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  1. R

    WTB: WTB Terrestrial and Epiphytic Utricularia

    WTB: WTB Terrestrial and Epiphytic Utricularia WTB Utricularia parthenopipes Also looking to purchase Utricularia asplundii , Utricularia endresii, and/or any hybrid form of epiphytic Utricularia. List Date: 7/10/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: WTB...
  2. marcus_r

    Marcus's Growing Growlist

    Marcus's Growlist Cephalotus C. follicularis Dionea D. muscipula typical Drosera D. anglica Kanaele Bog, Kauai, HI D. anglica near Lake Constance, Germany D. "burkeana" (most likely not!) D. capensis albino D. capensis broad leaf [pictures] D. capensis typical D. capillaris D. filiformis D...
  3. T

    My Orchidioides tub

    I decided to make a thread for the tub I am using to grow my Orchidioides Utricularia. The first post can be found in the section Orchidioides discussion thread.I started this a little more than a month ago, with Utricularia reniformis and asplundii. Currently in addition to those I have...
  4. JMN16150

    I need help with an epiphyte

    Hello guys, I just recently got back to this hobby so I can enjoy the awesome carnivorous plants I once enjoyed before. However, I don't know how to take care of an Utricularia alpina x endresii. Can you give me tips and your experiences? Thank you very much; help is appreciated:)
  5. U

    Utricularia's Growlist

    I have been asked for my growlist many times and I am really bad about keeping one so here goes (As of this posting this list is incomplete and only includes my Aldrovanda, Genliseas and Utricularias). My Interests in the Carnivorous plant world Primary Interests - Utricularias - Genliseas -...
  6. T

    Tanukimo's Growlist

    List: (photographs below) Drosera adelae Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera collinsiae x burkeana Drosera aff. lanata 'Flying Fox Creek' Drosera madagascariensis Drosera natalensis Drosera paradoxa white, 'Type form', Lady Dreaming, Arnhemland, NT., Australia Drosera roraimae Drosera...
  7. Crissytal

    Looking for some plants

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to expand my collection a bit. Here is a list of plants that I am looking for: D. villosa D. x corinthiaca D. regia 'Big Easy' D. hilaris D. schwackei D. longiscapa D. kaieteurensis I'm also interested in any other hybrids and species that I do not have. No D...
  8. RL7836

    Utric basket - section Orchidioides (kerokero $70)

    Utrics in section Orchidioides - generally these plants are pure epiphytes & grower in higher elevation areas. Unlike the Iperua basket I listed earlier, I cannot include all the species because 1) I don't grow all of them & 2) some are really expensive & don't lend themselves to a basket...
  9. RL7836

    U. endresii (IceDragon $22)

    U. endresii - the exact plant that recently finished flowering (note the stalks in the pic). This is a member of section Orchidioides with a wonderfully large flower. The plant - today The first flower The next two - Bidding starts @ $2. - Buyer pays shipping - which is estimated to be...
  10. RL7836

    U. alpina x U. endresii(boxofrain $35)

    Up for auction is a strong, well-established division of U. alpina x U. endresii**. I had no plans to offer this plant in the auction but noticed a significant chunk with large tubers growing on the side of one of my netpots. This is a very robust growing plant that is great for those new to...
  11. mattb

    Mattb Growlist

    Please excuse my spelling: Matt's Growlist Byblis liniflora - ebay seed; Quantity: Cephalotus follicularis - ebay; Quantity: Cephalotus follicularis - Lois; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica - ebay 2012; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica - ICPS 2013; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica (seed...
  12. zlookup

    Orchidioides utrics for postage

    Hi guys, I received some utrics last year from Ron (RL7836). It was a generous give away and I am here to pay it forward. The following is from the original description: - U. alpina x endresii (or endresii x alpina - exactly which parent is which - is not clear). This is an extremely robust...
  13. Kyle

    Kyle's Grow/Want Lists

    ##Growing #Bladders Ultricularia bisquamata Utricularia dichotoma (Thanks for the SASE, kulamauiman!) Utricularia gramnifolia (Thanks for the SASE, flytraplady5!) Utricularia graminifolia (Thanks for donating to the NASC auction 2011, RL7836!) Utricularia livida (Thanks for the SASE...
  14. RL7836

    Orchidioides utrics for postage

    Orchidioides utrics for postage - closed ************************************** ****** Offer Closed ********************* ************************************** Thanks for all of the interest (quite surprising actually) ... ??? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ - - - Winner has...
  15. RL7836

    Utric basket - Orchidioides (big guys) mikewilder $75

    Here is an opportunity for someone to jump-start their collection with several of the large Orchid-flowering utrics. Up for auction are starter chunks of the following: - U. reniformis "Small form" - I've grown this form for approximately a year and initial observations indicate that it may be...
  16. swords

    How to green up the moss

    I had lots of really nice home grown sphagnum but I moved it to my new HL chamber and now it's bleaching out. I was wondering if it would be OK to mix up a very light high nitrogen low phosphorus fertilizer and mist it on the moss to hopefully green it back up without encouraging algae. I've got...
  17. R

    Stuff to Trade.

    With the weather warming up its time to try and set up some trades. Here is what I'm mainly looking for: Cephalotus variations I don't already have. Heliamphora pulchella Brocchinia reducta - small one Orchidioides Utricularia I don't have or variations of ones I have. Miniature species...
  18. RL7836

    LF: Heliamphora sarracenioides

    ***** Closed ***** ***************** I am interested in acquiring a division of Heliamphora sarracenioides. From recent divisions, I currently have spares of the following to offer in trade: - H. minor - H. minor "Red" (Wistuba) - H. nutans (Wei tepui) - H. pulchella (Akopan Tepui - EP...
  19. RL7836

    LF - H. pulchella - Amuri Tepui

    ***** Closed ***** ++++++++++++++ I am interested in acquiring a division of H. pulchella - Amuri Tepui. From recent divisions, I currently have spares of the following to offer in trade: - H. minor - H. minor 'Red' (Wistuba) - H. nutans (Wei tepui) - H. pulchella (Akopan Tepui - EP clone) -...
  20. RL7836

    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    I've been growing some of these Utrics for approximately 1.5 years (yup - a noob) and have already gone through multiple trials & tribulations. Following some discussions with a grower on another forum (& a few on Terra), we thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion thread on the...