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  1. A

    Drosera filiformis

    I took a few photos of my filiformis flowering today, it is looking great! What are the differences between the two subspecies? This is growing in full sun and it is staying green, does that mean it is tracyi?
  2. C

    N. maxima dark x talangensis pollen available soon

    This one's flowering again. Pollen will be available in a few more weeks.
  3. hcarlton

    Nepenthes pollen available

    Hello all, Just posting this out there to see who's interested, but I have a male N. 'Miranda' that is producing pollen right now up for grabs, and in about 2 weeks or so, give or take a few days, I will have a male N. x mixta that will also be flowering. If either one sounds appealing for a...
  4. theplantman

    My greenhouses at work

    I don't know if anyone's seen my intro post but I am a professional research horticulturist in a major university's plant biology department. I manage 2 4,500 sqft greenhouses full of crop plants like corn, sunflowers, rice, millet, and anything else the researchers are interested in. I also...
  5. fredg

    Pterostylis (Diplodium) fischii

    I appreciate the Australian Greenhood orchids with their late (Northern Hemisphere) flowering extending the growing season. My Pterostylis coccinea have been in flower for several weeks ( http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/135227-Just-look-at-what-a-repot-can-do ) and now the...
  6. C

    N. thorelii x aristolochioides flowering and needs a mate

    It's too early to tell the gender (it's a cutting of Paul's plant -- maybe can chime in with that info), but I figured I'd give the heads up early that pollen or a female plant will be needed. Anything interesting in the works that we could cross this thing with?
  7. monkey_Cup

    collecting drosera binata seeds

    I have a couple varities of drosera binata and they flowered prolificly for me this year, even thogh some are root cuttings this year or some are starts from other people this. My drosera binata multifida flowered a bunch and drosera dichotoma? giant flowered several times, but i cant seem to...
  8. theplantman

    Hi from Georgia!!

    Hi everyone!! I'm Kevin and I'm extremely excited to finally be a part of Terraforums. I've been involved in horticulture for almost a decade. A VFT and an S. flava were my first two plants ever. Determined not to kill them, I came upon terraforums, D'Amato, and Barry Rice. The plant bug bit...
  9. dionae

    What Is This???

    I've had this utric for quite q while now. It was sent to me as a mystery utric. Now that its flowering I was hoping someone could ID it for me. Has huge leaves and flowers with a purplish tint. Thanks in advance. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with...
  10. theWayden

    Another brom id!

    Hey guys I have this large Bromelaid that is finally flowering! It has a pink/red flower. Any ideas on what it is?? Thanks!
  11. R

    N. Miranda flowering......

    I know most in circulation are a sterile male clone of some sort. I'm hoping this one might be one of the few fertile females out there....... <fingers crossed> I'm probably out of luck though... :down:
  12. pappydew

    ID these spatulate Drosera

    Love the rosetted dews but IDing is certainly not my strong point! I feel like D. spatulata or some sort of derivative is the obvious answer, but I want to be sure. So I got these from a local garden center. Has grown like gangbusters. Unfortunately no current flowers although it has been...
  13. BrassLeaves

    Flowering Nepenthes. 90% sure it's a male. Looking for seed co-op.

    Hello friends, I have a spiking N. bellii that will be flowering in a few days to a week, maybe two. I'm pretty sure it's a male, though, I'm not positive. I'll be able to post some pics of the buds tomorrow, since my camera battery is apparently dead :blush: Looking around to see if anyone...
  14. KNepenthe

    Mixing Nepenthes and Utricularia?

    So I have been wondering for a while why more people don't mix Nepenthes and Utrics? I understand that there are some very weedy utricularias out there that may be very hard to control but in a large nepenthes pot, with the right terrestrial variety, away from any small plants or seedlings that...
  15. Nepenthesis

    Oh Wow Nice Timing Nepenthes... Flower Help?

    Apparently I was right about my N. x 'Melvino' flowering. I got it in June and it just opened up a new leaf revealing a thick flower stalk. It is a boy. The problem is that my N. ventricosa x talangensis is close to opening. My N. ventrata is also starting to open the lower flowers which is...
  16. JMN16150

    What are these seeds?

    My dad came home with these seeds today; he said it was a flowering plant. I'm curious if any of you members know what it is. He gave me a task to try and grow them... THANKS!
  17. S

    please help me help my Hyndrangea

    i rescued this poor plant from death as it was going to be thrown away, the original leaves were dry and so were the flowers, i took it home and watered it, added 99cent store soil and new green growth sprouted, it was growng fine until the leaves have started to look like this, what can i do...
  18. GemStateC

    Lots of Sundews for Trade

    FOR TRADE: Plants I have for trade (most are full sized or almost flowering size): D. ascendens ( Approximately nickel size) D. adele typ D. adele giant D. affinis D. aliciae D. binata coromandel, NZ D. capensis (red/albino/typ) D. capensis albino x aliciea D. dichotoma giant D. roseana D...
  19. Api

    Some dews and others for trade

    Hi all! This is what I have to offer: 3x D. venusta, 2 near flowering size 2x D. capensis "Baines Rocket" near flowering 3-4x D. prolifera plantlets, momma's flowering as well! 1x D. admirabilis plant flowering size 3-4x VFT "Hosford F2" 1-2 yrs old 2-3x C. motorius about 2 weeks old now...
  20. hcarlton

    Hcarlton's butterworts

    Hello! So, I don't have that big of a collection yet, but I decided to share a few of the Pings that I do have so far: P. gigantea, more than 5 times the size I got it P. moranensis x ehlersiae P. 'Aphrodite.' This one's been weird for me, the main plant flowering, then dying back, and now I...