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  1. R

    Flowering sarracenia

    Hi everyone! My sarracenia purp. Is flowering en mass, 6 flowers. I have had this particular plant for over 5 years and it was an adult when I got it so, it's an older plant. It has been doing very well over the years and has grown so big I had to put it into a 24 inch pot last year. I was...
  2. marcus_r

    Drosera capensis form

    Hi all, I got this Drosera capensis when it was pretty small a few months ago. It's grown now, and flowering, and forming a stem. I thought it was one of the "regular" form (whatever that means), but it seems a bit too hairy and there seem to be a lot of densely packed tentacles on lamina...
  3. Shadowtski

    Drosera burmannii seed

    I harvested some seed from my Drosera burmannii on May 9th, 2016. The plant is all green, even the tentacles, although growing in halfway decent light ( bright enough to color up the hitchhiking Sundew in that pot ). The flower is a light pink. I've posted photos of this plant and its flower on...
  4. Shadowtski

    Seed Giveaway Byblis liniflora

    Seed Giveaway Byblis liniflora is Now Closed I harvested some seed from my Byblis liniflora on May 2nd, 2016. I will be sending most of it to the ICPS seedbank, but I thought I'd share some with forum members here. I'm giving away one package containing 10 fresh seeds. I will pay for shipping...
  5. nimbulan

    Nimbulan's picture thread

    I suppose it's about time so I'll start with some recent pictures. Quite a few actually. Plants waking up outdoors. Some native Oregon sphagnum I'm growing with the outdoor plants, covered with netting to discourage those pesky birds. My crazy S. "Daina's Delight" growing more than 100...
  6. Shadowtski

    Byblis liniflora flower photos

    My Byblis liniflora is flowering and that's a good excuse to drag out the macro lens. The plant is growing under 4 T8 fluorescent tubes in a 10 gallon uncovered tank.
  7. jeff 2

    amorphophallus konjac

    Bonjour beginning of flowering stem :banana2:
  8. Shadowtski

    Shadowtski's Grow List

    Mike's Grow List and Wish List 06/03/2017 Extra 2016 Seed for Trade or Giveaway Byblis liniflora (Limited Quantity) Drosera aliciae (Limited Quantity) Drosera binata "Coromandel NZ" (Small Red T Form) Drosera burmannii "Green" Drosera capensis "Alba" Drosera capensis "Giant" x Self Drosera...
  9. DJ57

    *PAID* Temperate CP "starter" pack #2 (RSS $20)

    Up for auction is a package containing one Sarracenia “Dana’s Delight”, one venus flytrap, and one Drosera filiformis x Tracyi. The S. “Dana’s Delight” is a division from a mature flowering plant. All plants are just coming out of dormancy. Dana’s Delight photo is the plant divisions were taken...
  10. DJ57

    *PAID* Temperate CP "starter" pack (curtisconners $17)

    Up for auction is a package containing one Sarracenia leucophylla ‘Tarnok’, one venus flytrap, and one Drosera filiformis x Tracyi. The S. leucophylla ‘Tarnok’ is a division from a mature flowering plant. All plants are just coming out of dormancy. Tarnok photo is the plant divisions were taken...
  11. AnIsleAteHer

    *PAID* Dionaea muscipula 'B-52' small/med flowering size (Carnivore2 $20)

    This auction is for one small/medium VTF 'B-52' You can see the flower stalk in the picture, I cut it off just minutes after snapping this picture to promote trap growth. I will continue to snip stalks if more pop up. Very vigorous. My outdoor plants last year exploded quickly. Great deep red...
  12. Gigantea

    Wild Patch of Iris Japonica Discovered

    My whole area tends to be a sort of honey hole where exotic plants grow wildly all over the place. It used to be a massive grass farm eons ago. Several years ago I became aware of a large patch of Giant Japanese Iris (japonica) that was growing in a ditch around the corner from me. I only notice...
  13. B

    *PAID* Sarracenia Red Viper (Carnivore2 $28)

    Hello all, I have up for auction a division of my sarracenia Red Viper that I originally received from Meadowview. This is a single growth point plant but I would say it is a medium to large rhizome size. It is near flowering size, if not this year then next year. I will put a link to a current...
  14. That One Guy

    Female N. Maxima for trade

    I got the plant as a cutting from a reputable grower in a Hawaii and the plant is a female. Currently stands at about 2.5'-3'. Perfectly healthy plant, but not pitchering due to my realization that I have very low light levels on my windowsill, therefore all the Neps have to go. Will trade for...
  15. Gigantea

    Stenocactus 'Rio de Mayo'

    I haven't posted in a while all. I've had some issues recovering my account, plus I had a computer failure... but I am back to say hi! And to post a pic of my Stenocactus which has been flowering for a while now out in my front rock bed.
  16. P

    My first successful Pinguicula cross

    It is P. moranensis alba x P. agnata True blue. Although both of species are easy for grow and cross, I am so exciting to see my first cross flowering. It took almost 2 years from seed to flower. The seedlings
  17. 3

    Mature S. Minor Divisions

    I have a few S. Minor divisions, one or 2 Alata cuttings, some typical but large VFT's (that have been growing and flowering in my outdoor bog with the S. Minor) and a few small Cephalotus and/or cuttings (I would only trade one of the cephs/cuttings for something really good). The main S. Minor...
  18. Dragoness

    N. mirabilis flowering

    Haven't been paying much attention to my LL terrarium as I should lately. Was surprised to find this in there today: Nepenthes mirabilis flowering by Jerabudragoness, on Flickr
  19. S

    D. Petiolaris is going to flower!

    Looks like my D. Petiolaris is flowering! Alright! <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/139909127@N06/24574615422/in/dateposted-public/" title="image1 (2)"><img src="https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1716/24574615422_a3bb721339_z.jpg" width="480" height="640"...
  20. vivi1316

    Grow box with monitoring and remote control system

    Hi everyone, My friends and I are working on a grow box that you can command remotely with an app. Originally, we created the box for all type of plants. We are now wondering if we go further with special plants. As you guys are expert in carnivorous plants, we’d love to hear your precious...