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  1. D

    looking for U. graminifolia and pygmies

    As the title states I have been looking for U. graminifolia for some time now since my old culture died. I'm hoping that its pygmy drosera gemmae time as well, but if not I'd like to trade for U. graminifolia. Look on my growlist and if none of my plants interest you I do have aquatic plants if...
  2. Clint

    Recyling activated carbon

    Can I recycle activated carbon after it's used up? I change it in my filter once every two weeks, and was wondering if I could use it as something to make medium for CP's chunkier instead of throwing it away. I'm thinking perlite substitute. I imagine it would absorb fertilizers, but then again...
  3. StifflerMichael

    How I grow Aldrovanda in my aquariums

    For the past two years, I've been growing Aldrovanda in my planted aquariums; I started with 5 strands, now I have more than 100 (and I've traded or given away about that much also). The Aldrovanda I grow is from Darwin, Australia, it is tropical and does not require dormancy. I received it as...
  4. jiana54


    i think my phal is done blooming for the season. i kinda want to repot it but i dont even know if its necessary especially since im not an expert orchid person. so before i do anything to my plant, i have a couple of questions that i need help with. -can i repot anytime i want to? -is...
  5. villa99

    Fertilizing seedlings

    I've read that fertilizing cobras will speed their growth. My question is should I do it just after they germinate, or should I wait some time? Also, which fertilizers are best? Finally, is it beneficial to fertilize sarracenia or vft seedlings? Thanks
  6. P

    pumping nitrogen into cp terrariums?

    since carnivorous plants need the nitrogen from insects, would pumping nitrogen allow them to absorb it into their leaves and allow them to grow well? or would it be like adding fertilizers to the soil?
  7. JMurphy97

    How to control algae?

    Last Friday I added some plants to my 10 gallon tank. I have now 30 watts with CO2 and a bunch of plants. Well today I noticed some algae starting to grow on the front glass. I added no fertilizers yet. I have the following plants: 2 Anubias Nana (growing new leaves already) 7 Rotala Magenta...
  8. MrAga73

    FAMOUS Nepenthes Fertilizers

    Hello to everyone! I wanted to try Miracid in order to fertilize my Nepenthes or at least some of them that are a little too slow. Looking on the net I found 2 versions of Miracid that makes me some confusions....which on I should buy? And are those ones the right ones? I post here 2 pics...
  9. Outsiders71

    Worm castings

    I've heard of people experimenting with low levels of fertilizers (stuff in the sticky up top) especially when it comes to a lot of Neps and a huge greenhouse. I was wondering if any of you have tried using Worm Castings? I've been reading into organic fertilizing and they get a lot of good...
  10. D

    Quick question

    Is Schultz perlite OK to use? Does it contain any fertilizers?
  11. R

    neps in captivity

    well ,we all grow neps with the correct temperature,humidity,medium,feed bugs and some growers partially feed them fertilizers, but often the colors isn't as vibrant as in the natural habitat.How should this be managed and corrected? Robert
  12. C

    I think my brand new neps are dying

    I'll try to get some pics later today when I'm home from work. Friday, my plants finally arrive via mail. The USPS beat the hell out of them and the pots were all cracked, so I immediately transplanted them into some 6" pots. I can't find ANY unfertilized perlite or silica non-play sand around...
  13. S

    Heliamphora info

    The Marsh Pitcher Plants (Heliamphora sp.) By Alex Dietrick From the sandstone plateaus in Venezuela and Guyana, come a fascinating genus of carnivorous plants. South America’s only pitcher plant, Heliamphora is very primitive, but elegant in design. The trap seems to consist of...
  14. K

    Seaweed extract

    Is it safe to use as a foliar feed? I plan on using a q-tip to apply fertilizer to the leaves.  I can't find the recommended orchid fertilizers at the moment and the seaweed extract has worked well for me with other plants as a foliar and root feed.
  15. Andenes

    Any fertilizer?

    Hey everybody! It's been a while. I have a lil' problem and its that my nepenthes aren't producing pitchers any more, all except the khasiana. Last summer was very harsh in puerto rico and the nepenthes really took it hard. After that they started recovering but non are producing pitchers...
  16. T

    Stupid people

    don't you just hate stupid people? the sad thing is that we're stupid too :P it's VERY hard not to impact the environment in a negative way. almost anything you do is bad for the environment. even reading this is consuming energy which was probably created by burning fossil fuels. using...
  17. Juan-Carlos

    Regular potting soil and fertilizers?!

    Hey guys, I've had this Nepenthes alata for about 2 years, and I've been growing it in regualr home depot peat based potting soil... wic is probably no biggie since it is peat with perlite and wetting agents etc... but i've been adding slow release fertilizers and my plants (2 in one pot) have...
  18. C

    nepenthes fertilizers?

    I have a few nepenthes and was wondering about giving them fertilizer. I know they are picky about fertilizers . Should i even fertilize them ? I have a orchid plant food that i use for my orchids the formula for it is 19-31-17. I will be heading up to lowes today so i was wondering if i should...
  19. superimposedhope


    Ok, I know theres an abundance of FAQ's on what and how to's for Nep feeding, but I did'nt find what I was looking for or maybe I missed it. Does anyone or has anyone used organic fertilizers like the bird or bat gauno in Nep pitchers? I know I read something about pitcher lids and bird poop...
  20. C

    How to read fertilizers?

    What exactly are the 3 numbers on the fertilizer bottle? Is it better to go with chemical base or guano base (5-10-5)? Greatly appreciated...