look at those fangs!) So, here it is on 01/31/14: Today...