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  1. adnedarn

    Lets talk about selling on TerraForums (classifieds system)

    So it's been a while now since I decided to try allow selling here on the forums, forever it was a trade only atmosphere... I'm surprised that not much gets listed when it seemed to me to come up all the time that it was the one thing that needed to change around here. So I'm curious, are you...
  2. C

    New plant, no dew, whyy???

    Hi, how are you guys? Well, see, I am totallly new in this hobby. And I just got this new drosera intermedia from a local breeder. He sent it to me bareroot, covered with wet paper towel. According to him, its a juvenile. I plant it, but there are no dews and some of the leaves are browning. My...
  3. M

    Ultra Highland Setup

    I wanted to share my new ultra highland setup. I don't post much, but I got a ton of info from this forum during this build, so thank you all. First, I somewhat suddenly found myself in possession of a few ultra highlanders via a trade, but didn't have the proper setup for them. The plants...
  4. robbevanrie

    Flower bud died

    Hey guys, About a month ago it looked like my Pinguicula laueana was growing a flower bud (you could see the red coloring), but shortly after it just stopped growing and has since turned brown. Anyone have an idea as to why this has happenend? My guess is it got too hot or I watered it too...
  5. E

    DIY remote controlled LED fixture

    Index Part 1 - DIY LED fixture (this post) Part 2 - Custom PCB and electronic components Part 3 - Software overview Part 1 - DIY LED fixture I'm in the process of assembling a DIY LED grow light fixture that is remotely and automatically controlled (MySGrowLED) and I thought that it may be...
  6. carolatcj

    Please read before making payment!

    PAYMENT FOR A WON ITEM: Payment can be made by personal check, money order, cashier's check or Paypal. Make your checks out to North American Sarracenia Conservancy. Paypal to treasurer@nasarracenia.org as "Goods, other". Please make sure you use the "instructions to seller" function and title...
  7. gill_za

    Sowing cephalotus seeds in 14mL vial holders

    Hello, I have recently came into possession of some cephalotus seeds and after searching on the forum, came up with a plan to sow them. Some one else on this forum used seed-starter sponge to propogate pullings, maybe RSS or Jcal, can't remember. But I got inspiration for this from them...
  8. Ozzy

    NASC's 2016 Spring Auction Rules

    Welcome to the 2016 Terraforums NASC Benefit Auction! In order to participate in the 2016 NASC auction, you are REQUIRED to read the Rules below for both listing and bidding. By making any posts in the Auction Forum, for either donations of items or bids on items, you acknowledge that you have...
  9. rakovsky

    Claims that Cannabis is Para-Carnivorous

    This thread is in no way intended to be an endorsement of illegal marijuana use. Indeed, one could infer from this discussion that consumption of trichome resin is harmful. One internet writer showed photos of cannabis trichomes, claiming: "There is no other plant like this in nature". I...
  10. adnedarn

    2 Year Thank You Membership - No Longer Available

    2 Year Thank You Membership Support FlyTrapShop.com and TerraForums.com! and get the benefits listed below (but subject to change at any time if need be. Hasn't been done before except to add features, but just in case.). -Your name in green - No targeted advertising -175 MB (183500800...
  11. Radagast

    Radagast's Indoor Grow Room

    Hi folks. For the past several weeks I've been planning an indoor basement grow room. I created this thread to post pictures & document my progress with this build. Room Specs: The area is roughly 12 feet long x 7.5 feet wide. Ceiling height is about 78 inches, 72 inches underneath a couple...
  12. Cindy

    Spectra for CPs

    Hi everyone, Thanks to Butch, I'll probably be blind with neck and spine problems by 2016. :jester: It is his fault he introduced this link to me...but then again I guess I cannot really blame him for getting hooked and be willing to struggle with the DIY spectrometer that may not work best...
  13. Morke

    N. aristo and other highlanders from seed?

    Hi guys! I recieved a couple of N. aristo and other highlands seeds like 4 months ago and now they are starting to germinate. So long some few aristo, dubia and jacquelineae have sprouted but i'm quite excited. I'm from Argentina. Winters are almost perfect for highlanders (lol) but the middle...
  14. U

    Upper Midwest Carnivorous Plant Society (UMCPS)

    Hello TerraForums! This is the account for the Upper Midwest Carnivorous Plant Society (UMCPS). The UMPCS has been around since 2011. We are a group of growers based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, USA, though we aim to be a resource for all of Minnesota, the Dakotas, western Wisconsin...
  15. P

    We are upgrading the Terraforums Marketplace

    Terraforums and Panjo are pleased to introduce some changes to the marketplace today. What is being updated? The Terraforums Marketplace is getting a new home at: TerraForums Carnivorous Plants for Sale There is a new, easier-to-use, listing creation process. Search / filtering is much more...
  16. DroseraLover

    Top Of Soil Keeps Drying

    I am using the tray method on many of my sundew pots now, but the soil keeps drying. All of the pots have 3+ drainholes and I keep them in 1+ inches of water most of the time. The soil is moist directly underneath any dryness, it is only 1mm or less on the very top that dries out. Would getting...
  17. NemJones

    Sarracenia Mid-Season Kill count

    I have been neglecting my Sarracenia Clusters of photos, time for a night excursion. (Sorry pictures suck. IT was really dark with a bad flashlight.) I thought the greenhouse would be the best location for my bog plants, But its not so. A good amount of light is lacking, so next season im...
  18. thez_yo

    How often do you water?

    I would like to ask, 1. What plants do you grow? 2. What setup are they in (terrarium inside, outside au naturel, outside in greenhouse, etc.)? 3. Artificial lights or sun, and the amount of hours directly exposed to the sun and/or bulb(s) 4. Potting mix (rough estimate... 1:1 peat: perlite...
  19. K

    My Drosera Regia are flowering

    Hello, They've been a bit shocked from me moving, but it appears that my Drosera Regia are flowering. Here are a few photos. I took them a while back so they are much closer to flowering now: https://goo.gl/photos/sVJiZqWfQfqp3xGz5 https://goo.gl/photos/LXX5fhxXE5v8CRj88 I wouldn't mind...
  20. RL7836

    N. robcantleyi gender?

    Last night I went into the basement to water my plants & found a spike pressed up against the glass. Hopefully it isn't damaged as it was directly below very hot lights. I know it's early but I was curious if any of the Nep wizards here could ID the gender?