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  1. SDCPs

    Super 5-Variety Unlimited SASE+

    Super 5-Variety Unlimited SASE+ (USA Only) Thank you very much for participating! This offer is now closed (1/25/2011), only posters replying before this edit will get seed. No, we did't make it till spring, but came awefully close and helped a bunch of people in the process. If you want to...
  2. C

    New Plants

    cross between Psitticina and Minor Okee Giant cross between Minor and Rubra Rubra red Went to the Daytona Beach Reptile Expo yesterday. There was a guy there with a booth selling mature carnivores and airplants. Picked up these two specimens, but he had loads more. Mostly crosses, but he...
  3. mmlr38

    Three red sawtooth plants

    I thought I'd try to take some good photos of the three red sawtooth flytraps I have growing in my collection. I have to admit that the differences between the three are quite minute. If you were to put all three of them next to each other without labels and ask me to tell you which one I...
  4. adnedarn

    Bare root Venus Flytrap sale!

    Hello all, I thought I had posted this but apparently I didn't. Whoops! There are a few days left and still quite a few plants left so stock up. :) The plants are in need of transplanting out of their flats and into new media so they're a bit smaller but still very healthy plants. The price...
  5. Chris_Himself

    Hello from Chris!

    Apparently I never made one of these threads so I don't have a lot of TF friends :-( So hi everybody I'm Chris, I grow neps primarily, with some success. I began growing when I was 10, killed countless amounts of flytraps and sarracenia until I moved from LA to the Bay area. I then got a hold...
  6. SirKristoff

    Sarracenia oreophila

    i was out for awhile today with my fiancee since i was on call for work and was just waiting to be called in, we stopped at the greenhouse supply store up here, and i go in every now and then to see what plants they have...usually good sized S. flava and flytraps, this time they had some huge...
  7. C

    Greetings from Croatia

    Howdy ho folks! Been lurking around for quite a while and decided to register seeing how I FINALLY managed to find some CPs in these parts, so I figured I'd take a few mins and introduce myself :) 24 yr old bloke majoring in English and computer science (6 exams to go and I'm done wooo!!!)...
  8. ElectrCarnvrs

    Radom flytraps and sarr.

    Hey guys, Here are some flytraps and a sarracenia judith hindle. (EC) -Drew
  9. DarkSoul

    Where to buy?

    So I want to get a terrarium going for me and my daughter, I've been searching around and can't find anywhere that has any flytraps in London, ontario. So I figure I would be best to just buy some seeds of the internet, or some already potted plants, however I don't know where a good place to...
  10. ElectrCarnvrs

    A pot of flytraps ( 2010 )

    Hey guys, Here is a pot of flytraps :) -Drew (EC)
  11. Millipede

    This is my mini bog

    heres my mini bog :) i figured since not many of my plants survived the winter i would just put what i had left into a single pot. the water level comes right up to the bottom of the mound. there's some dichotoma growing around and i plan on also adding around the bottom some filiformis...
  12. elgecko

    Venus Flytraps Eating Video

    Made a video today of some VFT's having a meal. I was going to remove the sound and add music but I noticed on VFT#3 especially & #5 makes a sound when the trap closed. I thought it was interesting to hear. The last VFT#5 is a 5 minute sequence cut down to 2 second clips every 20 seconds...
  13. SpyCspider

    Massive die-off

    Hmm I'm pretty perplexed by what's happened to my plants in the last month. Ever since I posted pics of my outdoor collection in the Greenhouse/Terrarium thread, I've come back to a progressive die-off of many of my Sarracenias and Dionaeas. Many of the tall Sarracenias suddenly shriveled from...
  14. Ozzy

    Your Money Helping CP sites

    I thought that some of you would like to see where your money from the NASC auction goes. Here is a recent news report. http://www.wect.com/Global/story.asp?S=12588947 Last years auction is paying half of the the cost to burn the Myrtle Head Savanna ($1500) You guys should be proud of...
  15. S

    First Time Pitcher Owner

    Hello Evryone, I just bought my first pitcher yesterday; a N. Alata(or so claims the sticker). IN the past i have had venus flytraps, some succesful and some failure. the other day was the first time i had seen pitcher in person......they look so wicked! before i bought the Alata i did some...
  16. C

    Got new plants

    Sorry for the lack of pics. however I got some new plants today. Picked up: 1 large S.R.Rubra, 1 medium S.Leucophylla X S.Minor 1 medium S.P.P.Venosa 1 medium S.Flava Rugelli X S.P.P. Venosa Burkeii 2 P.Lutea 2 large flytraps 3 large green D.Intermedia 1 medium S.R.Rubra X S.Alata 1 medium...
  17. dashman

    Pot of drosera natalensis winner RSS $8

    I traded for three pots of dews a while ago for a troop of girl scouts who wanted to study carnivorous plants. Sadly I didn't get them in time (my own fault). Don't worry about the sad girl scouts, they got flytraps instead. My mistake is your gain because now I am rampant with drosera...
  18. Williamg

    Williamg's Updated grow list

    Here is my current growlist Growlist: Pinguicula P. moranensis "J" * P. laueana Nepenthes N. Muluensis x Lowii * N. Sanguinea ‘orange’ * N. ventricosa (possible) * N. mikei Drosera D. Capensis ‘alba’ * D. Capensis ‘normal’ * D. nitidula x pulchella * D. roseana D. adelae D...