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  1. carolatcj

    Euphorbia Trigona Rubra Rooted plant 4 stalks 18" (no bids)

    Euphorbia Trigona Rubra 4 stalks 18" (please note, sap from most euphorbias is caustic to the skin, so if you ever decide to take cuttings, do it with caution) Euphorbias are succulent plants, but require more water than most succulents. Well rooted plant started from my mother plant Plant will...
  2. JMN16150

    Plants you grew once, but will never grow again....

    Hey TF members! Have you ever grew something and never growing it again or taking a long break from growing it? Of course, I'll start:) Phalaenopsis Orchids-Yup, that's right those "easy, beginner ones". Tried 5 times with different kinds at different times, they "survived" for a while.... then...
  3. dustin

    shampoo ginger for trade

    hey everyone. i recently cut back a 2-3 growth point shampoo ginger and dont have the room to grow it anymore. im looking for... cps aroids, colocasias, alocasias (elephant ears) smorphophallus bulbifer a. paeonifolius some begoniias possibly aloe vera plants euphorbias i grew this through...
  4. swords

    A few photos

    Copiapoa hypogaea grown a few inches under lights & blooming today without warning. Anacampseros sp. the flowers only open when temps are 100*F+ and they get watered at the same time! This is the only bloom I've ever seen open, my plant is loaded with blooms but only this one exposed...
  5. swords

    Rooting Euphorbia offsets?

    Hey guys I've removed a couple offsets from my Euphorbia flanaganii (or "small medusa's head") while repotting and I was wondering what process I need to go through to get them rooting? Right now they're just on a wooden shelf. There's a rumor that Euphorbias will only root in March but that...
  6. Hans Breuer

    Euphorbia IDs, please!

    What euphorbias are these? Thanks! Hans
  7. C

    Looking for Sarrs, drosera and vft

    I am looking for colorful sarracenias to add to my zone 7 bog as well as sundews that will be happy and vft. If you will email me I will be happy to send you an attachment with a pretty long list of succulents and some cactus that I have to offer. Many Aloes, Agaves, Sanservias, Euphorbias, and...
  8. C

    Have agaves, aloes, and ceropegias

    I have about 30 named Agaves plus lots of others, too many Aloes, and several ceropegias. Along with Pachypodium, Caudexing succulents, sanseverias, hoyas, winter hardy cactus to zone 7, Euphorbias, Monadeniums. Email me and ask for my entire trade list. I am looking for different vfts and...
  9. C

    Cactus and succulents

    Being new to CP's, cactus and succulents are all I have to trade right now. I think I have a very full trade list and if you would email me I would be happy to send it to you. I have 40-50 differeent Agaves, sanseverias, aloes, caudexing succulents, pachypodiums, lots of euphorbias, hoyas...