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  1. K

    Drosera Regia reddish / fuchsia flowers - King Sundew Flower Color Variation

    How many people have seen this color variation - or other color tones - in their king sundews? I’ve been growing regia for over a decade and typically see the purpler ones in my seedlings. But this particular seedling ended up with much more pink/reddish flowers: Here's a comparison with...
  2. P

    Pinguicula flower aberrations in ANPA A

    I am really enjoying this split lobe aberration with additional pigmentation! If only it were stable!
  3. raycer491

    The two forms of D. finlaysoniana from ICPS seedbank

    Hello again, I've noticed growth differences in the two D. finlaysoniana circulated by the ICPS seedbank, labeled as "pink flower" and "white flower", respectively. Conditions of Growth All my plants are grown under HO T-5s, and remain about 5 inches max away from the lights. Temps are 80-90...
  4. raycer491

    Viability of pollen over time

    After a bit of digging, I found online that Drosera pollen, at least for tuberous plants, is viable for at least 3-4, maybe 5 weeks. I also know from experience that pollen is usually usable on (south african) plants for a few days after flowering but I have no experience keeping it in the...
  5. raycer491

    Tuberous Drosera Cuttings

    Hey all, Ran across this (below link) from the VCPS, wondering if anyone else has tried propagating tuberous species through cuttings. I have D. zigzagia flowering and waiting to strike from a leaf cutting at the moment. I'm curious about specifics on pollination, sowing, and cuttings for that...
  6. D

    Drosera flowering

    Is there something in particular that causes drosera capensis to flower? Certain number of hours of daylight or an over abundance of food? I brought my plants inside for the winter 2 weeks ago (zone 8) and put them in my grow tent only to have them explode into flower again, some plants with...
  7. Jcal

    U. Sandersonii White

    im looking for the more free flowering white flowers instead of the blue flower. if memory services me right, the white flowers alittle more than the blue. If you have this please let me know to work out a trade.
  8. Maiden

    Lithops desync ?

    Hi guys, im pretty new with these lil rocks, i bought some last july. They are on my windowsill under full sun. They seem to thrive. But some are flowering, and other start to make new leaves. All this in the same pot. It is normal ? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  9. bonfield

    N. veitchii "Pa 'Umor" pollen available

    I've got a male Nepenthes veitchii with two scapes, if anyone has female Neps flowering and needs pollen, please PM me!
  10. R

    Rabna/Holybeernutz' Grow List

    Including both my TF and Reddit usernames just for clarity. Asterisk * denotes those plants I am able to trade (either fresh or established pullings, divisions, etc.). PM for details. Dionaea: - Generic garden store pot - Suspected King Henry seedlings - Akai Ryu - Burbank's Best - Gremlin - SD...
  11. C

    D. Paradoxa, D. Burmannii, D. Indica, Neph

    Flickr Newcomers. Glad they can join me. I just hope the burmannii will still be OK after flowering... Its quite risky but the energy was spent anyways. I will just hope the seeds can work out because it seems my hand was quite bad with seeds..... I don't know what kind of drosera in the...
  12. w03

    U. resupinata cultivation

    Hello! I just got a plug of this in the mail and was wondering whether anyone here has some cultivation tips. From what I've read it's somewhere between a terrestrial and an affixed aquatic. The photos online seem to show it sometimes growing submerged with a cm or two of water, and sometimes in...
  13. Acro

    Amorphophallus konjac Bulbs

    I have 3 Amorphophallus konjac bulbs up for trade. One is a fatty, the other two are young, but growing. I got the big one a while ago from DragonsEye (so you know they are the real deal) and the small ones came off the fatty. They have not flowered for me yet, but the big one should flower...
  14. ArcanaCapra

    Success with unusual media for drosera

    Hello everyone. After looking online for quite a while, I found some growers tried using coconut husk chips along with sphagnum moss as a media for Droseras, but never found any results. Well, here I am to say what are MY results using a soil composed of 4/10 coco chips, and 6/10 long fiber...
  15. Benurmanii

    P. chilensis

    Here is a photo of my P. chilensis. You can see some seedlings, that are likely from a seed pod which I forgot to harvest. One of the amazing traits of this plant is that it is completely autogamous! The flowers of P. chilensis are very short, the stalk can be sessile like mine, or a few cm...
  16. Shadowtski

    Drosera finlaysoniana Flowering

    Here are some mediocre photos of my Drosera finlaysoniana. They're annuals grown from seed from the ICPS Seedbank. Seed was planted on March 9th in a water filled test tube. It germinated in 11 days and was potted up on March 22nd. In 3 months, they've grown to a height of almost 6 inches, still...
  17. fredg

    Arisaema candidissimum

    A couple of this year's flowering plants of Arisaema candidissimum. This one has the advantage of having quite a pleasant fragrance, the other Arisaema don't appear to have any, at least none that I have noticed. That's a big bonus over many other Aroids Excuse the green background, it was...
  18. fredg

    Arisaema consanguineum

    This year's flowering from the "late" flowering Arisaema consanguineum. It's even later than A. candidissimum
  19. summit

    Nepenthes Miranda Cutting...Flowering?

    Roughly five months ago I took a cutting from a huge Miranda, neglected the cutting and never got around to planting it. Checked it today and it's flowering! Plenty of roots on it and I plan on potting it soon, should I snip the flower? Can I do anything with the flower even if I don't have...
  20. C

    X bill Bailey male??

    Hi there this is my first time posting here. I'm over the other side of the pond in Edinburgh. I bought a n x bill Bailey in 2012 in a small bio dome which contained two small plants, from a very reputable cp nursery in the uk who buy direct from BE. It is flowering for the first time this...