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  1. S

    ScatterPants Grow List

    Work in progress... Indoors Pinguicula Tropical/Mexican Pinguicula Species and Specific Localities P. agnata red leaf November 2016, Feb. 2017, March 2017 P. cyclosecta November 2016, March 2017 P. ehlersiae - Victoria November 2016, March 2017 P. 'El Mirador' November 2016, March 2017 P...
  2. Benurmanii

    Benurmanii's New and Improved Grow List

    I have had a lot of time one my hands :-)) Bromeliads Genus Brocchinia - Brocchinia reducta Byblis Species - B. guehoi - B. liniflora Hybrids - B. filifolia x guehoi Cephalotus - C. follicularis (a beautiful plant from Nauz) Darlingtonia - D. californica - D. californica seed grown...
  3. J.Gennaro

    J.Gennaro's Grow List (Joe)

    Hello everyone, I decided to post my grow list. As you can see I am mostly into Nepenthes and tropical Pinguicula. I will add some pictures soon! Cephalotus follicularis Typical (seed grown) Hummer's Giant Vigorous Clumping Drosera: adelea 'Giant' burmannii 'Green' burmannii 'Humpty Doo'...
  4. Not a Number

    Pinguicula debbertiana - Tacks $25

    Pinguicula debbertiana This Mexican Pinguicula under good lighting conditions will take on a translucent pink color. Somewhat reminiscent of pastel cream candies. This was the plant that got me hooked on Mexican Pinguicula. It doesn't seem to be any more difficult to grow than the majority of...
  5. JMN16150

    Did I just lose P. debbertiana?

    hello TF, my P. debbertiana has gone dormant and making new succulent leaves, but all of a sudden, the new green leaves in the center has turned black over night. I'm afraid that I might have loss P. debbertiana. I will post pictures soon, but does anyone know what to do in this scenario? Thank...
  6. ignis

    ignis grow list

    DIONEES -Dionea muscipula type PINGUICULAS -P. Agnata -P. agnata {El Lobo} -P. conzattii -P. cyclosecta -P. debbertiana white flower clone} -P. ehlersiae {Santa Catarina} -P. elehrsiae 'ascencion' -P. Elehrsiae (sp.Tolantonga ) -P. emarginata (red leaves, MW clone) -P. emarginata (red...
  7. yourrealmom

    yourrealmom's grow list

    sarracenia: 'judith hindle', 'doodle bug', purpurea, purpurea x venosa, 'tarnok', 'hurricane creek white', flava, flava var cuprea, jonesii, alata, 'hummers hammerhead', readii, 'scarlet belle', various seedlings and young hybrids. flytraps: typical, akai ryu, holland red, dentate, slim...
  8. rcl27

    Cody Lawson's (rcl27) Grow List

    Cephalotus: Cephalotus (typical) - Flytrapcare Cephalotus (typical) - carnivorousplantsshop.eu Cephalotus "Double Ribbed" - JCal Cephalotus "Emu Point" - JCal Cephalotus "Hummer's Giant" - JCal Cephalotus "Phil Mann" - JCal Cephalotus "Squat" - JCal Dionaea Muscipula: Dionaea "Typical" - Lowes...
  9. Pk93

    Pk93's growlist

    Carnivorous Drosera - D. intermedia "Mt. Roraima" (seedlings) - D. spatulata 'Tamlin' (seedlings) Heliamphora - H. minor - H. pulchella (Churi tepui) Sarracenia - S. flava var. rugelii Utricularia - U. alpina x endressii - U. blanchetii - U. livida - U. pubescens - U. tridentata...
  10. erick

    erick gronwlist nov 2011

    - Aldrovanda vesiculosa - Dionaea muscipula (Venus Atrapamoscas) - Droseras: * Aliciae * Anglica * Binata * Capensis (red) * Capensis alba * Rotundifolia * Scorpioides * Filiformis * Neo-caledonica * Adelae * Prolifera * Dielsiana * Burmanni(red) * Burmanni(alba) * intermedia * Pygmea *...
  11. mass

    Ping ID needed please.

    Nevermind.. I figured it out. It's: P. "Florian" debbertiana x jaumavensis
  12. Smitty

    Looking for Pinguicula debbertiana

    Looking to finish Section Crassifolia of my pinguicula collection....Looking for a P. debbertiana to close it out. Please Pm if you have any pullings or plants that you are willing to part with and we will strike a deal! :rookwoot:
  13. BobZ

    December 2010 issue of CPN (v39 n4) now available

    The December 2010 issue of Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (v39 n4) is now available. Hard copy was mailed to ICPS members on November 30. ICPS members can download PDF's for this and all past issues of CPN at: http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn Carnivorous Plant Newsletter 39(4). December 2010...
  14. UnstuckinTime

    UnstuckinTime's Grow List

    (Updated 7.17.11) Grow List (• indicates species attempt failed) (♠ indicates an on going second or third species attempt) Sarracinaceae Sarracenia minor ♠ leycophylla • leucophylla ‘Tarnok’• leucophylla x psitticina ‘Scarlet Belle’ • pupurea var. purpurea♠ purpurea var...
  15. P

    Looking for Pinguicula

    I am on the lookout for any of the following pinguicula: PM me Pinguicula 'Crystal' Pinguicula agnata {scented flower} * Pinguicula agnata var. tamaulipes {Eastern of Vinder Victors, Mexico} Pinguicula colimensis Pinguicula crassifolia Pinguicula debbertiana {white flower} Pinguicula ehlersiae...
  16. Crissytal

    Looking for Pinguicula

    Looking for some Pinguicula: P. laueana P. 'Florian' P. 'George Sargent' P. 'Seductora' P. agnata red leaf P. agnata scented flower P. agnata true blue P. ibarrae P. "Guatemala 3100 m" P. "Sierra Mazatecas" P. acuminata P. debbertiana P. heterophylla and any other interesting species and...
  17. P

    Plantae777's Grow List

    Currently Cultivating: Cephalotus follicularis Hummers Giant Cephalotus follicularis Hummers Giant Cephalotus follicularis LG Typical Drosera aliciae Drosera prolifera Drosera regia (SNW) Drosera regia (germinated seedlings 8/10 Dec-09) Drosera falconeri Drosera schizandra Drosophyllum...
  18. uphwiz

    jimmy conners grow list

    Drosera manni x omissa. intermedia capensis regular broad leaf. ..... giant ..... .... tomentosa. felix. spathulata frasier island red. . . Pinguicula debbertiana. wesser . apasionata. gypsicola. . moranensis. . . Nepenthes albomarginata red. . talengensis...
  19. Not a Number

    Pings! - Pinguicula debbertiana plantlet(s) - RSS $5

    Pinguicula debbertiana plantlet(s) Available are one larger plantlet and one of the two smaller plantlets (winner can choose which of the two smaller plantlets). This lovely Mexican Pinguicula usually grows to a pearly pinkish color when in the carnivorous leaf phase. Plantlets for auction are...
  20. W

    Wing's Grow List

    Dionaea muscipula Akai Ryu=Red Dragon Dionaea-bristle-tooth Dionaea cup trap Cephalotus follicularis Heliamphora nutans Byblis liniflora Nepenthes (rafflesiana x ampullaria) Nepenthes campanulata Nepenthes ampullaria (Bau Spotted) Nepenthes ventricosa (black peristome) Drosera...