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  1. ps3isawesome

    Can you recommend an all purpose fertilizer?

    I want to feed some of my droseras, nepenthes, heli, and pings. Food in the winter is def scarce outside and some of this plants are in a terrarium which means no food other than the light. I saw this post and thought about buying this food...
  2. ps3isawesome

    Are this the same Droseras?

    So this new seedlings just popped up and I"m not sure where it came from or if its a new growth. The plant in the pot is suppose to be Intermedia capillaris and I don't know about the new seedling. If they are two different plant, is it okay they're growing so closely together?
  3. gnathaniel

    The Georgia invasion continues...

    Hey everyone, I've grown orchids and other miscellany, usually including one or two CPs, for a few years. My friend Kevin told me about this forum and I finally joined to learn more about Utricularias, a recently developed obsession. I'm intermittently active on a few of the orchid forums and...
  4. Chicxulub

    Potting and growing questions when in native plant range

    Hello all I live in NE Florida where I have a bunch of native CPs already. I've collected some that are growing on my land as well as recently purchased a few Sarrs to round out my collection of native Florida species. I'm wanting to pot them up so I can have them in my back yard to enjoy...
  5. ps3isawesome

    Army of ants invaded my grow area and lost

    Two days ago I noticed several ants hanging around my tray and I got kinda excited because there's been a shortage on flying insects. All my pitchers had nectars dribbling down them and by the time the ants were all captured, all the nectar were gone ^_^. They managed to reach the pots...
  6. Chicxulub

    Ethics of habitat restoration...?

    Hello all. As some of you may know from my other recent thread, I have recently completed my second tour of duty in the Army and I am now home after eight years away. Now that I am back, I am once again managing my grandmother's acreage for her, acreage that is prime habitat for CPs. The...
  7. Stasisgate

    Hi from Trinidad

    Hey folks, I'm from Trinidad, of the twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago located in the West Indies (Caribbean)... nice warm country where we only have two main seasons: Dry season and Rainy season. I recently joined Terraforums mostly because growing carnivorous plants is pretty new to...
  8. Nanthawat

    Greeeetings from Portland, Oregon.

    Hello. I live in Portland, Oregon. I moved up here from Los Angeles About two years ago and i notice that it is a lot easier to find rare/cp plants up here. I'm currently growing dionaeas, sarracenias, cephalotus, heliamphora, droseras, and pinguiculas. (But hundreds of other plants in and...
  9. theplantman

    Getting Botrytis in my new hobby greenhouse--need air circulation tips

    Hi everyone! I just built one of the infamous harbor freight 6'x8' greenhouses. It's been great to have so far and I'm slowly stocking it full of cacti, succulents, Pings, and Drosera. It is heated to 40F and goes anywhere from 50-70F during the day. I check it twice a day and noticed that...
  10. V


    Hello everyone, I'm from Manchester Uk just starting to grow CPs, my son 7 years old like very much Droseras. We are afraid about to buy or how to care due our weather, we are reading books and looking out on the internet. Any way we would like if possible to get some examples from those who...
  11. GreenBeast

    Wassup from NYC!

    Yo! I've been lurking this site for a while and now seems to be the best time to join. I've been growing sarracenia outdoors for about four years now. It all started with a S. flava and a Dionaea 'Akai Ryu'. Unfortunately my newbie mistakes during dormancy killed my first group of plants. The...
  12. V

    tuco's grow list!

    canoinhas city, santa catarina state, brazil 26°10'38" south 50°23'24" west 765mts above sea level (köppen-geiger: Cfa) - adult plants: sarracenia - sarracenia alabamensis 'thornsby' CR - sarracenia alata 'red lid' desoto CR - sarracenia flava 'gold' CR - sarracenia flava 'red tube' JMP -...
  13. Z

    Confidor on Nep?

    I've used confidor on VFT's, pings, droseras and serra's before with no problem. is it safe on Neps as well? thanks
  14. K

    Looking to trade for Utricularias/ Droseras/ Pinguiculas

    I HAVE spares of the following plants/seeds: P. agnata x moranensis (flowering size) P. moranensis x emarginata (flowering size) P. 'Libelulita' (1 year from leaf pullings) P. 'Titan' (1 year from leaf pullings) D. burmanni "Pilliga Red" fresh seed from actively growing plants I am LOOKING...
  15. M

    Hello from Portugal, Algarve .

    Hi everyone my name is Marta I. I have this passion for CP's for around 3 years and my first aquisition was a N. Ventrata . Since then I felt in love for Nepenthes, I tried to grow other Cp's (Dioneia, Droseras etc...) but I really genuinely prefer NEPENTHES!!!! I have all of them growing in a...
  16. P

    Help me with a growing rack!

    Hi guys, I currently keep my CPs in my terrarium (10g tank with peat/sand/coir mix) or my sunny windowsill. I am planning on putting a plant rack together to give me more space, better control, and overall convenience. The rack I'm looking at is a wire shelf found here. I'd like to confine all...
  17. P

    Hi there.

    Hi, I'm Will (Pir) from Maryland. I am a high school student and over the past 6 months or so have gotten into carnivorous plants. I currently keep Nepenthes 'ventrata' and ampullaria, Drosera spatulata and capensis, Venus Fly Traps, and Utricularia bisquamata. I hope to be expanding my...
  18. J

    Intro and Plan

    Hi there, long time lurker new time member. live in Alabama around the Gulf Coast and Birmingham areas. Going to school for Elec engineering. Growing Many Drosera, Sarracenia, and Dionaea. I currently have a 10 gallon aquarium converted to a terrarium. I currently have two issues at hand...
  19. dyzio

    dyzio's growlist

    NEPENTHES: Nepenthes Albomarginata 'Penang, red striped' Nepenthes Ampullaria Nepenthes Ampullaria 'Green' Nepenthes Ampullaria 'Harlequin' Nepenthes Bicalcarata Nepenthes Mirabilis var. Globosa Nepenthes Rafflesiana 'giant 88' Nepenthes x Trichocarpa Nepenthes x Ventrata SARRS: Sarracenia...
  20. B

    Hey Ya'll

    Hey so I am a freshman in college, and i've recently taken up an interest in Drosera's. They really are a remarkable plant and I can't stop staring at my new collection. I hope to someday see them in the wild. Anyways, I have a small terrarium and am growing: -D. Capensis -D. Nitidula ssp...