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  1. chibae

    Mycorrhizal and Vegetables

    A promotional mini-"magazine" arrived today from my local garden center. It included a small article on growing herbs and leafy vegetables indoors year round. At the bottom of the page was a picture of some lighting units and fertilizers, but what caught my eye was a bottle of Mycorrhiza. So...
  2. NemJones

    Nepenthes: Best Fertilizers and Feeding

    Lately, the insect populations have been decreasing as the impending doom of winter looms near. As a result, I see that the grow chambers are in need of more food. My question to those who answer: What fertilizers do you use on your Asian pitchers, and why? Which brand is better for which...
  3. Ras

    mexican ping experts come (water question)

    this is my water report, i don't think it has* changed much or my fish would show it (they are very sensitive and their colors usually change when there is a difference in the water quality ..or temperature) would this water be safe for mexican pings, or would it be better if it were diluted by...
  4. Cthulhu138

    Tuberous Drosera

    After speaking with several members here among other growers, I have realized that there are more misconceptions about successfully growing these plants than I had thought. I wrote the care sheet below last year for the NECPS members to use as a guide for their cultivation and I hope that it can...
  5. Peanut

    Orange seedling

    I haven't been on here in years and I'm surprised to remember my password. Anyways I was eating some oranges and collected about 11 seeds in total. I removed their protective layer and placed them in a damp paper towel in a Ziploc bag and left them. A month passed by and I totally forgot about...
  6. theplantman

    Hi from Georgia!!

    Hi everyone!! I'm Kevin and I'm extremely excited to finally be a part of Terraforums. I've been involved in horticulture for almost a decade. A VFT and an S. flava were my first two plants ever. Determined not to kill them, I came upon terraforums, D'Amato, and Barry Rice. The plant bug bit...
  7. Falcons cps

    Bonsai azalea

    There is a multitude of flower types and colours available on the thousands of Satsuki varieties available, the main four being: Selfs-single colour, Fukurin-coloured centres with white edges, Sokojiro-white centre with coloured edges and Shibori-which covers all the stripped, half & half...
  8. Homedawg76

    Sundew leaves bending? Help.

    Im wondering what could cause my cape sundews leaf tips to start pointing down and not making dew. The other parts of the leaf look fine. Temperatures are between 85-60 degrees *fahrenheit. Humidity 20-50%. light doesn't seem to be the problem because its still making red tentacles. I did...
  9. R

    Nepenthes Seedlings Turning Brown?

    I've germinated several different species of Nepenthes (all lowland) the past few months and most of them seem to be growing pretty well but I've noticed some are turning brown, starting at the tips of the tiny pitchers, and slowly the brown begins to work it's way down the the base of the leaf...
  10. JB in Utah

    Safety Of My Fertilizers For Foliar Feeding

    I just wanted to drop a quick line here to get some responses to confirm my own research: I have two different fertilizers that I wish to use for foliar feeding this year, please realize these are fertilizers I currently own for other plants and did not buy them just for CPs I will likely do...
  11. Firerock

    D.regia Seeds/Plants & Fertilizers

    What is a good method to use to fertilizers D.regia seedlings and mature plants to keep them healthy other that insects. Strength, brand, method, etc. Regards :water:
  12. Capslock

    First pic thread in forever

    Hey! So, I'm just recovering from a year-long, near catastrophic bout with pests of various sorts, from that Hawaiin white scale to thrips to munching caterpillar things, and so on. I attribute it to the long-term use of fertilizers with indoor tray-based growing and hand watering, but that's...
  13. C

    Coffee Grounds as Medium?

    I'm just wondering if i can use coffee grounds (the soil-like things that you get from grinding coffee beans) as medium for my Nepenthes plants? I read a lot of testimonials about the wonders of coffee (drink) as fertilizers for Neps but I've never read of using the grounds as medium. What say...
  14. Whimgrinder

    Leapin' Leopards!!!

    From today's blog post about Nepenthes fertilization, the following excerpt: In September, I researched what Orchid-friendly formulas were available to me and selected one made by Dyna-Gro: a 7-8-9 NPK formula, containing no urea. As suggested by many other Nepenthes growers, I did not use it...
  15. lizasaur

    Insider's Insight: Please Critique/Correct/Add To!

    Beyond Beginner's Information: Insider's Insight This was originally written for my friend whose interest is piqued in Carnivorous Plants. I've worked very hard on this, but I don't doubt that perhaps I've forgotten anything meaningful or gotten something wrong. Please correct, or add other...
  16. pik

    Pik's Circulating Bog

    After reading Est's how-to and trading a few PMs I thought a circulating bog was quite feasible for me. Pictured is actually a reworked version of my first go. I learned quite a few things from trial and error: Problem 1: A completely open circulating system with just a pond pump and irrigation...
  17. Brokken


    Normally, I do weekly sprays of a weak orchid fertilizer but I'm pretty leary about using ground fertilizers. About 6 months ago though, I decided to put about 3 pellets of osmocote in each pot and though I have no controls, it didn't seem to harm them either. Tonite, I re-fertilized all the...
  18. Monkey

    Orchid noob in need of advice!

    So, I've recently decided to try my hand at orchids. So far I'm doing alright. I have two phals that I got at lowe's from the clearance rack. The leaves are a bit dark on one so I'm wondering if my lighting will be adequate to bring it back to excellent health. I've read a few care guides online...
  19. S

    Real name of Pinguicula

    So I have two Pinguicula and was told their name is Pinguicula 'John Rizzi'. Now I have been looking all over to see how to take care of them and all I've been getting are brief descriptions but nothing more and since I know almost nothing about CPs I'm kinda wanting more. :P So do these lovely...
  20. Millipede

    any aquatic carpet forming utrics?

    what types of "easy to care for" utrics form a carpet of grass on the bottom of fishtanks? my hairgrass and U. subulata arent really doing it, i assume its because i dont have co2 injection or fertilizers. i do have high light level though my tank is sand with a very thin top layer of small...