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  1. B

    What is wrong with my sarracenia

    I have had this Sarracenia purpurea ssp. Venosa for a while (close to three and a half years), but it is my only temperate plant and I'm still a complete noob when it comes to sarracenia care. Now in the first two years I had it, it followed a 'typical' growing season, ie. grew from March to...
  2. Plantswappeti

    Serracenia DO NOT need dormancy, sort of ...........

    Hello to all, Even though the title might bring a lot confusion I always wanted to bring this topic to discussion. The common knowledge is that serracenia and all North American pitcher plants require some type of dormancy to follow the natural rhythms of growth, flowering, seed, dormancy only...
  3. tmurphy44870


    Ok so I thought this was kinda weird. I grew some sarracenia outside for the summer and they did wonderful but didn't flower. So be it, figured they might be to young still. I brought them inside for dormancy and such and to my surprise it shot out two flowers at once. Didn't set the plant back...
  4. S

    Refrigerator Dormancy Necessary for my Flytraps?

    This year I planted my first CP bog terrarium in many years, and I've been really pleased with the results. I wasn't terribly confident based on all the warnings you find online regarding the suitability of CPs for terrarium life, but after a little experimentation with lighting and the level of...
  5. raycer491

    D. collinsiae dormancy

    Hey all, Curious about what people know about this subtropical south african plant's dormancy requirements. It doesn't seem like a tough plant to maintain but a south african with a winter dormancy is kinda unusual and something I'm not prepared for. Ideas on initiating dormancy or...
  6. J

    Pinguicula Caerulea care

    Hello, yesterday I picked up a pinguicula Caerulea, it's my first ping and I could really use some tips to keep it alive. I know it's a warm temperate species, and that I need to use distilled, RO, or rain water only. I'm in zone 9b on the west coast and I'm not sure if it needs to be grown...
  7. V

    Drosera lunata

    So I recently got a Drosera lunata with location data from japan and I know that it has a dormancy period in winter as opposed to summer but should I keep it moist over winter like my other temperate plants or let it dry out like most tuberous sundews?
  8. N

    Aqueous smoke water

    Are there good source of aqueous smoke water for seed germination in the US? There are some products in South Africa, and Australia. There are pretty good evidences that aqueous smoke water can break seed dormancy, and Karrikinolide (KAR1) is likely to be the active component. I know some...
  9. P

    Tuberous drosera dormancy help

    Hello! I just recieved a Drosera zigzagia in the mail and it is just a pot of moss on the surface. I assume it is still dormant. This is my first tuberous Drosera and I want to do it right. How do I go about waking it from dormancy? Do I wait to water until I see growth or should I put it in a...
  10. O

    refrigerator for winter dormancy

    I need to find a used refrigerator to use for winter dormancy. I have about nine 20 cm diameter pots to store. A used full sized home refrigerator seems to be expensive to buy, difficult to move, and expensive to operate. The mini refrigerators (2 - 4.5 cu ft) seem to be too small, but...
  11. w03

    U. resupinata cultivation

    Hello! I just got a plug of this in the mail and was wondering whether anyone here has some cultivation tips. From what I've read it's somewhere between a terrestrial and an affixed aquatic. The photos online seem to show it sometimes growing submerged with a cm or two of water, and sometimes in...
  12. H

    D. linearis info

    Hi all, I've been growing, or at least trying to grow, linearis for about 8-10 years and I can never get them to come out of dormancy in the spring and/or they die during the winter. I've tried outside, in the fridge, and in a unheated garage, no joy. Anybody manage to get these to survive...
  13. Alita

    Long dormancy?

    One of my pings is in dormancy right now, and it'll be autumn soon. Should I just keep it in dormancy through the winter instead of trying to bring it out of it?
  14. B

    Did harsh fridge dormancy damage my VFT's ?

    Last year my B52's, Ginormous and G16's really took off. Everything growing huge multiple traps. Everything was grown out in my garden with sunlight from dawn till dusk. I put them into dormancy around November. Removing them from their pots and storing them in moist LFSM in tupperware...
  15. jeff 2


    Bonjour Bonjour a filiform gypsum specie with an onion in dormancy , it is ,with P.medusinae their particularity jeff
  16. Mercfh

    Forcing Dormancy/Photoperiod? (Plus some general Dormancy questions)

    So i have to say, there is a lot of conflicting information on Ping dormancy. I've been doing a lot of reading and i've seen everything from "They can survive not going through dormancy" to "Let the PLANTS choose when to do dormancy" to "Change your light/temp/etc... to induce it" For reference...
  17. w03

    P. crystallina/hirtiflora complex cultivation

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone here grows plants from the P. crystallina complex and what conditions you use for them. I'm thinking about picking up a P. megaspilaea, but the info is pretty sparse. Do the species from this complex just grow like normal temperate pings in terms of temps and...
  18. kjnorris918

    Has anyone? and Can I?

    Has anyone grown either of these types? I'm eyeing them at sunbelle exotics. They are beautiful.* -S. 'Dana's Delight' -S. readii #1 Alabama Red -Natural hybrid of (leucophylla x rubra) But the biggest question is can I grow these successfully in Las Vegas? I've read they need they're winter...
  19. DragonsEye

    Moctezumae weirdness

    Unsure of just what the deal is with this plant. It was one of only two mex pings that went dormant on me this past winter. The other ping, an esseriana, came out of dormancy just fine. The moctezumae, on the other hand, looked like it was going to send up a flower spike but then did this:
  20. M

    Ultra Highland Setup

    I wanted to share my new ultra highland setup. I don't post much, but I got a ton of info from this forum during this build, so thank you all. First, I somewhat suddenly found myself in possession of a few ultra highlanders via a trade, but didn't have the proper setup for them. The plants...