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    *PAID* One of a Kind, REAL Venus Fly Trap Pendant Necklace! (carolatcj $50)

    I have a handmade, by me, Venus Fly Trap Necklace up for auction. A REAL, dried VFT is locked inside a glass 1" diameter pendant for you to enjoy forever (unless, of course, your drop it on a hard surface and break it)! The VFT pendant is hung on an 18" silver plated chain and the glass...
  2. F

    *PAID* Small Red Dragon, and B52 Venus Fly Trap Cultivars (JBL $32)

    These are both very desirable VFT clones: Dionaea 'Akai Ryu' photos Dionaea 'B52' photos The Red Dragon is totally red if grown under bright lights, and the B52 is one of the largest VFT cultivars. Winner pays $3 for shipping. US only. I cannot supply phytosanitary or nursery certificates...
  3. curtisconners

    Coquillage: all that it's cracked up to be?

    I have some extra money on hand and I thought of possibly getting a coquillage venus fly trap, but I have a few questions. First, how is coquillage pronounced? Second, do they grow those unique traps consistently? Thanks.
  4. curtisconners


    Hey all. I have a venus fly trap that I recently repotted, I could tell that their was at least one or two divisions in there, but as it turned out, their were 4, maybe 5 divisions in there. I didn't have enough pots to plant all of the divisions. I managed to plant two in their own pots, but...
  5. Dalton

    Hello from SC - Dalton

    Link to Short List Hey everyone! I live in upstate South Carolina. I've been growing plants for years and I like to look for a new challenge when the plants I have are growing well. I've got Peace Lilies, Spider plants, Snake plants, Philodendron, multiple succulents, and several orchids. I...
  6. Dalton

    Dalton's Grow List

    Last Updated: 3/2/2016 Dalton's Grow List: Venus Fly Trap (x2) - ~2/15/14 Sarracenia - ~2/15/14 * I got the above two plants from a big box store. It was one of those cheap boxes where the plant was half dead. I live in SC, so I just repotted them and put them in water trays. The VFT has done...
  7. summit

    Summit's Picture Thread

    Overview of the indoor setup, light is a 6 bulb t5ho with two 3500k bulbs and 4 6500k bulbs. Sorry for the focus issues in some photos, still learning with the new DSLR. I would love some tips... D. Aliciae D. Venusta (shipper folded the plant :rant:) D. Spatulata, I don't think I've...
  8. curtisconners

    Shipping a vft?

    Hey all. I have a venus fly trap that I was planning to split this spring and then trade out on the trading post. But I don't know the first thing about how to package it. How do you pack them? Photos are much appreciated. Thanks for your help.
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    3b430mom's Growlist

    This is what I currently have in my collection. Looking for trades for my minor divisions. Venus Fly Trap Sarracenia: S. Minor - 15-20 divisions to trade S. Purpurea or Rosea (not sure which) S. Leuco -All green Leuco as well. S. Alata Purple Helmet S. Flava Coppertop -1 Division to trade...
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    Hello From South Carolina!

    Hello everyone, my name is Sara and I have been a grower of carnivorous plants for years. I was born in a very small town in Connecticut and moved to SC in 1996 with my family. I still live in Upstate SC with my husband of 12 years, our 3 children and a few pets. We were best friends in high...
  11. curtisconners

    Red fly trap hardiness?

    I have been wanting to get a red vft for a while now, but I have heard they are less hardy than the green varieties. Is this true? I was looking into getting an akai ryu cultivar.
  12. curtisconners

    Fly traps from seed

    I was thinking about harvesting some seeds from my vft's this year and growing the seeds. What is the best way to get them to germinate? Should I put them in full sun or the shade? Would they do well planted in a small pot with a water tray? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. curtisconners

    Venus fly trap soil.

    I have some venus fly traps that I would like to re-pot this spring. Is spring the best time or summer to re-pot? What is the best mix? They are currently living in pure spagnum. They seem to be thriving in it. Is this optimal? I have one that is in a carnivorous soil mix that it came in. It is...
  14. curtisconners

    Fly trap with traps on flower stalk.

    Last summer I found a vft with a flower stalk that had traps instead of flowers growing on the stalk. I'm afraid it didn't make through dormancy. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon? Later that summer it produced normal flowers.
  15. rakovsky

    Claims that Cannabis is Para-Carnivorous

    This thread is in no way intended to be an endorsement of illegal marijuana use. Indeed, one could infer from this discussion that consumption of trichome resin is harmful. One internet writer showed photos of cannabis trichomes, claiming: "There is no other plant like this in nature". I...
  16. T

    Hello from Las Vegas!

    Hello everyone! It feels great to be here among like minded enthusiasts. I`m a 50 year old male originally from Norway. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, with my wife, my 8 year old son, a few turtles, a bearded dragon, two dogs, and a very small collection of carnivorous plants. My son...
  17. A

    Acook's grow list

    Venus fly traps Dentate King Henry Wacky Traps FTS Etna FTS Showgun Star Bunch of typicals and seedlings Nepenthes Hamata x Platychila N x Ventrata N x Hookeriana Spathulata x Robcantleyi Burbidgeae x Campanulata Campanulata x Robcantleyi Boschiana Cephalotus 3 typicals Cape sundew...
  18. S

    So, How should I start?

    Feel free to move this thread if its in the wrong space. There was no 'questions about terrariums' section here. X) So, I already have a 10 gallon fish tank that is empty and needs some sort of life form in it.But I think little terrariums to put on my window ledges would be nice too, since I...
  19. rakovsky

    Are there pots with clear, removable lids to grow plants in?

    I would like to have a pot with a sealed bottom to grow my sundews in. It would be great for two reasons: First, with a sealed bottom, it is cleaner, and with no tray of water separating the pot from the floor, insects can crawl into the pot. I don't have a problem regularly keeping pots well...
  20. DJ57

    Drama in the bog

    Warning: These videos contain graphic images, viewer discretion is advised. Praying mantis lunch Jumping spider vs fly