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  1. CPlantaholic

    CP presentation- Looking for several genera of CP seeds- no viability required! :)

    Hey everyone, I'm planning to give a presentation to a Biological Sciences club here at Iowa State University in a little over a month and would like to show some examples of different carnivorous plant seed genera. I'm all set in the Drosera department, and I also already have Drosophyllum...
  2. eou812

    North American Sundews Wanted

    Hi if anyone has any kind of North American Sundews i would like one doesn't matter what kind just want one never had one before i do have lots to trade and here is what i would trade for an North American Sundew Venus flytraps (Dionea Muscipula) Typical Drosera (Sundew) Nitidulla x Pulchella...
  3. eou812

    Neps wanted

    Hi if anyone has any kind of Neps i would like one doesn't matter what kind just want one never had one before but i do want one easy to grow i have lots to trade and here is what i would trade dor an easy caring Neps Venus flytraps (Dionea Muscipula) Typical Drosera (Sundew) Nitidulla x...
  4. guitarfreak23

    Sarr/ Dionea dormancy

    I just bought a Sarracenia purpurea and a venus flytrap from lowes. It was a new shipment. I am wondering if it would be ok to replant them before going into dormancy? I would like to get them out of their little pots
  5. Rball

    My grow list

    N. ventricosa K x alata N. Gothica N. Spectabilis giant X Ventricosa N. Chaniana X Veitchii N. Truncata Pasian N. Maxima X Talangensis N. spathulata x veitchii (x Judith Finn) N. sibuyanensis x (spectabilis x aristolochioides) N. Sibuyanesis x (North. x Veitchii) N. Alata "red", rooted cutting...
  6. E

    CP newbie needs urgent help!

    Hello people, I'm Emre from Turkey. I've been interested in carnivorous plants for a while and I have recently purchased a shipment for my paludarium, which is still incomplete. I was thinking that I'd done my research and made all the necessary preparations. The plants were well and alive when...
  7. G

    Year-round dionea seedlings?

    I've had great success, thanks to this forum, growing sarracenia without dormancy through the first 3 years of the plants' life, but it got me wondering... Can the same be done with dionea? Has there ever been an attempt to grow out dionea from seed under the same conditions indoors over the...
  8. CPsam

    2010 Trade/Want List

    Hey all, here is a list of what i have available to trade: Sarracenia flava flava (little veining) flava rugelii alata ‘Judith Hindle’ ‘Hummer’s Hammerhead’ (alabamensis x psitacina) x alabamensis 'Big Green Thing' moorei “Green and White” ‘Leah Wilkerson’ x oreophylla leucophylla x...
  9. L

    Lirazr grow list

    Grow list Liraz Nepenthes: N. bicalcarata "Red Flush",BE N. northiana , BE N. rafflesiana " Brunei Giant" (Clone # 99), B.E N. Truncata „Pasian Highland“,BE N. globosa (Viking) 1 plants] N. fusca (Sarawak) -C.K -R.I.P N.insignis - "Biak island" - from seeds N. insignis (Tayeve, Irian Jaya)...
  10. Ozzy

    Carnivorous Plants of North Carolina Video (1st Copy) winner Est $20

    I am planning on a making a HD video this summer on CP's of NC. It's still in the planning stages but I hope to have it finished this winter. Just to give you an idea what may see, here's a list of cp's that I am going to try to get on the video. Dionea muscipula. Sarracenia flava (4 or 5...
  11. Chris_Himself

    Chris_Himself's Growlist

    Plants listed in order of source and species Trades N. x Red Dragon JustJack Richard Jarvis (I can no longer recommend this vendor for the sale of plants via mail) N. Alata 'Red Blush' N. Gentle N. Maxima N. Spec x Vent N. Veitchii x Chaniana N. Veitchii x Platychilia Mr. Cook...
  12. Wolfn

    New Minibog

    Planted this yesterday. I got Sarracenia Flava, Leucophylla, Minor, Dionea Muscipula, Drosera Filiformis, Capillaris, Capensis, and Pinguicula Pumila in there. However, everything is dormant right now, so there's not much to see.
  13. Feder

    Feder`s growlist

    Aldrovanda Aldrovanda vesiculosa Cephalotus Cephalotus follicularis Dioneas: (2) Dionaea tipica Dionea red (not a clon, just red hybrids of them) Droseras: (53) Tropicals and Sub-tropicals: D.admirabilis D.affinis D.affinis hybrid (Viv) D.aliciae D.anglica Hawaii D.ascendens D.binata...
  14. Feder

    Hi from Argentina!

    Hello everybody! i am Federico from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have cultivate cp from just 2 years... but now i am an adict! i love them! I hope i can learn and meet new people here in this forum. Here is my grow list: Droseras: Tropicals and Sub-tropicals: D.spatulata D.spatulata Fraser...
  15. Halt

    I still remember from 1.5 years ago.

    I'm Paying it Forward, but Sarracenia style. [; 2 Tyros will receive 4 plants: -Sarracenia Alata X Minor [Slanting ->] -Sarracenia "The Wip" -Sarracenia "Judith Hindle" [My first sarracenia, in fact.] -Dionea Muscipula [First Carnivorous plant, overall.] These will be BR [Bareroot] so...
  16. Jag

    JAG"S Growlist

    Okay let's see what I have :) Pinguicula: Dionea: VFT "B52" Utricula: U. Sandersonii Aldrovanda Red Nepenthe: N. Ampullaria Harlequin Sarracenia: S. Minor S. Purpurea ssp. Venosa S. Leucophylla S. Leucophylla 'Leah Wilkerson' S. Flava 'Rubricorpora'
  17. uphwiz

    jimmy conners grow list

    Drosera manni x omissa. intermedia capensis regular broad leaf. ..... giant ..... .... tomentosa. felix. spathulata frasier island red. . . Pinguicula debbertiana. wesser . apasionata. gypsicola. . moranensis. . . Nepenthes albomarginata red. . talengensis...
  18. SDCPs

    SDCPs's grow list

    ~SDCPs's Growlist~ As of 2019 live in Texas panhandle zone 7a, growing outdoors only (except for p. gigantea) UPDATED April 2021 Growlist: Drosera D. filiformis - Ocean NJ D. filansofolia original D. capensis Montagu Pass, SA Dionaea -group 3x ebay -group Slovakia ebay -group Dean Cook...
  19. CPsam

    Dionea Propagation via Flower Stalk Cuttings

    Recently i visited a fellow carnivorous plants grower, Bob Ziemer and learned an interesting way of Dionea propagation. He had cut off the flower stalks of the plants and inserted them into sphagnum moss. In many of the pots, small plantlets were visible. I am unsure if this technique only works...
  20. watnazn

    A few plants I want. filliformis to trade.

    filliformis ssp. filliformis for trade Alright, I just bought all of the plants I wanted except there are a couple I still am interested in. Dionea muscipula 'cupped traps' or 'fused tooth' they can be small. Leaves are 3 inches long on the taller plant. There are two plants.