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  1. Maiden

    Tillandsia ionantha mex & funkiana

    Hello guys! (Any lady here by the way??) Yesterday i was at the Montreal's botanical garden looking for some cps, but they only has a couple of d.aliciae, some d.spatulata and a dionea box. Then i saw these littles babys cryin"take me with you!" <a...
  2. B

    branurenner grow list

    Nepenthes Tentaculata Miranda Lowii Ampulara Harlequin Mirabillis var echinostoma Isumae X trusmendiensis Alba Ventricosa Hamata Mimosa Anubus Drosera Capensis Binata Multiformata Proliferia Adalae Dionea...
  3. That One Guy

    Seeds for Trade (Including Regia)

    Hi everyone, I have some seeds for trade. Heres the list. Drosera Regia (6 seeds) GONE Byblis Linoflora Dionea Muscipula Sarracenia Minor Drosera Dielsiana Drosera Spatulata "Tamlin" GONE Drosera Capensis Typical, Red, Alba, Narrow Leaf Have a great day.:banana2:
  4. H

    very frustrating

    So I start a few dew species and a dionea dente from seed in january. They are all doing great until a couple days ago when they all started to die. This happened this winter with some liniflora seeds they grow well for 3 or 4 months then just die... I don't understand it. From what I've been...
  5. G

    Rebuilding a stolen collection!

    The title says it all! I traded with some of you last year and built an amazing collection of flytrap cultivars. I moved to Indiana in early August, left the plants on a private patio, and returned a week later to find that someone stole everything that was there. Fortunately, I was out of...
  6. cody

    Cody's Growlist

    HAVE Sarracenia Species Alabamensis Alata Stone Co, Ms Clone A Alata Gulfport, Ms Alata ‘Nigra Purpurea’ Flava Mclaughlin, SC Flava Copper Top Flava Cuprea Pender Co, NC Flava Maxima Berkely Co, NC Flava var. Atropurpurea Flava var. Rubricorpa ‘C’ (darkest clone x red clone) Flava var...
  7. A

    Archer15 grow list

    Cephalotus Follicularis Nepenthes Species N. alata Lantern ....11/2011 N. albomarginata ~Triffid Park~ ......1/2015 N. boschiana - seed grown ....17/12/2012 N. boschiana (b) ~EP~ ....10/2014...
  8. H

    }{@z3's Grow Lab

    hey y'all finally got around to setting up a thread and sending out some pics. Sorry the quality is that great only working with the camera on a phone. one day i will have a good camera but for now.... ENJOY!!! this is the shelf once i get more lights it will be alot brighter. will add...
  9. bluemax

    bluemax's growlist

    Current grow list: Drosera aliciae D. capensis (broadleaf) D. adelae D. paradoxa D. slackii D. regia D. burmannii D. ordensis D. scorpioides D. graomogolensis D. peltata D. dilatato-petiolaris Seedlings (sprouted): D. ascendans D. capensis D. dilatato-petiolaris Cephalotus follicularis...
  10. H

    }{@z3's Grow/Wants/Trades

    Plants S. purpurea var. purpurea S. Judith Hindle S. Ruba Dionea "Blood" Dionea "Akai Ryu" Drosera Filiformis Drosera Spatulata Drosera Capensis "Red" Drosera Alba Cephalotus Follicularis Seeds these are all in stratification right now so im not sure of the outcome...
  11. CPsam

    CPSam's Growlist

    Sarracenia flava flava (little veining) flava cuprea flava ornata “Killer” flava rugelii flava rugelii Appalachicola Clone #1 rubra gulfensis rubra jonesii oreophila minor Orange Co, FL from seed alata ‘Ruby Throat’ alata alata H3 (Ziemer) purpurea purpurea ‘Adrian Slack’...
  12. H

    }{@z3's Cp Log

    Continued mixing soil mixes today for my neps, dionea doresera and darlingtons. Man its been a dirty day. tonight ill be planting another 300 seeds of various cp species and starting the stratifiction process on on some more temperate species. still waiting for my lights to arrive but with what...
  13. H

    cold frame

    hey guy haze here. winter has been prolonging itself for a good month and a half now and im thinking that im going to need to build a cold frame before the snow really drops. i have sarrs. droseras and dionea seeds and plants that im trying to stratify this winter but am debating weather or not...
  14. bluemax

    Hello from Washington State

    My name is Mark but I go online by the name of bluemax. I've been growing cp's for some years and I've been a regular on another forum while lurking at this one. Such a nice group of people and so much great information, and pictures, here! I am looking forward to being a part of the...
  15. djboyle

    Potting Mix Question

    Hey terraforum members, Yesterday I bought a new bag of peat moss and perlite from home depot, in order to re-pot my venus flytrap, and my three saracenia species. After mixing up the recipes per The Savage Garden, I realized that both bags of media were made by Miracle Gro. So, it looks like...
  16. J

    jebbewocky's grow list

    Growing: Drosera D.capensis (labelled as "sundew", IDed here as capensis) D."spatulata" (labelled as "sundew", IDed here as spatulata) D.spatulata D.rotiundiflora Sarracenia S. purpurea purpurea Dionea muscipula "standard" (purchased @ Meijer) Wishlist: (not much room currently) Nepenthes...
  17. M

    New cultivar of dionea

    Hy guys!!this is a new cultivar of dionea: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41894
  18. Dexenthes

    Nepenthes spectabilis x talangensis

    Hello. Up for trade is a newly rooted basal from a seed-grown Nepenthes spectabilis x talangensis, the sex of which is unknown. It appears to be quite healthy and is slowly growing roots and forming a new leaf. This is the plant. Here is its pitcher. This is what a mature pitcher...
  19. G

    Looking for fly trap forms

    Most of the fly traps on my grow list have been gifted away. I'm looking to rebuild that part of my collection and am looking for the various cultivars and forms of dionea. If you have anything to trade and are interested in sarracenia...plants, seedlings, or seeds...drop me a PM and we'll...
  20. M

    my growlist

    CEPHALOTUS FOLLICULARIS: Cephalotus follicularis (great australian endemic species) DARLINGTONIA CALIFORNICA: Darlingtonia californica "dark type".Very rare dark type.Cultivated from korean tissue.(CZ-plant) DIONEA MUSCIPULA: Dionea yellow red stripe.(enry69) (mellyz) Dionea F04 BCP red...