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  1. xscd

    VFT Green Dragon giveaway

    Edit and Update-- That was quick! Thanks to those who responded so quickly, within one hour I have as many requests as I can fill. Those who have written to me will receive private messages. This offer is now closed. But I will be offering other giveaways a little later in the year. Best...
  2. V

    Bernie's Growlist

    For pictures of my collection CLICK HERE I've just potted a whole bunch of leaf cuttings of Drosera, Pings and Urticularia (Thanks Jim!) which I will update soon. In the meantime .... Venus Flytraps Typical - 7.27.2006 Red Dragon - 7.27.2006 Dente - 7.27.2006 Sundews D. roseana D. intermedia...
  3. V

    My VFTs are here!

    My VFTs arrived today. Regular Red Dragon Dente
  4. E

    EvoWake's Growlist

    My Growlist - Last Updated 12-5-06 Dionaea -Typical -Dente -Red Dragon Sarracenia -purpurea Drosera -intermedia -binata -paradoxa
  5. boglodyte

    Here's my growlist

    Sarracenia alata "Mobile Bay" Sarracenia alata "pubesence" Sarracenia alata "nigrapurpurea" Sarracenia alata x minor Sarracenia purpurea venosa Sarracenia rubra ssp. rubra Sarracenia rubra ssp. jonesii Sarracenia rubra ssp. gulfensis Sarracenia rubra ssp. wherryi Sarracenia leucophylla...
  6. pingman

    Peter's grow list

    want list: looking for different petiolaris group including hybrids! still want pings: colimensis laueana hybrids medusina heterophylla filifolia other Mexican species Here's a partial list of some of my more interesting plants: Tropical (Australian) Drosera: brevicornus aff. brevicornus...
  7. C

    CPsInAtl's Growlist

    Drosera D. capensis "Narrow" D. capensis "alba" D. capensis "red" D. adelae D. graminifolia D. x Lake Badgerup D. spatulata D. capillaris U. bisquamata U. livida U. monthanos Dionaea D. muscipula D. muscipula 'Dente' D. muscipula 'Red Dragon' Pinguicula x 'Titan' P x 1717 Sarracenia S...
  8. G

    gr8oz's GROWLIST

    Gr8oz's Growlist *****Always out-of-date due to new arrivals and ongoing inventory***** * indicates extras available for trade DIONEA MUSCIPULA A2 Akai Ryu All Green * Arching Flat Skinny Leaves B1 B-52 Banded Blood Red Traps Big Jaws x Dente * Big Mouth * Big Vigorous Bohemian Garnet...
  9. xscd

    xscd's (Steve D's) grow list

    <span style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 1.7em;">C</span>arnivorous plants are fascinating. My own interest centers around Venus Flytraps, which I have been fascinated by since I was a kid (I'm 54 now) when I ordered one, it arrived about 7 weeks later stressed and exhausted, leggy and pale...
  10. S

    spge growlist

    Grow list Nepenthes Highland N. albomarginata N. burbidgeae N. coplandii N. diatas N. ephippiata N. fusca N. hamata N. jacquelineae N. lowii N. macrophylla N. maxima N. Predator N. rajah N. ramispina N. sanguinea N. sibuyanensis N. spectabilis N. truncata-H* N. truncata-H N. unknown N...
  11. bucky78

    Bucky78s Growlist

    Here's my growlist. Where the plants are in red indicates that I have extras that are available. PM me if interested in trades etc. Drosera D. Filliformis ssp. Filliformis D. Filliformis ssp. Tracyi D. Filliformis Florida Red D. Intermedia D. Rotundifolia VFTs 1955 Typical 1979 A2 Akai Ryu...
  12. C

    the easyest ones to keep

    Hilla im buying more plants (is addictive), here go the list, tell me wich ones are like ppl say bomb proof (noobs proof) , i want neps!! XD. neps: alata Velvet miranda coccinea sanguinea drosera: adelae alicia spathulata binata japonica capensis capensis red carbarup filiformis...
  13. JMurphy97

    My dente I just got.

    Here is a pic of my dente I just got. They said it was dorment and I'm hoping it will look a lot better soon. Pic
  14. P

    VFT's available for trade

    Hey everyone, here are my spare divisions for this season, I need to ship these out ASAP, so just give me a PM or Email if you are interested. 30-40- Mixed typicals 3- Burbanks Best 2- Green Dragon 1- Big Jaws x Dente 1- Giant Rosette AKA Red Purple 1- Giant from Best Cps 2- Mixed Giants...
  15. nepenthes_ak

    nepenthes_ak 2006 Grow list

    VFT -varations dente common bigmouth Sarracenia S. Purpurea -varations <u>-'Red Form' -'Veined' flava -typical Alata -'Maroon Throat' psittacina -typical leucophylla -typical Hybrids</u> S. x Dixie lace Nepenthes Nepenthes gymnamphora Nepenthes spectabilis Nepenthes copelandii...
  16. C

    18" Bog Garden

    Basically I created a bog garden inside of a 18" watering tray. It features: -A sloping landscape -2 small "ponds" or water holes -NZ LFS mixed with sand exclusively (which means no peat moss) -2 inches of water -A Bubble Wand beneath the surface to keep the plants, water, and soil aerated...