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  1. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    Was given some "Feed Me! Mist"

    Hey CP'ers, I was given a bottle of "Feed Me! Mist" orchid food spray by an orchid growing friend. She knows I don't grow orchids but knows I've used orchid ferts in the past so she prompted me to give it a try. Has anyone else tried this on their Neps? I looked it up and I'm getting the...
  2. Shadowtski

    CP Water Germination Experiment Phase 1

    CP Water Germination Experiment Phase 1 tropical & subtropical species, mostly Drosera No stratification When I decided to restart my CP collection I had some seeds stored in my refrigerator for up to 17 years. Some were from the ICPS seedbank and some were from my old collection in the mid to...
  3. N

    *PAID* Sarracenia psittacina (3) small divisions (SgtSarracenia $20)

    As would have it, checking on my plants in the refig, (3) small divisions pulled away :rolleyes: from the mother plant so here they are. I grew the mature S.psittacina from seed out of a Science Discovery kit a number of years ago. I'm showing a pic of the mother plant for identification...
  4. Zath

    Some Thoughts on Sphagnum Cultivation

    I've been doing some reading the last few days, trying to learn a bit more about mosses in general; how they grow and propagate, how much their environment affects them, etc. Turns out that most "typical" mosses do not, in fact, leech nutrients or food from the soil...at least, not...
  5. chibae

    Unhappy Bellii

    Hi all. My LL tank houses the following neps; ampullari, LL form of truncata, bellii x aristolochioides and pure bellii. All are doing well except the bellii. It is growing slowly, and not showing the vigor of the other plants.. I have tried various degrees of shade, repotting, foliar...
  6. jlechtm

    Mature Drosophyllum - LOCAL PICK UP ONLY (ej33 $50)

    Opening Bid: $25 This is not an auction for everyone. It is, however, perfect for the East Coast US CP grower who (a) has a greenhouse and (b) lives within a reasonable (leaving the definition of "reasonable" up to you) driving distance of the Washington DC metro area and (c) wants a mature...
  7. CorneliusSchrute

    Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 Fertilizer

    I have a bottle of Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 Fertilizer that I use for "regular" plants potted in inorganic potting mixes. I was thinking that it would be a good candidate for fertilizing my Heliamphora, both in terms of soil drenching and foliar spray. Foliage Pro is lauded in some plant...
  8. D_muscipula

    Foliar fertilizing ferns (when grown as cp companions)

    Hello everyone. I recently received some Cinnamon ferns (Osmunda cinnamomea). My goal is to grow them as long-term companion plants with my flyraps, sarracenia, and temperate sundews. I didn't just randomly choose any fern, I had cinnamon fern recommended once as a companion plant for cp's...
  9. rapidan

    Neptune's Harvest?

    Anyone have experience using Neptune's Harvest Fish & Seaweed 3-2-1 fertilizer on Sarracenias as a foliar feed? Cheers!
  10. D

    Orchid 30-10-10 = Smaller pitchers?

    Hey everybody, I've been using a Miracle-Gro brand orchid fertilizer on my plants for a few months and the results seem a bit dubious. I diluted the fert to approx 1/4 strength and have been using it every 2 weeks as a foliar feed and a little bit through the soil. I'm wondering if anyone has...
  11. CorneliusSchrute

    Foliar Fertilizer for Darlingtonia

    I have many Darlingtonia seedlings and one larger one and was thinking about spraying diluted orchid fertilizer (Better-Gro) n them as a foliar feed. While I am at it, I thoughtabout trying it with some Sarrs and maybe even a Dionae or two. Advisable?
  12. K

    Fertilizing drosera seedling with 4 drops kelp extract per/L is it safe???

    is it safe for me to fertilize my 3 week old drosera seedlings with a foliar feed made up of 4 drops of kelp extract per litre of water? and if yes how many more drops do you think i could safely add? thanks in advance -Klauts klauts
  13. C

    humidification of water soluable fertilizer?

    Would that be something of applicable interest? -Instead of direct foliar feeding; would it not be better absorbed by the plant as a super-fine mist? -One would think the coverage and absorption would be infinitely better. -Downside is i suppose with the fertilizer being misted would...
  14. Veronis

    Bug ID help (thrips/spider mites?)

    I found these a few nights ago after photographing, and saw a few more the following day. My camera takes decent macros, but this is the best I could do focusing on such minute insects. I don't know if these are even identifiable this young, but here's hoping. Even with a loupe I can't make a...
  15. JB in Utah

    Safety Of My Fertilizers For Foliar Feeding

    I just wanted to drop a quick line here to get some responses to confirm my own research: I have two different fertilizers that I wish to use for foliar feeding this year, please realize these are fertilizers I currently own for other plants and did not buy them just for CPs I will likely do...
  16. Nepenthesis

    MaxSea Use on Vegetables

    Without thinking, I used MaxSea on my vegetables... There are no vegetables formed yet, but it was used on the plant part... I sprayed as foliar and I fertilized the roots. Are they safe to eat? ???
  17. Nepenthesis

    Fertilizing Seeds

    I've read two things... Seeds are extremely sensitive and should not be fertilized, and fertilizing seeds can help them... What's the deal with this? I have MaxSea fertilizer and I mix 3/4tsp with a gallon of water (a bit less than that proportion because I had to calculate that into my 22oz...
  18. Whimgrinder

    Leapin' Leopards!!!

    From today's blog post about Nepenthes fertilization, the following excerpt: In September, I researched what Orchid-friendly formulas were available to me and selected one made by Dyna-Gro: a 7-8-9 NPK formula, containing no urea. As suggested by many other Nepenthes growers, I did not use it...
  19. lizasaur

    Insider's Insight: Please Critique/Correct/Add To!

    Beyond Beginner's Information: Insider's Insight This was originally written for my friend whose interest is piqued in Carnivorous Plants. I've worked very hard on this, but I don't doubt that perhaps I've forgotten anything meaningful or gotten something wrong. Please correct, or add other...
  20. Physalaemus

    Physalaemus' Sarracenia thread

    I've been showing off my indoor collection so much lately that my Sarracenia are starting to get jealous. My Sarracenia collection is pretty small right now. I lost a couple plants moving across country in the middle of the winter, but I'm very happy with the stuff that survived / I've gotten...