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  1. K

    Lighting the Way for CP's

    Lighting the Way for CP's There is a lot of indesicion over what lighting to use for CP's, and why. Should you use good old fashioned sunlight? Or do you need to supplement with lighting? What lighting should you be giving your CP's? Read on and find out! CONTENTS: Natural Light Incandescent...
  2. jimscott

    Aside from D. paradoxa.......

    .... which other Petiolaris Complex will tolerate temps as low as the 80's and 90's? I have a fishtank and a submercible heater, and a fluorescent light set up with lowland Neps, B. liniflora, and a D. lanata. I just got hold of a piece of styrofoam that I will cut to size and contour of plastic...
  3. O

    VFT specific questions

    First of all hello all! I have a venus flytrap that I recently purchased at a garden store. It isn't in the best quality and the leaves on the trap are long. However, there is a bit of red coloration in there. It is in a small pot and it had a plastic cover over it that i took off. I have...
  4. Veronis

    VFT's from fluorescents to ~9 hours sun (acclimation)

    I've had my VFT's under fluorescents for about the last 3 weeks (since I got them). They're doing well, but they're overdue to be put outside for the season. I've had them on 16 hour fluorescent cycles, very close to the lights. I assume that they'll need some acclimation before I put them...
  5. B

    Fluorescent Lights

    OK so my parents decided i have to use 3' lights (and no i cannot use 4'... or 2'... just 3'). So since nobody carrys a warm white would a combo of Cool White/Neutral Specrum work? since these are the only bulbs i can find at local stores. Here are links to both of the lights... Neutral...
  6. Veronis

    Nepenthes lights - 5000K?

    I'm growing one Nepenthes (I think it's a gracilis, I should really post a picture - bought at Lowe's the day after they arrived) in a terrarium right now, alongside some d. adelaes and d. caspenis. Beside the terrarium I have several venus fly traps; the rest are outside. My next 2 or 3...
  7. Veronis

    T8 vs. T12

    For a 48" fluorescent shop fixture, I'm curious - in your experiences, which is better for carnivorous plants (specifically, VFT's and warm (low 80's) humid terrarium species) - T8 or T12? I understand a few basic differences between the two, but I don't know if it actually matters which you...
  8. Veronis

    watering and light distance

    Surprise, I have more questions. I just want to do this right from the start and learning from you guys has gotten me some great info. Thanks for all the help so far. :) Light Distance I have two pots of about 4 VFT's each at the moment. Above them are six T12, 6500K, 3300 lumen, 40-watt...
  9. Capensis

    Vacation for 8 days

    Welp, I'm going tomorrow for 8 days. I going to leave about a little more than an inch of water in my 10-gallon tank (I think it might be a little bigger, it has like two extra inches into it) for humidity. My tank as two reptile lamps compact fluorescent bulbs (compact are the spirally small...
  10. Nitecrawler

    Good, cheap ballast and lights

    Hey guys, I'm not very knowledgeable about fluorescent lights and ballasts and stuff, so maybe you could point me in the right direction. I have a little shelf of plants at my dorm and currently they are lit by two desk lamps sporting CFLs. The length of my pots right now is just one foot...
  11. jimscott

    Looking For Petiolaris Complex Seeds - Not Plants!

    Although I have a heater / water bath setup going, with a fluorescent light over them, I am struggling with actual plants received. They have a nasty tendency to go into dormancy... and then just die. I have much better success with sprouting seeds and having them be acclimated right off the...
  12. B

    10 gal. fish tank hood

    Hello everyone, I have a 10 gal. tank and was going to have a buddy build a hood for it. I need it to be taller so I don't lose any grow space. Anyone have a nice photo or diagrams of a good hood setup? I want to use 2 Compact Fluorescent bulb's not the tube lights, and if someone knows...
  13. moonflower

    "Cool" or "warm" fluorescent lights?

    I've been curious to know what the differences are to plants... I had been using a warm (yellowish) compact fluorescent for my CP's for the longest time, and when that finally burned out I got a "cool white" bulb (more in the blue family, i think), not realizing how different they looked. Is...
  14. abcat1993

    Bulb Touching Screen

    I bought a 100 watt compact fluorescent bulb for my terrarium, and I was wondering if I could have it touching the metal screen, and later glass on my aquarium? I mean, is it bad for the bulb?
  15. Av8tor1

    Great primer on plant lights

    Over the years I have read many webpages, forum postings and tek articles concerning plant lights. This one is by far the cream of the crop IMHO. There is more useful and easy to understand info here then in 10 typical webpages on the subject (The numerical data is primarily focused on...
  16. pingman

    Do your t-5 bulbs get hot?

    I have a 4 tube 4 foot fixture and notice the t-5 fluorescent bulbs get quite hot. Almost too hot to touch. They are much hotter than my t-8 bulbs. Is this normal? I wonder if there is something wrong with the fixture? Does anyone else use t-5's and notice the bulbs being hot? Thanks! Peter.
  17. P

    Need lighting help

    I just got a tank, i'll get the dimensions later on. Anyway, it has a hood, with 1 fluorescent aquarium bulb (the purplish one) that is literally about as old as I am. I was thinking about getting a metal halide light. First of all, I found one on ebay where you can get a 10k, 14k, or...
  18. DrWurm

    Ping pullings: Grrrrreat success!

    So this was my first time doing ping leaf pullings. I wasn't sure if i was even pulling the right kind of leaves, or if the pings were big enough to reproduce, but i gave it a shot. I used the method described in "The Savage Garden." I put pure, moist vermiculite on a paper plate, then, using...
  19. SirKristoff

    ventricosa seed questions

    sowing them in Live LFS and perlite going to be in a humid box but in my terrarium with 15 hours of fluorescent light and temps of 75-80ºF will this work?
  20. upper


    #1 42 Watt Spiral Fluorescent Replacement Bulb * Assembled Depth (In Inches) : 3.5 In. * Assembled Height (In Inches) : 8.9 * Assembled Weight (In LBS) : 0.7 * Assembled Width (In Inches) : 6.2 * Bulb Category : Household * Energy Star Compliant : True * Life (Hr.) ...