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  1. JB_OrchidGuy

    drosophylum tips??

    I received some drosophylum seeds five of them at the end of last year. I've been afraid to plant them. I need to plant them and get them going before the go bad. I would greatly appreciate some tips on how to start and maintain this genus. I've never attempted to grow them before and honestly I...
  2. DJ57

    Dew leaf cutting success.

    This past summer, I obtained a D. filiformis "Florida Giant," the real thing this time for those who know the story of my other D. filiformis unknowns. Just before the plant went into dormancy, I cut the last good leaf it had to try and propagate more and thought I would share the result, pics...
  3. SDCPs

    SDCPs's grow list

    ~SDCPs's Growlist~ As of 2019 live in Texas panhandle zone 7a, growing outdoors only (except for p. gigantea) UPDATED April 2021 Growlist: Drosera D. filiformis - Ocean NJ D. filansofolia original D. capensis Montagu Pass, SA Dionaea -group 3x ebay -group Slovakia ebay -group Dean Cook...
  4. Capslock

    Big batch of spring pics

    Spring has sprung around here, and it's time to take some pics! First, the outdoor dwellers. The Darlingtonia have arrived and I really should trim last year's pitchers: N. ventricosa x aristolochioides proves again to be impervious to cold by spending a third straight year outdoors on my...
  5. Wolfn

    Some carnivorous plant artwork

    Here's some stuff I did for my final project in art class. "The First Venus Fly Trap" "Trumpets" "Drosophylum"
  6. Wolfn

    What is your dream collection of carnivorous plants?

    If you had millions of dollars and a greenhouse to properly grow everything you wanted (cold house, warm house, stove house), what would be your dream collection of carnivorous plants? For me: Venus Fly Traps All Sarracenia species Alot of sundews Heliamphora Nepenthes Cephalotus Drosophylum...
  7. BigCarnivourKid

    Drosophylum Pics

    Thought some of you might enjoy this site. Pics of Drosophyllum tissues through a microscope. Cell Architecture
  8. JB_OrchidGuy

    heliamphora culture please

    Hey guys/gals. I was wondering if someone could give me some basic culture info from the folks that grow them. I want to give every CP a shot. I want to eventualy own atleast one of every type of CP. I currently don't own a heliamphora, but if I can give them somewhat the conditions they require...
  9. Juan-Carlos

    Offering ursulaea macvaughii

    Hey guys, I am offering some seeds of the rare Ursulaea macvaughii. There are only two plants in this genus... and they are truely AMAZING! really breathtaking.. the inflorecense actually looks like if it has snow on it.. ell its actually scurf wich looks like velvety snow. I am looking for any...
  10. S

    The best day ever

    Today, I noticed that 4 more nepenthes ventricosa red x green sprouted. Tat makes a total of 11 seedlings! 1 darlingtonia seed sprouted 8 S alata seeds sprouted 1 drosophylum seed sprouted 1 D. filiformis ssp. filiformis sprouted 5 more VFT sprouted 1 more D. filiformis all red sprouted 3...