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  1. B

    Bog garden advice needed

    I just got my hands on a rubbermaid stock tank thingy (50 gallons 52"L x 31"W x 12 inches deep black plastic tub) and am looking to use it for a bog garden. My school has 4 different greenhouse rooms, two tropical, one desert and one that can be set to anything. I would like to set up this bog...
  2. S

    We're being invaded!

    Hi guys! While feeding my plants this morning... I saw... Something terrible! Horrible green monsters have taken over my home and have taken two of my droseras hostage!! *creepy music* Yes, you guessed it, sounds like an aphid infestation. Small green and some black insects clinging to soft...
  3. P

    Fungus in my terrarium

    ok, i finally set up my terrarium. only after three days, it now has a fungus. the fungus only gros on the cocoa mulch, and not the soil nor the plants. but I dont want to chance that it will move to the plants. between75-80 degrees is what its at. 65-80 percent humidity soil is 75% moisture...
  4. C

    Bog tray part ii

    i had to expand my collection recently. All sarrs are in one tray, all droseras are in the other with the vft. I just got this about a week ago. This one too. My capensis is really happy catching the whiteflys that infested one of my other non CP plants. Enjoy.....
  5. S

    For trade

    I have fresh seeds of Drosera filiformis "All Red", D. intermedia from St Rosa Co., FL. and a D. capillaris Jim Miller calls "Gulf Coast Giant" for trade for hybrid sarracenias or possibly other interesting Droseras or Utrics. I also have tons of these seasons sarracenia seeds (way too many to...
  6. W

    Seeds for s.a.s.e wanted.

    Hello everybody:) I has been a while from the last time I wrote to this forum. But I am back:) I would be really thankfull if somebody had extra seeds for spare. We could do S.A.S.E. Or, I also have pretty much non cp seeds for trade. Different species of cactus for example, and yuccas, and some...
  7. S

    Terrific fight!

    Gave a few ants for my droseras to enjoy. These guys just don't know when to give up! They were still struggling after 5 hours...two of them (of 5 overall) escaped at the bottom of the tank and I had to grab them and put them on another dewy leaf for a round 2. Love the whole ordeal! =) I...
  8. S

    Cool-looking red moss

    Hello guys! I went hinking in Mauricie this week-end (North-East region of Quebec, Canada) and took the opportunity to visit a national park near St-Mathieu-du-Lac, a park which has a natural, well maintained bog open for public visits, complete with wodden bridges and all. Now, while I could...
  9. rubrarubra

    Aquatic utrics

    Available for trade are the following aquatic utrics: U. macrorhiza - Plumas Co, CA U. bremii U. foliosa There you have it folks, and I'm looking for most anything* not on my growlist: Sarracenia: rubra rubra rubra gulfensis - crestview radio tower site flava var. ornata flava var. maxima...
  10. S

    Rate them!

    Hi Guys! Looking for some hlp for you. I'm making another order for CPs, but I've corrupted some of my friends in the mean time! Now they want some too! *applause* I told them that if they wanted an easy start, to do so with Droseras, as I believe they are rather tolerant plants compared to...
  11. Andenes

    Can i?

    Can I put sphagnum moss all around droseras?
  12. rattler

    Need some help with identification

    ok a nice member of another forum was nice enough to send me a "starter pack" that included a few pings,a Sar, and 6 Droseras. but nothing was labled but he sent a nice list of what was included with descriptions and he listed 7 Drosera not 6 so ive got some confusion. i figured out the capensis...
  13. jimscott

    When does one harvest drosera seeds?

    The following Droseras are either in bloom or about to bloom: spatulata, intermedia, anglica, and capensis. I have read the different techniques of how to harvest and what to look for. Unfortunately, this is my first go around with these plants and I don't want to be too early or too late. How...
  14. Z

    Other pics of my plants

    some droseras D. adelae enjoying the company of a few ants over dinner Unknown drosera, probably burmanii or something of the like. i took a picture of a the flower once, but i lost it. the flowers are pink with 5 petals, septals and 6-7 stamens. some newly obtained D. spatulata...