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  1. goldtrap2690

    Goldtrap2690's CP Grow List

    Carnivorous Plant Grow List Dionaea muscipula: ‘BZ 1955’ + ‘B52’ ‘Bohemian Garnet’ ‘Dutch’ ‘Fine Tooth x Red’ ‘FTS Shogun Star’ ‘Grün’ ‘Jaws’ ‘Scarlet Bristletooth’ ‘UK Sawtooth #2’ “ “ {Bob Ziemer} Typical ??? {Rocket Farms} ++ Sarracenia: ‘Bug Bat’ ‘Fat Chance’ “...
  2. fredg

    Utricularia praelonga forked leaf

    What a weird year. now even the Utricularia are forking. :0o: This is Utricularia praelonga, the leaf is a foot long. Satan strikes again
  3. fredg

    Drosera capensis

    I don't recollect ever before having a Drosera capensis inflorescemce that forked twice. Is this once again SATAN :devil: enforcing his will? :ohno:
  4. C

    Minimum dormancy length?

    New England has had a few hot days recently, but I didn't think much of it until today. I looked at the bog tray and saw a forked leaf sundew unfurling a pair of new leaves. One of my VFTs appears to be doing the same. I cracked open a window and the room rapidly dropped to a reasonable dormancy...
  5. viking

    Viking grow list

    Venus Flytraps King Henry Typical Big mouth WIP slim snapper Bristle tooth Korean melody shark Dentae Vft Seedllings crosses Mirror x B52 Wally x DCXL Crosstooth x B52 B52 x moon Trap B52 x dcxl Long red fingers x dcxl Crimson sawtooth x maroon monster 1955 x b52 (B52 x big mouth) x dcxl...
  6. R

    Forked sundew help?

    Hi, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with weather or not my forked sundew needs dormancy or not. I've been told that it does by some people, yet others say it does not need it. Please help me before it dies...
  7. sflynn

    sflynn's Growlist

    Dionea muscipula- typical, several Drosera: adelea, many binata, 2 binata SG, 3 binata var. multifida 'extrema', several brevifolia, several capensis typical, 2 capensis typical seedlings, many capensis "broad leaf", 1 capensis "baines cloof", 1 capensis alba seedlings, 3 capensis giant...
  8. 5

    my unknown ceph. has a forked cap?

    I mentioned in my previous post that i have an unknown cephalotus he said it could be a hummers. I forgot to mention that one of the pitchers has a forked cap. Any clues why or what type it is.
  9. rcl27

    Cody Lawson's (rcl27) Grow List

    Cephalotus: Cephalotus (typical) - Flytrapcare Cephalotus (typical) - carnivorousplantsshop.eu Cephalotus "Double Ribbed" - JCal Cephalotus "Emu Point" - JCal Cephalotus "Hummer's Giant" - JCal Cephalotus "Phil Mann" - JCal Cephalotus "Squat" - JCal Dionaea Muscipula: Dionaea "Typical" - Lowes...
  10. cphog

    Forked sundew root cuttings for devil's claw seed

    I tried to give away a bunch of D. binata dichotoma (Giant Staghorn) root cuttings and I found homes for about 2/3 of them. So maybe I can trade some more away. Does anyone have any Devil's Claw seeds? I grew some a few years ago, but my daughters gave the pods away to all their friends and...
  11. cphog

    Giving away sarracenia divsions and forked sundew root cuttings

    I am trying to clean up my collection after a couple of years of neglect and I have too many plants so I am giving away some stuff for the most part. I have about 15 large divisions of S. flava (common form) and 11 of S. leucophylla. The thing with the S. leucophylla is that they may be either...
  12. thez_yo

    some pics because it's sunny

    Nepenthes veitchii x boschiana Nep tentaculata Nep hamata Nep flava Nep lowii x truncata Nep petiolata Nep tenuis Venus flytraps: regular royal red wacky traps big mouth Dews: pygmies lasiantha forked a volunteer spathulata x capensis
  13. Lil Stinkpot

    Freezing temps expected in the SF Bay area

    All of us are probably watching the weather channel like hawks right now, LOL! Or maybe not LOL, exactly. :0o: http://weather.yahoo.com/united-states/california/alviso-2354063/#text I have already stuffed the GH with as many cacti and tender plants I can fit in, and have turned up the watts...

    Stuff 4 Trade CPs & Non CPs

    Long post, but thought I'd put it all out there since I was at it Since the weather has been Really Nice lately I decided to move the plants that I brought indoors for the winter back out to the greenhouse & realised I need a bigger GH / LOL I need to trim a few Neps back to make room I know...
  15. Joseph Clemens

    Looking for particular Drosera binata clone

    Many years ago I obtained a clone of a plant called, Drosera binata var. dichotoma and recently I have been nostalgic for a clone with similar attributes to those I remember. All clones I've seen recently have not had these same traits. The plant I'm looking for had predominantly green leaves...
  16. Natalie

    Unknown Utricularia/Droseras

    Hi everyone, first post here. I've had two Sarracenia for a couple months now, and I've noticed the other interesting carnivorous plants growing as weeds in their containers. One of them already had some bladderworts growing in the substrate when I got them, but I'm having trouble finding which...
  17. fuddmain

    Hello from Florida

    Greetings! I'm new to carnivorous plants. I had been involved in the planted aquarium hobby for a number of years until my third leach, I mean uh child, was born four years ago. I lost my den as a result and decided to take a break. I was looking to get back into that hobby when I ran across...
  18. Steven Magee

    Stevens' growlist

    Nepenthes: N. Truncata N. Truncata "pasian highland" N. Lessii N Belli x Ventricosa N. Ventrata N. Alata "boschiana mimic" N. Alata x Maxima N. Eymae N. Alata N. Maxima x TM (from seed) N. "Effulgent Koto" N. Ventricosa x Inermis N. Sanguinea N. Ventricosa "Black Peristome" N. Glabrata N...
  19. S

    Anyone have some mini bog pics?

    This season I am working on a project useing a large round minibog with a 6 inch deep built in water tray. Since it's huge I was going to put tall growing Sarrs in the center, then forked dews and filliformis around the sarrs, and then lastly on the far outside mixed varieties of low growing...
  20. Clue

    Looking for some Drosera

    **US only, please** The time has come- it's warm outside again! :-D And of course, I would like some stuff. :rolleyes: Drosera - forked leaved varieties I don't have (3/18: Going to get Marston Dragon, multifida extrema.) - a tropical intermedia (3/18: Worked out a trade) - anglica - x obovata...